8 Reasons to Start Using Emoji in Business Writing Communication

Emojis have become the most beloved messaging feature of digital communication. Mobile users around the world send out somewhere around 6 billion emojis on a daily basis, so you can clearly say that these have become a popular communication sensation nowadays.
When you hear the word “emoji”, you probably think about millennials and generation Z, who are constantly including these “emoticons” on social media and in text messages. With the increased popularity of emojis in today’s international digital culture, more people have started relying on these non-verbal communication features to express a certain message or represent an idea more easily.
As more people are using emojis, more businesses have directed their attention towards them as well. If you want to appeal to the younger generations, and to keep up with the latest trends, transitioning this type of communication feature in your marketing tactics can be a wise decision to make.
From social media campaigns and blogs to emails and digital ads, integrating them in all means of business writing communication will bring to the table a vast range of benefits. More businesses from different industries have started to embrace the trend, and perhaps it’s time for you to do the same.
But how exactly can emoji positively influence your brand’s voice? What are the reasons that should determine you to start using them in writing communication immediately? Here are some of the factors that have influenced businesses around the world to adopt this type of marketing tactic:

1. They’re popular on social media
Social media engagement has become one of the most powerful ways for a business to get ahead in the digital era. Considering how many people around the world are browsing social media channels daily, taking advantage of these networks can boost business success.
Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, when you are trying to reach out to your target audience through written posts, you need to use the right approach. After analyzing half a million Facebook posts and more than 31 million tweets, specialists have concluded that a positive emoji can work great as a social media status maker. Additionally, it seems like using emojis on Instagram, especially on the captions and bio, people get more attractions without even using an Instagram followers app.
Emojis were one of the main traits of influential social media shares. The most powerful users on the platforms communicate using emoticons, and your business should start doing the same.

2. Emojis boost customer engagement
Emojis equal engagement. These have been linked repeatedly to boosted click-through rates, engagement levels, and open rates. Besides social media, emoticons have the role of driving engagement on many other digital media outlets, such as mobile and email
• Push notifications with emoticons got a 9% increase in conversions and an 85% boost in open rates.
• 50% of brands benefited from a bump in email openings after incorporating emojis in the email subject line

3. Conveying what words can’t – Emojis get similar reactions to f2f communication
Face-to-face communication will always have the most powerful results. However, this approach is not always possible when it comes to business marketing. Written communication is the option you need to rely on when you want to reach out to your target audience.
Perhaps you have already mastered the part that involves the actual writing of content. You might have used writing services and tools, such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor etc. to create high-quality email, social media or blog content, but is your message actually getting through?
According to scientific studies, seeing a “smiley face” can activate the same parts of the brain as looking at real human face expressions does.
Emojis can convey more easily what words can’t, triggering emotions and feelings. These can function as attention-grabbing mechanisms and can make a simple written message seem more intriguing, persuasive or exciting. The same message can have an entirely different impact when the right “smiley faces” are incorporated. Learn about online jargon, Internet acronyms, smileys and more at NetLingo.com 

4. They help improve customer service
When it comes to nonverbal communication, emojis stand at the top of the list. These have been proven to improve customer retention, being used by businesses to better social media and live chat communication, as well as other customer service approaches.
Businesses that include emoji in customer service are able to:
• Show more empathy
• Create personalized written communication mechanisms
• Connect better with generation Z and millennials
• Reduce negative responses

5. They make you seem friendlier and more approachable
Consumers find it easier to stay loyal to friendly, easy to approach brands. Whether you’re writing a post for your social media audience, sending out an email to a specific group of consumers, live chatting on your site or creating push notifications, you want to be perceived as approachable.
Considering that people use emojis constantly when talking to their friends, noticing the same approach in your written content will simply determine them to view you as a more open brand, being easier for them to connect and interact with you.
“The tone of a message impacts the reader’s perception of a specific brand. Setting a friendly tone becomes thus an essential objective for your written communication tactics, and emojis are the perfect tool here. These determine users to see you as a modern, understanding and approachable brand” – explains Tiffany Marsh, a writer and marketing specialist.

6. They outperform images
Images are being used by businesses all the time as an addition to written content to better illustrating a particular message. While pictures can often work to your advantage, experts claim that emojis are able to outperform images by up to 9%.
When you writing an email subject line, interacting with consumers through social media posts or sending out push notifications, a carefully-selected emoji can impact engagement rates better than any images you would normally choose.

7. They save you time and space
When you are writing content for marketing purposes, in many situations, you will be faced with limitations. Let’s take push notification messages. These come with often insufficient character space for message conveying. Being able to get the right message through with a limited text can be challenging.
Have you actually reached your target audience? Was your intention properly illustrated? Did you leave the right impression in the mind of users?
Emoji will have the role of saving your time and space. You can effectively express your intentions and message without having to worry that the text is too short.

8. Giving your brand personality
Your business is more than the service you are offering or the product you are selling. Your brand should be seen as a powerful identity, and you should work on your marketing tactics to actually give your brand a unique personality.
Using emojis as part of your written communication marketing campaign gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience better, to humanize the identity of your brand.
It will be easier for the younger generations of consumers to identify themselves with your business concept if you are choosing modern means of communication. Emojis simply make your brand more fun.
If you want to make the most of your written communication strategies, including the use of emoticons in your tactics is advised. As you can see, there are multiple strong factors that highlight the power of emojis in today’s digital climate. The results obtained are likely to impress you.