Tips of Social Media Videos

Videos are a great medium to increase your brand awareness. You can tell stories about it. In this way, you increase your involvement and you promote sharing the videos with others. The condition is that the video appeals to your target group in the right way. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and money. We are happy to give you proven tips.

Videos on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are usually much shorter than videos on YouTube. On average, videos on YouTube last less than a minute compared to five minutes or more on other social media. Shorter videos require a different approach, with different designs and content.

  • Differences between video channels

There are many more contrasts between recordings on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn compared with YouTube. The most significant distinction lies in the way video is seen. People more often than not intentionally look for explicit recordings on YouTube, while finding the recordings in their channel on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The substance of those recordings is additionally founded more on a particular story or thought rather than clarification recordings or introductions. YouTube has installed connections to different recordings on YouTube that enable peoples to take a gander at different recordings, different channels don’t offer that probability. The timeframe of the realistic usability of recordings on YouTube is any longer than on different channels, which are increasingly unpredictable.

  • The video mainly via mobile devices

More than 65% of video playback on social media is via mobile devices.

While numerous people still watch YouTube on their PCs or televisions, the bigger screen upgrades the video experience. For advertisers, this implies YouTube substance must be reformatted before it is transferred to Facebook.

  • Small but important differences

There are likewise some little yet significant differences between Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram recordings. While LinkedIn recordings have a base width of 256 pixels and Facebook 400 pixels, Instagram recordings require in any event 600 pixels to be shown in client channels. Instagram recordings can’t be longer than 60 seconds and LinkedIn 10 minutes. Conversely, Facebook recordings can take as long as 240 minutes. Facebook limits the captions to the furthest reaches of 125 characters, while Instagram permits a limit of 2200 characters. Choose the correct social media marketing agency to optimize your inputs which drives results to your website.

  • Handy: optimize for multiple formats

Despite the differences, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram has similar video formats and requirements. So smart marketers can optimize for both formats at the same time.

  • Lots of competition

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram: quality is important. Every video must be well filmed, edited and captivating from the start. Facebook users watch more than 100 million hours of videos every day, so there is a lot of competition.

Ways to stand out effectively

These are the most effective ways to make your video stand out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram:

  • Grab attention quickly

Don’t give your target group time to lose interest; catch your video from the start. You can do this with visual elements that attract attention, or you can start your video with a question, fact or statement that appeals to your target audience.

  • The first three seconds of the video are the most important.

Because telling stories for social media videos works differently than conversations you have with someone one-on-one. And if your video is not played for at least three seconds, the provider does not record “display” in your engagement statistics. These are important to make your video appear on the timeline of a larger number of people.

  • An active story arc is the best choice

Start with a striking visual, followed by subtle corporate identity elements that you add to the video. Your target group can easily recognize this because the brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text.

  • Choose a striking preview image (thumbnail)

The amount of video content on social media is huge. But what makes people look or not? A special preview image helps you make the difference. This is the static image that you see when the video is not being played. Sometimes the first frame of the video is already a good image. At other times you will notice that the last frames show what the video is about.

  • Choose the preview image with care

The most important thing here is to select this image with care and not just to use the high quality image that is automatically selected by the social media channel itself during the upload of the video.

  • Make sure your videos work without sound

Videos on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are automatically played without sound. 85% of the videos on Facebook are viewed without sound and most people do not switch on the sound, even if it is available. So keep in mind that your video is usually viewed without sound. So let your message be conveyed with visuals, text and subtitles.

  • Keep your video short

Video involvement on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram usually decreases as the length of the video increases. In general: the shorter the video, the better it works.

  • The optimum length: one minute

The optimal length of the video to stimulate engagement shared content and brand awareness on Facebook and LinkedIn is one minute, according to HubSpot. It is about 30 seconds on Instagram and videos that generate the most responses are no longer than 26 seconds. Aim for a video that lasts no longer than two minutes. You can also try creating videos that only take a few seconds, especially for video ads.

  • Choose the right call-to-action for more response

Utilize the implicit capacity in the video uploader to add a source of inspiration to every one of your videos, paying little mind to whether they are commercials or are a piece of your substance advertising. Take a stab at something more imaginative than clear articulations, for example, “Request now” or “More information”. Great call-to-action buttons increment social inclusion and ensure more change. By the way more and more companies use live video calling for their business. You can try it as well.

  • Upload your video directly instead of sharing a link

Don’t just share your videos via YouTube, Vimeo or other video sites. Native videos are videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram itself. These are played automatically when you scroll over them. In addition, native videos are easier to find and generate more involvement.

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