Why Should You Keep Your Ecommerce Platform Updated Always?

Ecommerce is fairly a different game then just earning money through blogging. It differs vastly in many areas such as managing an inventory of your product, pricing of your product, selling plan, the platform you use and upgrading your platform frequently. 

In terms of effort, the ecommerce site cannot be handled by one pair of hands. It would be best if you had a team of developers as well as people to take care of your SEO strategy so that your products appear on the SERPs. However, this can be achieved singled handed when running a blog with high traffic. 

The success rate of an Ecommerce site is majorly attributed to the platform you are using and how frequent you get an upgrade for that platform. For example, Adobe owned Magento has a policy to release upgrades of its flagship platform Magento 2 on a quarterly basis. These policies have made Magento favorite Ecommerce platform for more than 250,000 merchants. 

The benefits of getting a frequent upgrade of the platform is that your platform always stays secure from all the known security threats and attacks from hackers and brute forces. Another benefit is that when the platform is upgraded its performance significantly boosts and new features and functionalities are added so that you don’t have to rely on other third-party integrations as much as you were before. 

This guide describes what benefits you can have when you upgrade to the latest version of your Ecommerce platform. This guide will answer why you should always keep your Ecommerce platform upgraded.

1. Improvements in Security of Your Ecommerce Website

The world is progressing towards advancements, and so is the cybercrime. Cybercrime is greatest of all threats to all the Ecommerce stores out there. On average hackers steal 75 records per second worldwide. (source) And most of the hackers have said that traditional firewall and antivirus security software are not good enough when it comes to a targeted attack on a specific website.

These black hat hackers specifically choose one site and try to find an entry point for that website through the use of advanced bots. These bots are redirected to a particular site to find an entry point through any vulnerability they could find. This can be the case for open source platforms such as WordPress or Magento. WordPress sites are the most frequent target for web hackers. They can find certain vulnerability through popular plugins. 

Considering this as one of the reasons Adobe owned Magento has made norm to release upgrades of their open-source platform every quarter. Magento, with every upgrade, improves and betters the cross-site scripting, and remote code execution, which are the top reason why hackers love to attack WordPress sites. 

This is one of the reasons why many multinational organizations choose Magento from their online Ecommerce store. If you are also using Magento for your online business, then you should Upgrade Your Magento store with the latest version available. 

2. With the Regular Upgrade, Your Store Performance Increases Significantly

Performance of your store is generally measured in a way that tells how fast your pages and its elements load. In one survey, it was found that more than 47% of the consumers have expectations from webpage to load under 2secs. (source) The more fast speed you have is equal to the more sales you can generate. But your store might not have a loading speed required from these consumers to generate the sales. 

There may be numerous reasons for low speed of your site such as not having good reliable hosting or CDN provider, excessive and higher quality images and videos integration, lots of traffic, too many plugins or extensions, outdated platform, etc. 

One such reason for low performance and low site speed is using the outdated or old platform. Now in this era of 5G internet, no one likes to wait, and consumers need to be provided with convenience, speed, and exceptional user experience. To win over these aspects and others like customer loyalty, improving search rankings, sales and conversions, you need to optimize your site for better speed by upgrading your platform to its latest version. 

For WordPress site owners, it is easy to upgrade and do not need the help of any developers. But it’s not true for other platforms such as Magento, where you require the help of a developer. Doing such a thing without the assistance of experts can do more harm to your store than any good. Because there is risk involved to lose your store’s precious data without which your store would cease to exist. So, it is advised to hire a certified developer to perform the Performance Optimization Service for MagentoYou can also check how to become IFGICT Certified with International Recognition

3. With Upgrades, You Will Have Added Features and Improved Functionality

Upgrading your Ecommerce store platform to its latest version will add new features and improve the quality of the overall platform. This is one significant advantage or benefit you could get from upgrading the platform. 

With added features and functionalities, you might not need some third-party plugins or extensions, which overall improves the performance of your site and increases the responsiveness. One other benefit of upgrading the platform is that it enhances the performance and usability of the frontend as well as backend. 

The web and internet is filled with lots of people and finding the right opportunity with the right clients need not any extra specialty. You may find that some other companies or agencies have a similar chance of getting ahead of you. 

However, upgrading your platform will make you keep up with those agencies. And to always stay ahead in this game of Ecommerce you frequently need to adopt the strategies that well-align with your goals. With added features and improved functionalities, you will stay on the top always. 


The world of online presents equal opportunity to every Ecommerce business owners in their niche. Improving your sales and conversion ratio not solely but mostly depends on the speed, security and features, your platform provides you. So, when an upgrade is released, you shouldn’t be failing a chance to grab that for the sake of your store. 

While security is the most concerning aspect of any online store, you may stay perfectly fine with your site when you frequently upgrade your store platform. Performance of site may be low due to many reasons but make sure it is not due to the older version of your Ecommerce platform.

With every upgrade, you will get more security improvements, significant performance boosts and added features that you need to upscale your business. With these changes, you are bound to stay updated with the latest web technologies and will stay ahead from your competitors. 

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