7 Facebook Marketing Trends You Should Give a Try This Year

Do you want to stay ahead of the curve by knowing the current marketing developments, as well as staying in the know? If not, then you should be, otherwise, you could potentially lose out massive opportunities.

The same thing is true for social media- since its landscape is constantly changing every day.

So, if you still haven’t noticed these seven Facebook marketing trends, then it’s time that you do so, today:

Optimizing Facebook campaign budget

Campaign budget optimization, also known as CBO, makes the most out of your budget spending to give you the best results. It also makes sure that the costs of those results align with your bid strategy. It utilizes both your campaign budget as well as your bid strategy.

With CBO, you’ll be setting your budget at a campaign level, instead of the ads set level. Then, Facebook will utilize that along with your bid strategy (the highest return on ad spend, or the lowest cost per acquisition) for you to be able to maximize your spend.

Automatic placements for ads

Over the last couple of years, it was rather wise to individually break out ad sets for every placement to gain more control, as well as increase and decrease the ad spend based on results.

But the thing is, the ad placement technology of Facebook has reached a point where it negatively affects performance if you keep using the same tactic again and again.

Keep in mind that Facebook will always have your best interest in mind when delivering results. An automatic placement option optimizes your ad in real-time and will get it in front of users that will more likely take action based on the objective of your campaign.

Facebook will do the placements for you, running your ads on Audience Network, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook, while optimizing these ads for cost.

Leveraging Facebook Live

According to Amaze Law, one of the best Facebook ad agencies out there, “Facebook Live can now be used by almost anyone in the platform, unlike in the past where only verified brands could use this feature. So, for companies that have limited budgets, this can provide an excellent marketing channel because a majority of Facebook users watch videos daily.”

It also a fact that live videos are said to rank higher in news feeds, providing maximum exposure.

Its engagement levels have also gone through the roof, 178% higher than the average post. The success of Facebook live videos has been mostly attributed to its organic component, effectively connecting brands and businesses to their audience.

Using AR, VR, and AI more

Over the last couple of years, Facebook has been investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence, (AI) to improve the performance of advertising on the said platform. While not all of these tools are available yet, there’s still worth a try in improving one’s ROI.

Similarly, the platform has also introduced recently Augmented Reality Ads, letting users play games, or try on make-up.

In the US alone, approximately 63 percent has to experience AR from a brand, so it’s a great opportunity for you to take advantage, of. Facebook keeps on expanding Augmented Reality Ads for more advertisers, as well.

Mobile-first ads

Do you know that approximately 93% of the ad revenue of Facebook comes from advertising? So, if you’re a marketer, forget the desktop- mobile is the way to go.

One of the main differences between mobile ads from desktop ads is what is placed under the image. In the desktop version, there’s usually just a headline and a description. On the other hand, in the mobile version, it’s only the URL and the headline.

Also, when writing a copy for desktop, you need to stay away from repetition on the primary text and description. On mobile, however, you have to ensure that the main information is in the primary text.

You’ll also have lesser real estate to work on mobile before the “see more” prompt. Thus, it hooks the user instantly.

Facebook Story ads

Facebook Stories are full-screen posts, videos, and photos that are only available on the platform for 24-hours. Photos play for 5-seconds, while videos play for 20-seconds. Live videos disappear once the user stops broadcasting. Likes and comments are only visible to the poster.

The numbers are staggering as well, approximately 500 million daily users are engaging with this feature.

Building your own chatbot

Chatbots on social media platforms are on the rise, and Facebook is not an exception. To be able to use them successfully, there are a couple of things that you need to remember.

You have to make the whole chatbot experience personal, keep it simple, and accept the fact that they aren’t perfect, too. You’ll encounter a couple of issues along the way, and you should prepare for them.

Over to You

These top Facebook marketing trends are game-changers in the industry that we live in, today. But by understanding them, as well as knowing what they mean for your business, you can certainly stay on top of your game.