Why You Don’t Do the Things You Want to Do

You might be a confident person, with a well-organized agenda and many plans, thoughts, and ideas you would like to put into practice someday. Even if deep down you have all your life planned and you know your interests and plans in depth, you sometimes just don’t act on it. You postpone the things that make you happier and healthier and you almost cancel the ones that help you grow.

If you’ve ever felt that you’re stuck without motivation in what concerns the things you should do, but you keep postponing, hoping that someday you’ll have enough time, courage and information to do what you’re supposed to do. In case you haven’t discovered the things that stay in your way, check out the main reasons why you don’t do things that you want to:

  1. Fear

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. You can have all your life planned and never find the right moment to begin every journey if you’re scared of the outcome. Overthinking, the fear of failure and- in contrast- the subconscious fear of succeeding and not knowing the next step will make you quit your plans even before starting them. Do not let this feeling stop you from following your dreams. It might be difficult to overcome, but when you do the things you’re really eager to achieve, nothing can go wrong.

  1. Lack of Planning

Big plans require planning ahead and a lot of precaution. In order to start your journey, you need to take into account all the aspects, so that you can know each step and not be overwhelmed by what follows. Planning means thinking about the things you want to do ahead and be prepared for everything that could interfere. From dream charts to diaries and mind maps, the possibilities of organizing your thoughts and ideas are limitless.

  1. Lack of Information

You might want to achieve great things, but not be informed enough about what that dream implies. Do not count on other people’s opinions and do not let anything stop you without checking that specific thing first. You might be surprised at the outcome and of the motivation that you could draw from knowing exactly what you are supposed to do.

  1. Comparison

One of the worst obstacles that you encounter in your journey to achieving is comparing yourself to the others around you. You can get easily disappointed and let down if you start watching the others’ business instead of minding your own. You might start off with the desire to find inspiration by keeping up with the others’ interests or activities, but this can easily turn into a turn off when you start to realize how far you are from getting to that specific level.

  1. Routine

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the greatest fears of any person. While repeating the same schedule might be comfortable for you, little changes are always welcomed if you want your life not to be bored. Habits are important, but if you want to follow your dreams you must be ready for breaks in the routines because it will for sure not be the end of the world. On the contrary- it will bring diversity and a change of view that is for sure welcomed in a world dominated by rules.

Learn how to plan your activities, find the motivation that will become your fuel and get out of your comfort zone. For instance, consider planning the vacation to run away from routine. You’ll soon find out that doing the things you want is the best choice you’ve decided to take so far. Each journey can be a great adventure if you make the right choices.