What Makes Your Content Go Viral?

 What is viral content?

Viral content is any kind of media that becomes suddenly popular just through one night. Viral content could be a Facebook post, a tweet, a video, literally anything on social media that gets thousands of views and thousands of reactions from viewers. Viral content will help you increase your brand’s exposure to a whole new audience that you couldn’t ever reach in a normal and traditional marketing strategy.

You can think of having viral content is like winning the lottery because you need to have much luck for your content to go viral. But the difference is that you can create your own luck when it comes to viral content. If you want to boost your brand’s exposure immediately or simply just want to be famous for a while, keep on reading this article.

Why do people share?

If you want your post to go viral, the first thing you need to know is what will make people share your post. I have done a little research on the most shared content to find the pattern. The most shared content usually contains either some or all of these features below:

– Create laughter or amusement

– Make people look smart for sharing

– Were list or info-graphics

– Reliable sources of information

– Influencers share them

Researches from the New York Times show the main reasons people share things online are:

– To let people know more about who they are

– To bring other people more knowledge or interesting thing

– To develop relationships with others

– For self-fulfillment

– To show that they care about what’s going on in the world

How to make your content go viral?

So I’ve put a list of everything you should do to have a viral content here.

  • Lists never go out of style

Let’s start with an example of a master of viral content – Buzzfeed and how they use list posts. We can all see that most of their content is in the type of a list such as 28 Things For Anyone Whose Favorite Word Is “Cozy”, 19 Infuriating Movie Plot Holes You Probably Never Noticed Before and so on. The thing is all of their posts get a lot of views and shares. Many other website use list posts too such as bestproductlists.com with “Top 5 Best Christmas Advert 2019” or couponxoo.com with “26 Online Shopping Tips When Using Coupon Codes”. They all get more views with that kind of blog.

Why do their posts get a lot of views? Because it’s a list and it has appealing tittles so that people feel the need to click on it and share it with their friends.

Another type of content that really attracts people is the inspirational quotes list because people want to share content that is helpful. That’s why health and exercise-related content can draw more attention from users. List posts remain a form that people like to read and share in all fields.

  • Plan for search engine domination

It’s obvious that search engines bring the most sustainable and long-term traffic to your websites. Thus, you need to determine potentially viral and low-competitive keyword phrases then optimize your content for these words to make your content go viral.

If you want to make this process easier, you can try SEMrush’s keyword tool so that it will solve the problem for you. This tool contains over 2 million keyword ideas and allows you to segment keywords into groups. Moreover, it helps pick the best keyword depends on whether or not you can rank for them. You can check out some coupon sites to get SEMrush coupon codes and discounts.

  • Make people look smart when sharing your content

As I mentioned before, people tend to share things that make them look smart so you’d better let them. May I remind you about February 2012 when LinkedIn sent out emails to certain members that were part of the top 5% of most-viewed profiles for the previous year. Thousands of people have shared it on Facebook and Twitter to show the good news. As a result, LinkedIn raised its profile and got thousands of new members.

  • Keep it short

Many researches have shown that short content is more likely to go viral than the long one. You should keep your videos from around 30 seconds to one minute only. If it’s longer then you might lose your grip. This applies to blogs and articles too because people have short attention spans so try to make it easy for them to catch all content in a glance by using images, dot points, and subheadings.

  • Make it related to as many people as possible

One of the most important factors for people to decide whether to share your content or not is that they feel related. If people can relate and apply it to their own lives, they are more likely to share. So the key to success is creating the content that everyone can relate to.

  • Make it real

Most people are not attracted by videos or blogs that seem highly produced or overdone. For instance, you can make a “how-to” guide or videos behind the scenes of a movie or an interesting event that people care about. People tend to like the content that makes them feel genuine.

  • Be funny

People always like content that brings joy and amusement better – that’s a consistent driver based on my experience. People always want to look like a funny person in front of each other so if the content is hilarious, they are more likely to share it. Are you considering humor when you make your content? Brands sometimes get this wrong, but it’s better to try a little humor than take yourself too seriously.

  • Do researches

Remember to check out what people care about at that moment and what kind of information they like. If you can create amazing content about what they like, chances are your content will go viral real quick.


Making your content go viral is not what you can do by following some rules or principles because you do need a little luck and timing too. But if you manage to do these proven guidelines, you are more likely to have a viral blog, tweet or share and get to increase your brand’s exposure.