Challenge for Future

Setting goals is very critical for anyone to live a quality life.  It is possible to achieve every dream provided that one keeps an open mind become focused.  The live goals can easily be achieved the person does not compare himself with other people’s plans or life expectations (Twenge,2012).

Throughout my life, I have always had a passion for studying more and more. I will continue to educate myself through professional development courses, seminars and secondary education. I am currently in a Junior College.  I will be transferring to a 4-year university from 2017 fall, after finishing 2017 spring semester. In the next five years, I hopefully will have completed by bachelor’s degree and planning to start my master’s degree in finances.

I plan to pursue my master’s degree through part-time program. At the same time, I will be working in one of the multinational company in either Miami or South America. I would wish to work in an organization that will allow me to assist Spanish clients since apart from English am very fluent in Spanish. I can also help in the translation of documents from Spanish to English together with other r duties that I will be assigned. I also hope to open my jewelry retail shop as a side hustle that will enable be repay my student loan.

Five years from now I hope to be staying in my apartment and not with a roommate. With time, I wish to date a good and caring person who will meet my requirements. I won’t settle with just anyone for convenient because I am single. Not settling for convenience will help avoid dating around with several people before settling. Together with my prayerful life, I know that I will be able to find a man of my choice.

After completing my masters, I hope to move to a larger financial company or bank.  Would work extremely hard and move up the ladder in my career. I hope to be financially stable and some extra money to save and invest in the real estate business. With a good job, I will be in apposition to give my future children quality a good happy life.

I love the finance sector due to its diverse nature hence it has several avenues ranging from actuarial, insurance and banking. All the sectors are also diverse and have different sector where graduates can work in. Most financing jobs across different industries pay way much higher than other graduate jobs. U.S.A has the highest financial hub with a wide variety of exciting job opportunities in the banking sector (Davin, 2012). Apart from the numerous banking jobs available, economists, statisticians   and IT specialists can still found jobs in non-banking organisations. The banking industry employees about half a million employees (Palley, 2013). There are still more and more banking and microfinance institution which is coming up hence offering more job opportunities.

I expect to have the most jovial family that will not lack anything as compared to my days. I was brought up from a humble family. My father was an employee in one of the retail shops in town while on the other hand, my mother was a housewife. My father job could not allow us to have some of the luxuries such as vocational holidays.  Although I appreciate that my parents worked hard to educate my siblings and I would not wish my kids to live the kind of life that I lived

The current development in technology has caused a big generation gap between my parent and me. My life is extremely different as compared to how my parents lived especially concerning the lifestyle. The huge difference is attributed to the existing educational methods, and the effect of advanced technology have greatly impacted on the lifestyles (Frame, 2014).

My parents’ life was more social, characterised by several gathering with family and friends. The gatherings allowed them to spend more time interacting with their relatives and friends. Some of the gatherings involves travelling for long distances to visit a relative or a longtime friend. The regular gathering made their loves to have routines with specific days being set aside for house works, family and friends. On the contrary, I don’t expect this to be the kind of lifetime that I will live. First, it’s because of the limited time, being a carrier person together with my small business I won’t be able to find enough time for family and friend gathering. The little free time available will be devoted to my immediate family especially my children through the organizing of vocations. Unlike my parents, my lifestyle will not be scheduled. The introduction of social media and computers have significantly reduced family ties by removal of face to face communications hence making the current life to be less social (Frame, 2014).

The use of advanced technology in the current generation will make my life far much easier since I will be able to do several things just by a click. However, it is also disadvantageous because it has resulted to reduced family and friend ties. One can easily conduct a friend by just a click hence there is no need of a physical meeting. This makes my generation together with that of my children harder because they may not have a chance to bond with their grandparents unlike in my times when I would have spent my entire holiday at my grandparent’s place.

I will also be different from my parent’s days because unlike their days where education was exclusively face to face; I will do some of the short courses through virtual systems. Although face to face learning was time-consuming, it allowed the learner to obtain high-quality knowledge and promoted communication skills. The e-learning system is diverse and can be easily accessed however the knowledge gained is of lower quality and discourages real time interaction between the students and their teacher. I think that the e -learning system will make the future generation to gain more knowledge, but they will lack humanity in life.

In conclusion, it should be noted that very one should strive to achieve their life goals, however, small or big they are. The achievement only requires self-believe and being focused toward the achievement of the goals. The life goals are unique for every person and hence no one should compare himself with others. The lifestyle changes with time due to the impact of technology advancements. Although the technology might be disadvantageous, it is good to maximise the benefits that come with the current lifestyles and attempt to solve the challenges that go with it.

Why You Don’t Do the Things You Want to Do


You might be a confident person, with a well-organized agenda and many plans, thoughts, and ideas you would like to put into practice someday. Even if deep down you have all your life planned and you know your interests and plans in depth, you sometimes just don’t act on it. You postpone the things that make you happier and healthier and you almost cancel the ones that help you grow.

If you’ve ever felt that you’re stuck without motivation in what concerns the things you should do, but you keep postponing, hoping that someday you’ll have enough time, courage and information to do what you’re supposed to do. In case you haven’t discovered the things that stay in your way, check out the main reasons why you don’t do things that you want to:

  1. Fear

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. You can have all your life planned and never find the right moment to begin every journey if you’re scared of the outcome. Overthinking, the fear of failure and- in contrast- the subconscious fear of succeeding and not knowing the next step will make you quit your plans even before starting them. Do not let this feeling stop you from following your dreams. It might be difficult to overcome, but when you do the things you’re really eager to achieve, nothing can go wrong.

  1. Lack of Planning

Big plans require planning ahead and a lot of precaution. In order to start your journey, you need to take into account all the aspects, so that you can know each step and not be overwhelmed by what follows. Planning means thinking about the things you want to do ahead and be prepared for everything that could interfere. From dream charts to diaries and mind maps, the possibilities of organizing your thoughts and ideas are limitless.

  1. Lack of Information

You might want to achieve great things, but not be informed enough about what that dream implies. Do not count on other people’s opinions and do not let anything stop you without checking that specific thing first. You might be surprised at the outcome and of the motivation that you could draw from knowing exactly what you are supposed to do.

  1. Comparison

One of the worst obstacles that you encounter in your journey to achieving is comparing yourself to the others around you. You can get easily disappointed and let down if you start watching the others’ business instead of minding your own. You might start off with the desire to find inspiration by keeping up with the others’ interests or activities, but this can easily turn into a turn off when you start to realize how far you are from getting to that specific level.

  1. Routine

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the greatest fears of any person. While repeating the same schedule might be comfortable for you, little changes are always welcomed if you want your life not to be bored. Habits are important, but if you want to follow your dreams you must be ready for breaks in the routines because it will for sure not be the end of the world. On the contrary- it will bring diversity and a change of view that is for sure welcomed in a world dominated by rules.

Learn how to plan your activities, find the motivation that will become your fuel and get out of your comfort zone. You’ll soon find out that doing the things you want is the best choice you’ve decided to take so far. Each journey can be a great adventure if you make the right choices.

When People Make Changes in Life


When people make various changes in their lives such as moving to new schools, countries or towns, they experience many challenges that dictate their adoption to the new environment. This assimilation to new surroundings helps them achieve their goals. These challenges can be diminishing gradually as they familiarize themselves with the environment. Encounters like running low on cash are common perhaps due to the high costs of basic items and the living standard in general. Also, homesickness is a shared difficulty in dealing with especially when the people live in isolation. Moreover, linguistic problems are commonly encountered. The problem of communication may contribute to lesser involvement in social activities that may bring healing to the discomfort with the new environment. Another issue that might be faced by people who have relocated to another location is how to get to socializations with the unfamiliar faces. They are people with different cultural setting and way of actions is different. For this case, people need more time to know and make such friendship with new people within the vicinity. Although making friendship is hard, due to required a chance to understand their behaviors and perception of new people, it is worth doing it. Many people just like Erick

Stanly sometimes gets mistreated by their employers.

In this scenario, Erick decided to travel to the United Kingdom where he got a connection to work as the garden dresser in one of the homes. At the start, life went on as expected but the situation worsened as time went by. His employer started mistreating him. His passport was withheld and other relevant documents. Communicating with family members was restricted to once a month, where he was allowed to contact one person for a limited period. Mr. Erick as well was overworked and given direct orders not to speak or associate with neighbors. All of his salaries for the working months was withheld. He worked for endless hours. To his surprise, his freedom of worship was cut off. After all these, one day his boss took him and was locked in one of the rooms for five days with neither food nor clean water but with a bathroom. He was forced to take bath water. The employer threatened him with the gun pointed at his head any time he could get into the room.

One morning Erick’s employer turned on him while armed with a knife. He tried to slap him and in the process they fought, and the knife fell. To Erick’s lack, a five-year-old daughter of his employer ran and reported the matter to her kind and loving grandmother having seen the situation worsen. The grandmother commanded for Erick to be given his phone and sim card so that he could make the call home. The daughter gave out free access to the Wi-Fi where Erick could communicate with the family back at home over Facebook. As he was looking for help on this social platform, he came across an International Domestic Workers Federation (DWF) page which was fighting for the rights of domestic workers. Erick was instructed to get to United Kingdom lab the ministry office to DWF where his case was deliberated.

His employer was ordered to report to the same office. Erick won the case and all his salary formally withheld was paid and compensated for the rights that were violated by his employer who was jailed later.

In conclusion, similar to Erick’s effort to better for his existence in the new environment, it turned out to be a violation of his rights only to be saved by the relevant body fighting against breaches of human rights within the United kingdom.

Understanding Each Other In the Argument Is the Win-Win Situation


Whoever said nothing good can come out of an argument was very wrong. While these kinds of tension might make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes hopeless, find out that having arguments with another person can actually bring benefits to your relationship. As the Persian poet Rumi said, you should raise your words, not your voice and try to solve the conflicts for both parts to be understood, believed and encouraged. Find out the best tips that you can remember in order for each future argument to end with a solution that both you and your partner could benefit from:

  • Listening is everything

The art of listening is something that some people never learn. Instead of trying to cover the other’s words with your shouts, try to listen to their point of view and you might be surprised to see that things look different from their perspective. Being self-absorbed and eager to share your feelings without caring about the others’ opinions is one of the big mistakes we all do from time to time. All these unpleasant situations would be avoided if we hear what others have to say with genuine care, attention and compassion.

  • Express your thoughts and needs assertively

Having a fight even with someone you truly love can turn you into a volcano of anger that’s on the point of bursting into flames. While aggressive communication is only a violent way to express your feelings that gives the other the impression that their opinion is worthless, assertive communication is a mild way to communicate and express your feelings in such a way that every argument will indeed prove to be useful for your relationship.

  • Be curious about the other’s intention

One of the best things in this world is the fact that we are all different – hence, our different views and ideas that make us unique. Caught in a web of contradictions and raised voices, you might forget that there is beauty in sharing different opinions about something.

Diversity brought by arguments is very efficient in knowing more about the others, finding out about things you haven’t acknowledged before and seeing things from other perspectives. What is more, respecting our differences is really a sign of self-care as well. The way you treat people tells a lot about yourself.

  • Keep an open mind

You’ve got all your speech figured out and you know that what you think is the best option and nothing else could make you change your mind. But what if instead of digging deep to find out arguments to defeat the other we would dig deep in order to see the point of the others and try to understand what the other has in mind when he/she decides to confront you?

When it comes to this world, almost everything is subjective, and we should really perceive every argument as a good opportunity to learn. You can learn about yourself, about the others and about the world so much if you are open to embracing other views. Instead of letting each argument separate you from your partner, try to let every fight make you closer.

With these tips in your pocket, each argument will be perceived as a great opportunity to learn more about each other, to care more about your partner’s wishes and needs and to discover things that you haven’t had the change to acknowledge before. At the end of an argument, the feeling that you are understood and that you are up to date to your partner’s wishes are really rewarding for both of you.

Being Happy, Healthy, and Ethical


Schiitz’s main findings of the health and reported happiness of lawyers is that law is one of the unhappy and unhealthy careers on earth. He further says that the society does not care about the mental and physical health of lawyers despite them playing an important role in the society. He further suggests that lawyers have poor health and are generally unhappy. He argues that the miserable condition is caused by factors like depression, mental illness and anxiety, drug abuse and alcoholism, divorce, suicide, physical health and personal unhappiness.

There is high probability that working for a firm is likely to make a lawyer unhappy, unethical and unhealthy. Bad habit starts in various ways, for instance charging extra to a client for services that never were in existence. Some changes that may follow include non-repayment of loans. The lawyer may then start telling lies, mislead his or her clients. The behavioral change could be due to greed drive that supersedes ethical values. Most importantly, any lawyers are culprits of padding their time sheets. Distinctive cultures of large firms do not have much influence on young lawyers whereas big firm culture has the likelihood of influencing young lawyers the more.

A lawyer can be successful as well as ethical at the same time. To achieve happiness and success, a lawyer has to not to follow the existing corrupt culture by avoiding stealing and overcharging their customers as well as do away with the habit of workaholism. A lawyer can also make a step towards success by avoiding working in large firms so as to avoid the pressure it accompanies. Instead, a lawyer can prefer alternative training, engage in a challenging or interesting work and promote loyalty among colleagues as well as keep eye for open chances. Moreover, a lawyer on the way to success and happiness may not restrict himself to private practice but instead try alternatives like small firms. However, one can also choose to go to big firms but one requires making better choices so as not to regret in future. Finally, a lawyer to be successful and happy, he or she has to exercise ethical service delivery.