Understanding Each Other In the Argument Is the Win-Win Situation

Whoever said nothing good can come out of an argument was very wrong. While these kinds of tension might make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes hopeless, find out that having arguments with another person can actually bring benefits to your relationship. As the Persian poet Rumi said, you should raise your words, not your voice and try to solve the conflicts for both parts to be understood, believed and encouraged. Find out the best tips that you can remember in order for each future argument to end with a solution that both you and your partner could benefit from:

  • Listening is everything

The art of listening is something that some people never learn. Instead of trying to cover the other’s words with your shouts, try to listen to their point of view and you might be surprised to see that things look different from their perspective. Being self-absorbed and eager to share your feelings without caring about the others’ opinions is one of the big mistakes we all do from time to time. All these unpleasant situations would be avoided if we hear what others have to say with genuine care, attention and compassion.

  • Express your thoughts and needs assertively

Having a fight even with someone you truly love can turn you into a volcano of anger that’s on the point of bursting into flames. While aggressive communication is only a violent way to express your feelings that gives the other the impression that their opinion is worthless, assertive communication is a mild way to communicate and express your feelings in such a way that every argument will indeed prove to be useful for your relationship.

  • Be curious about the other’s intention

One of the best things in this world is the fact that we are all different – hence, our different views and ideas that make us unique. Caught in a web of contradictions and raised voices, you might forget that there is beauty in sharing different opinions about something.

Diversity brought by arguments is very efficient in knowing more about the others, finding out about things you haven’t acknowledged before and seeing things from other perspectives. What is more, respecting our differences is really a sign of self-care as well. The way you treat people tells a lot about yourself.

  • Keep an open mind

You’ve got all your speech figured out and you know that what you think is the best option and nothing else could make you change your mind. But what if instead of digging deep to find out arguments to defeat the other we would dig deep in order to see the point of the others and try to understand what the other has in mind when he/she decides to confront you?

When it comes to this world, almost everything is subjective, and we should really perceive every argument as a good opportunity to learn. You can learn about yourself, about the others and about the world so much if you are open to embracing other views. Instead of letting each argument separate you from your partner, try to let every fight make you closer.

With these tips in your pocket, each argument will be perceived as a great opportunity to learn more about each other, to care more about your partner’s wishes and needs and to discover things that you haven’t had the change to acknowledge before. At the end of an argument, the feeling that you are understood and that you are up to date to your partner’s wishes are really rewarding for both of you.