Features And Cost To Develop A Dream11-like Fantasy Cricket App

Whenever people watch sports tournaments, they give comments about the selection of players or the order of batting. All cricket enthusiasts, at least once in their lifetime, would have made such comments. For instance, when a batsman hits a six when it could have been blocked easily, viewers usually get frustrated with the fielding team. As a result, they secretly wish to coordinate the game, select the players, choose the batting order, set the right addon like cscheater, and have a say in other tasks that causes an impact on the outcome of the game. Thanks to the advancement in technology, this wish has been realized. 

With Fantasy Cricket, you experiment with your virtual team of real-life players. 

Fantasy cricket is gaining popularity among people across the world. This resulted in a steady growth in the development of fantasy cricket apps. Of all the apps available, Dream 11 is the most famous because of its exciting features. Thus, fantasy cricket app builders are putting in tremendous efforts to develop an app like Dream 11. 

This article is to elaborate on what goes into building an app like Dream 11, what are the essential features and the cost involved. 

But, first of all, we need to understand what fantasy cricket is and what Dream 11 does. 

Fantasy Cricket is an online game wherein players create virtual teams of actual cricket players. The success is determined by how these actual players perform in real-life cricket matches. Dream 11 is a mobile fantasy sports app that allows users to play fantasy cricket. 

So, now, to build an app like Dream-11, what are the basic features that you need to include?

As far as the features are concerned, there are two perspectives. These features should be helpful to both users as well as the admin of the app. Some of the major features that a fantasy cricket app developer should never forget to include in the app are discussed below. 

Creating an Account

Users should be able to register or log in using their email id or phone number. Providing other options like linking social media accounts can simplify the process of registration and login. 

Payment methods

It is advisable to integrate multiple payment gateways. This would enable simple, fast, and secure transactions. Blockchain technology is yet another option that is well received among people who prefer Cryptocurrencies.

Contest creation

Admins should be able to add, delete, or make changes to the contests. Besides, the details about the contests should be given in the app for the benefit of the players as well as the admins. 

Real-time analytics

This would greatly help admins in making calculative decisions. Through these analytics, it would be possible to understand the performance and efficiency of the application. Besides, it would be easier to determine any shortfalls and make revisions so as to bring about betterment in the app.  Also, reports should be easy to download and view. 

Home screen

This is the very first thing anyone gets to see every time the app is opened. So, the home page should be as informative and interactive as possible. This helps in creating a good first impression. Moreover, people hate searching for what they need. So, by designing the home screen in such a way that information can be accessed easily, users might want to stick to the app a little longer.  

Referral Earnings

You don’t have to solely bear the burden of promoting your app. You can perhaps share it with your users. When they like your app, they can share or refer it to others. You could also motivate your users to do this by rewarding them with successful referrals. Bonus points or level-ups can also be given as a token of gratitude. 


An effective dashboard consists of all the necessary information including those about the contests, players, etc. Admins should be able to manage the active players; this includes adding or removing the players. This also allows the users to know who they are competing with.  

Tax Management 

This feature would be highly useful to the admins in managing the tax they owe to the government. Activation of the national tax system would be highly useful. In addition, allowing your users to know how socially responsible you helps in maximizing the retention factor. 

In-app chat 

This is nothing but the message feature that allows users to chat within the app. This helps in maintaining an active community of like-minded people. Thus, players will find the game more engaging and enjoyable. 


The app should be easy to customize according to the business requirements. Moreover, people prefer apps that can be easily tailored as they feed their creative minds and peculiar needs. 

Moving on to the next part of the topic, how much does it cost to build a fantasy cricket app?

The cost factor is variable. It depends on what you need your app to do for you and what type of app would be suitable for your requirements. However, there are fantasy cricket app development companies that are quite pocket-friendly. Make sure to do some thorough research about the market players and their accomplishments before deciding on which company to rely on. 


Thus, it is explicit that, building a fantasy sports app like Dream 11 is not an easy task. However, having a robust fantasy cricket software with all the essential features can help in achieving the end goal. 

Now go ahead and build a great ‘Dream 11 Replica’ for your fantasy sports business! 

Author Bio –  Robbie Royce is a Growth programmer and advertiser for INORU Products. He wants to find new business thoughts and assists startup business visionaries with a business discussion.