Starting up an on-demand staffing app like Uber Works: Business scope & Opportunities

What Made The Uber Model Successful?

Cabs were always roaming on the streets of cities like New York and London. However, a streamlined connection between the taxis and the prospect of customers was always missing. What Uber did was just to connect these two massive entities by a small bridge – their app. What the app did was a lot more than just connecting. It gave a democratic ecosystem where users can rate their experience and the drivers can too!

Uber has gone to re-define the lifestyle of people! The massive drop in the number of people applying for the driver’s license in the United States is a testimony to the relevance of Uber. It cannot be denied that millennials do not want to commit themselves to something that they can otherwise higher on demand.

This thought-process has created a massive boom for the on-demand market. We can see on-demand applications for a lot of utilities including but not limited to food delivery, household services, beauty services and even dating. This mindset has transcended into the world of business as well! With these millennials starting businesses like restaurants and hotels, there is a new avenue of on-demand businesses that have sprung up.

Uber For The Blue-Collar Workforce – UberWorks

There is a constant demand for unskilled workforce all across the planet. In addition to that, the magnitude of demand is not always constant. If we take the hospitality industry, for example, hotels are overstaffed during the weekdays, understaffed during the weekends and grossly understaffed during the holiday season!

This presents businesses with a dubious dichotomy of choices. They can opt to be understaffed during times of high demand and compromise on customer satisfaction. On the other hand, they could also opt to hire workforces during high demand and keep paying them even if the demand was low.

Both these cases do not seem favorable for businesses.

What if businesses could hire unskilled labor when they need it and let them go when they don’t? This would mean that businesses can address the needs of customers when they need it. Also, they do not have to pay for manpower for the times when they don’t need it.

This is precisely where UberWorks fits in. UberWorks it’s nothing more than an Uber for blue-collar jobs.

In order to launch this business idea, an entrepreneur needs to come up with an app version that allows people to hire for the on-demand services and also for staffing purposes. With a ready-made app solution like the Gojek clone app, entrepreneurs don’t have to start everything from scratch.

How Does UberWorks Work?

The way in which UberWorks functions is a wonder… if it wasn’t for Uber! What UberWorks does is quite similar to its namesake. On one side, there are unskilled laborers looking for a temporary form of income. On the other side, there are businesses that require these skills sets on a temporary basis.

Uber for Works integrates these two sections through their app. Skilled and unskilled workers can create profiles on the app stating their skills and their costs. Businesses can create their profiles from where they can hire these skills. The platform takes a commission from the business for every successful hire.

How Good Is It As A Business Idea?

Millennials have come to believe that something which offers passive utility does not have to be a permanent liability. This is the reason why there is a boom in on-demand business. Since millennials are slowly taking over businesses like restaurants and hotels, a concept like Uber for Works is bound to succeed.

An application like this will also expand the geographic boundaries of businesses offering jobs and workers seeking jobs. With the installation of the app, workers can get access to jobs that they can do all across the country if not the world!

The Advantages It Brings

On the surface, it might seem that the detachment from commitment is the greatest advantage that these on-demand applications for temporary hiring bring. There is no question about that! You can hire unskilled workers as in when you want. This can help businesses thrive during times of high demand. It can also help workers recognize their potential and quote rates that are competitive and at the same time, not too expensive.

However, another parallel advantage that these Applications bring is the element of credibility. It requires a considerable amount of time and money in hiring a resource. After all the cost and time, it cannot be assured that the resource is credible and skilled.

These applications take care to verify and validate the profiles of the workers. This would mean that if a business hires from these apps, it is quite likely that they will find a properly skilled candidate. Even if they don’t, there is no fear of commitment! In every way, it seems the perfect solution for businesses and workers

Developing An App For On-Demand Jobs

Creating an app for hiring workers might have the same skeleton as Uber. However, there are key areas where these apps are starkly different. It involves putting together a lot of technical and non-technical aspects.

The workers should be able to create profiles in a way that their skill sets are perfectly tagged and searchable. The businesses that are looking to recruit them should be able to identify the skill sets that they precisely want.

The app should be developed in such a way that the businesses and users find it easily navigable and intuitive. The database should be quick to respond to the searches of the users and the businesses.


Uber for work is in its nascent stages and Uber is testing the app at a pilot level. This might be a perfect time for you to create your app that facilitates hiring unskilled workers on demand. The availability of white label clones ensures that you do not have to spend a lot of time and money in crafting the app. An app like this is bound to be extremely profitable in places where you can find huge volumes of unskilled labor and businesses that demand them – that put India and China at the forefront of markets.

Should you have a requirement to create an app, you can get in touch with our team. They will take care of your requirements and create an app that fits your demand!

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