Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Interesting Topics for the Business Essay

The field of business is very wide. There are many business areas that can be the subject of an essay. If you are writing a business essay, you have hundreds of choices. You don’t have to ask, “Will somebody write my essay?”

You can also present these topics in various ways. They can also be explained and discussed in different forms. But you need to narrow down your topic. Concentrate on just one aspect of your topic and you will get the attention of your target audience.

The best advice is to write a business topic that interests you the most. In that way, you can put your heart into your work. If the subject is close to your heart, you won’t get tired of writing the essay.

Here are some topics that are just right for business essays. These topics are differentiated according to various business categories.

A. Topics on Business Management

  • Rules that should define the dress code in the workplace
  • Strategies in the evaluation of employee performance
  • The effects of sexual harassment in the business workplace
  • Is it right for companies to prescribe dating policies for their employees?
  • Ways you can empower your employees
  • Why there is a need to develop a positive culture in the workplace
  • Should you give your employees the right to join unions?
  • Impromptu business downsizing, the pros and cons
  • What are the right criteria for promotion?
  • Is there a need for employers to treat their employees equally?

B.  Topics on Business Law

  • List of strategies to use to identify bankruptcy
  • List of legal issues that hound startups
  • Can companies withhold information that can destroy their image in the eyes of their customers?
  • Definition of affirmative action and its impact on a business organization
  • Can you use duress to justify a breach of contract?
  • Justify paternity leaves for fathers
  • Can a business avoid litigation procedures legally?
  • Illegal methods companies use to manage workplace accidents
  • Is it lawful for companies to prohibit their employees from smoking in the workplace?
  • What is the impact of pirate websites to legitimate businesses?

C.  Topics on Persuasive Business Persuasion

  • Can you use the recruitment process to improve a company’s productivity?
  • All commercial enterprises should adopt green concepts
  • In business, vertical communication is just as important as horizontal communication
  • Online business will be more profitable in the future
  • Promote your business through social networking. It is more effective
  • College degrees do not guarantee business success
  • Brainstorming is an important tool in increasing productivity
  • Two reasons why businesses go bankrupt: ineffective leadership and ineffective management
  • Productivity improves when there is a positive working environment
  • A positive culture will motivate employees

D.  Topics on Business Ethics

  • Should employers make it easy for their employees to report their issues at work?
  • Is it right to ignore the negative effects of smoking because it has monetary value?
  • What are the ways businesses can reduce their carbon footprint?
  • Are businesses accountable if their customers misuse their products?
  • Are the hidden charges of service providers legal and ethical?
  • The negative impacts of gender discrimination on performance and productivity
  • Nepotism and its effect on businesses
  • The quality of products and services can be affected by profit-oriented companies
  • Do word of mouth and promises have value in business?
  • Should companies consider a person’s family status to determine his pay?

E.  Topics on Business Arguments

  • Is it true that leadership is an innate quality?
  • To acquire or to merge, which is better?
  • Employee turnover is a measure of company loyalty
  • When there is good working condition and the managers are cooperative, employees will stay even despite their low salaries
  • Leaders are separated from followers because of their innovation
  • Biases hinder the credibility of test marketing
  • Develop leadership through self-improvement, education, and self-awareness
  • Attract more customers through digital marketing and social media promotion
  • The best way to motivate employees is to increase their salaries
  • Is it right to exploit labor to get the most profit?

F. Topics on Small Businesses

  • Psychological tricks small businesses use to induce their customers to buy their expensive products
  • What are the most profitable niches for small business startups?
  • How images influence the minds of consumers
  • What are the most effective marketing strategies that can promote a small business?
  • The best places in the world to start a small business
  • What happens if there are no small businesses?
  • Social media marketing – its importance to small businesses
  • The advantages and disadvantages of asking a friend to open a small business
  • What are the products that consumers will likely buy from small companies?
  • How to create a healthy workplace in a small company

The very first obstacle that you will encounter when your professor asks you to write a business essay is the choice of topic. This article gives you a lot of topics to choose from. With this list, there is no need for you to ask another person, “Can you write my essay?”