Best Practices And Latest Trends In Corporate Event Management

Corporate events are an excellent way to show off your brand. However, it can be quite hard to innovate the existing corporate even formats when there is a degree of professionalism. 

However, keeping updated to the latest trends and some of the best practices, you will be able to level up your next corporate conferences in no time. 

  1. Online Event Registrations

Event strategies are all about boosting the attendee registrations. Whether the end-goal is generating leads, driving sales or just building a business relationship, you will need people to attend your event. 

So, how do you streamline your event registrations to encourage registrations?

Online event registrations. 

The online event ticketing market worldwide is expected to grow at 4.8 percent CAGR in 2018 – 2025.This is due to the rising popularity of internet and the growing use of mobile apps to book events. 

So, if your attendee is mostly online, it is suggested that you invest in the best online registration software in order to get more signups for your corporate event.

  1. Onsite Event Check-in Solutions

In order to create a nice impression, your event check-in process needs to be smooth and as quick as possible. This also gives your attendees more time exploring the event rather than being stuck in a long line. 

With elf-servicing kiosks, on-demand, wireless badge printing and card-sweeping services for payments, an onsite event check-in solutions offer amazing benefits like:

  • Paperless forms
  • Accelerated check-ins
  • Management ease on large crowds
  • Less manual load for your staff
  • Secure payment system for merchandise, raffle tickets, and donations
  • Multiple branding opportunities
  • Onsite reporting for data analysis

A true game-changer in event check-ins is facial recognition. IT does not only woo your attendees, but also improve the pace of the check-in process. 

With this, there will be no more barcodes, tickets, or confirmation emails. Just a smile at the camera and you’re done.

  1. Improving Attendee Experience

After check-in, probably the most crucial part of even management is how they will provide a first-class experience for their audience. 

Creating an unforgettable and engaging experience is not an easy task. And as the world continues to change, so are the expectations of your attendees. 

So, how do you do that?

Leverage the power of mobile event apps to create a personalized and engaging experience. People spend at least 5 hours daily using apps and more time on their mobile phones in general. So, if there are going to stare at their phonesmost of the time, why not use that to your advantage?

Ditch the paper-based schedules and brochures. Use apps to get your employees more involved using interactive maps, gamification, quizzes, feedback surveys, polls and more. Not only that, but it also allows you to send notification like last-minute changes to the program, special discounts, and speaker requests. 

  1. Typical Venues No More

Green venues are sooo old schools. The industry has bored its attendees with more and more exotic and bombastic venues, so they’re spoiled rotten in this matter. 

Now, attendees expect an unusual twist on the event location. And the use of unconventional venues is starting to be one of the most essential current trends in corporate event planning. 

Think churches, museums, closed metro stations, salt cathedrals or just about anything unusual and further outside the traditional ballroom box, creating a more millennial-friendly and enticing experience. 

  1. RFID Unlocks New Forms of Data

Once upon a time, planners only plan to get post- and pre-event data. However, what if you can get data about your attendees during the event?

Well, the rising RFID tech only gets smarter, getting physical and more accurate digital data from your attendees. Marketers will be able to see which activities, presentations and meetings are hot and can effectively measure attendee engagement.