How did GoJek make it as a successful super-app in the market?

What Is All This Buzz About Go-Jek!?

Go-Jek, as we all know, is the first Unicorn from Indonesia. It has a formidable portfolio of funding and has been instrumental in transforming the Global perspective on Indonesia and Southeast Asia in general. It has had so much of an impact on the employment opportunities in Indonesia that the Government had to revise the minimum wages and per-capita income after Go-Jek’s entry into the market.

With so much buzz about GoJek, we need to know what it actually is. It is an app that provides on-demand location-based services. It might not be anything unusual until it is informed that the app provides more than 30 different services like cab booking, grocery shopping, event-ticketing, courier pickup, massages, and fuel delivery.

Go-Jek & WeChat – Heralding Super Apps

People were always apprehensive about the idea of using a single app for multiple services. Whether or not it would be a good idea to create such an app has always been a million-dollar question, if not a billion-dollar question!

However, apps like Go-Jek and WeChat have given the solid answer that businesses that were looking for – apps offering multiple services are bound to succeed. Their success had coined a new term in the market – super applications or super apps.

The success of Go-Jek and WeChat has prompted entrepreneurs to invest in creating a super-app. Instead of creating the app from scratch, these aspiring business people can use clones of Go-Jek that are available in the market.

What Made Go-Jek So Popular?

It’s difficult to find a smartphone in Indonesia without having Go-Jek installed. There are a lot of factors that have contributed to making the app popular in the area around the Indochina peninsula.

  • Geographic Spread

The brand has also spread its presence in the whole of Southeast Asia in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines. This has led entire Southeast Asia to appreciate, if not understand with the supremacy of Go-Jek.

Also, in all the countries that Go-Jek is present in have made sure that the supply of drivers and vehicles are always available for the users. This has contributed to the trust in the brand growing multifold.

  • Cost-Effective

It cannot be forgotten that Go-Jek serves developing economies, and it is essential for it to be a cost-effective option. Go-Jek has precisely addressed this aspect by hitting the sweet spot between cost and convenience. Perhaps, one of the greatest successes of Go-Jek is in finding how much people are willing to pay for the services, and at the same time, hit the volumes that are needed to keep the revenue-counter ticking without lag.

  • Offers & Coupons

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday are amazing testimonies to the fact that consumers love offers. They also help increase customer-loyalty, repeat rates, and customer retention. Go-Jek has been measuredly lavish in showering customers with coupons and offers. This has made users get into a habit of continually using Go-Jek’s services.

  • Intuitiveness

Irrespective of how robust the coding is and how powerful the database technology is, it is only the interface of the mobile that ‘speaks’ with the user. The mobile interface of Go-Jek is intuitive and easily navigable. Although there are a lot of services offered, the user does not find the interface too cluttered. This makes it easy for the customers to find out the service that they want, and make their booking. It cannot be denied that if only the customers make a booking, the revenue flows in!

  • Flexibility in Payment Options

Customers need to pay for the services availed, and that is where the profit lies, both for the platform and for the service provider. South East Asia is a mixed market – on one side, there are people who are shoulder-to-shoulder with the technologies in the West, and on the other, there are people who can’t think of any other option other than the good old cash!

Go-Jek has been flexible enough to accommodate all these payment options, making it easy for customers of every kind to use their apps and services.

Creating An App Like Go-Jek

It is quite evident that super apps are here to grow, if not at least stay! If you’d like to create your own super app like Go-Jek, there are different ways to go about it.

  • Partnering With A Development Company

One of the most proven and widely-adopted methods of developing an app is to partner with a development company. These companies not only provide you the service but also the support. However, this might not be a cost-effective option, as the companies that charge less are likely to compromise on the quality.

  • Buy The Source-Code Of A Go-Jek Clone App

Given the fact that what lies under the hood of super-apps is almost the same, it could be a good idea to buy a white label source-code of a Go-Jek clone app. There are reputed companies that offer you flawless GoJek source code. In addition to that, they will customize the app in a way that it bears your brand-language in every sense.

  • Hire A Dedicated Development Team

If you’d like to stay in command but not in commitment, you can consider hiring a dedicated development team that will put the app together for you. This could be a great option if you have the luxury of lavishness in terms of both budget and space! It helps you stay in close touch with the team, and you can also be assured that the time and talents of the team are converged on creating an app for you.

  • Create Your In-House Development Team

Hiring an in-house development team has its own set of advantages – you can choose from a wider pool of talents in the open market. You can be assured that the team stays completely in your command. Also, the cost of the resources goes directly to the resources and not to an agency that facilitates them.

However, there are a few disadvantages as well. The first is the cost of hiring involved, the time spent on screening the candidate, and in training/onboarding them. Also, some of the resources might not be required after the core development process is completed.

The Processes Involved

Creating an app like Go-Jek involved putting together the apps for the three entities involved – the user, the service provider, and the administrator.

The user-app must have the facility to book a particular service. The user should be able to register themselves at ease, preferably with login options like Google and Facebook. The user should be able to make the payments and rate the services.

The service provider should be able to accept or reject requests based on their convenience. The payments made to the platform should be swiftly processed to their accounts. Just like how users rate the service, they should also be able to rate their interaction with the customers.

The administrator should have a bird’s eye view of the app, its functions and vital stats on a dashboard. They should be able to assign the commission-rates and also suspend users or service providers based on their behavior.


As discussed earlier, it is quite evident that super apps are here to stay and rule. If you’d like to capitalize on this wave of super-apps and create your own app by purchasing a Go-jek clone, you can get in touch with us. Our team will take care to gather your requirements and set your super-app going!