Obstacles Faced by Food Delivery Giants UberEATS and Postmates

In today’s day and age when you go back home especially after a long day of work, you don’t really feel the urge to prepare your meals. You feel tired and fatigued and go to your phone to seek help from the ever so helpful food delivery apps. 

Major food delivery service providers like UberEATS and Postmates makes it easy for customers to get quick and prompt delivery of their meals from the restaurants they choose at a price suiting their requirements just through a few simple taps on their smartphone or iPhone devices. 

Apart from making food delivery easy for the customers on a whole, these major food delivery providers also have a variety of other perks to offer some of which are mentioned below. 

Perks of UberEATS and Postmates for Customers and Food Delivery Industry 

  • Ease in terms of getting food from a restaurant of own choice
  • Personalized meals by allowing users to customize the meal by adding toppings etc through the app itself 
  • Convenience in terms of selecting a payment mode of own choice from different payment modes available
  • Efficiency to restaurants to do tasks like inventory management, bill management, and order dispatch through the app itself
  • Support to restaurant and food joints to build a brand and online presence for the services they offer

So now that you know the overall advantages that the solution offers on a whole you may be wondering then do these apps have any flaws? 

Before we go on to answer this question though let us first identify some unique standout properties of the solution that helps make food delivery so fast as well as innovative in nature. 

Distinctive Characteristics of UberEATS and Postmates Making Food Delivery Experiences Unique 

  • Multiple restaurants to help the customer select a restaurant of their choice from the variety of one’s available in the app 
  • Multiple payment modes to support the user pay for the meals ordered by them in an easy and convenient manner selecting from the different payment types the one they feel comfortable with 
  • Location navigation to help the customer and the food delivery professional know the location of each other and support the former know the exact time of arrival of their meals 
  • Customized meals to provide convenience to the customer in terms of having meals as per their choice. In other words, through the app itself, the customer can customize the meal with toppings, etc 
  • Manage orders and deliveries to help and assist the food delivery industry at large keep a record of all the orders accepted by them and thereafter have them dispatched in a smooth and easy manner

So altogether these food delivery apps like gojek have gone onto assisting the food delivery industry and restaurants successfully build a brand and earn considerably along the way. 

However, the food delivery provider s has also been plagued with some flaws a few of which are mentioned below. This will give you a basic idea about how it has over time lost out considerably on its customers and business as well at the same time. 

Challenges Faced by UberEATS and Postmates Leading to Loss of Customers and Business 

Neglecting Customers and Needs of Customers to Considerable Level – Failed Customer Retention

One major cause of a business entering into oblivion or failure is its neglecting its customers and their needs. This especially goes for a food delivery business. When you are offering food to your customers you cannot afford to not keep their wants in demand. In other words, you have to remember that they would not be interested in using your services if the price is stupendously high or if your delivery isn’t up to the standard or if the quality of food is bad. UberEATS and Postmates, in particular, got into problems solely for this reason that is, neglecting the customer and their needs. 

Poor Delivery Network = Customer Loss

Your customer has come after a long hectic day and is tired. Now if your app is being used by them for ordering meals it becomes imperative your delivery network and logistics are strong and in case it is poor it leads you to lose out on them. This was especially faced by these two food delivery giants on a whole thereby leading them to lose out on their trusted customers greatly. 

Exceedingly High Delivery Price – Unhappy Customers

Customers often while ordering meals and paying for them have complained that they also have to pay a particular sum of money as a delivery charge. Some paid while some were unwilling to. They simply wanted to pay for the food that they ordered. This, in turn, led them to lose out on the customers to a great extent. 

Undelivered yet Claimed Delivered – Angry Customers

While using apps such as UberEATS and Postmates customers have often reported that despite the order not being delivered the delivery professionals tapped on their app the order being delivered. This, in turn, became a factor leading to the solutions on a whole losing its genuineness in terms of delivery and thereafter to loss of customer altogether. 

Poor Food Quality – Customers Gone

A customer will cease to use your app if the quality of meals isn’t up to standard. This problem was reported mainly by those using these two apps and saying that they would rather wish not to have meals ordered from these apps in the future. This, in turn, became a major factor and reason for these food delivery service providers greatly losing out on its customers. 

So, courtesy these challenges UberEATS and Postmates have lost out on its trusted customers to a great extent. This, in turn, has resulted in it losing out on business as well to a considerable level because you, after all, need to remember just as customers make you they break you too and if you do not build something unique which is also helpful and supportive in nature to them why would they be using your services after all.  If you’re looking for a fancy whiskey glasses, check this out Whiskey Glasses

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