12 Creative Writing Freelance Jobs to Make Money With Your Hobby

Freelance jobs have become more popular than ever. More people prefer this type of employment because they get to be their own boss. Besides, if you love writing, working as a freelance writer is like a holiday job. Doing something you love, and earning from it is a dream that many never get to experience.

If you want to try out online writing jobs, there are so many opportunities. You can be a travel writer, a copywriter, or even start your own blog. Here are some creative writing freelance jobs to make money with your hobby:

  1. Travel writing

Lots of people make money from travel writing. It involves writing about hotels, airlines, food, and every other thing they encounter on their trips. This type of freelance writing is profitable, and writers can get free trips, free hotel accommodation, and get paid as well for honest reviews. If you love to travel and write, this may be an excellent job for you. Writers can venture into this field of freelance writing by using their personal blog or guest posting on other sites. Some writers contact hotels and airlines to offer them reviews on their platform.

  • Copywriting

Most times, businesses employ copywriters to produce promotional copies, brochures, employee manuals, and others for the business. This is encouraged because it reduces the need for an inhouse writer. Such jobs will most likely be outsourced to freelance writers. As a copywriter on the corporate scene, you need to be trained in corporate business practices and business writing. Doing an excellent job will attract more work and referrals to clients. To find such jobs, you can check online or in newspaper ads.

  • Self-publishing

This kind of creative writing involves writing e-books and publishing them online. E-books or electronic books and even some people who do not have writing experience have a couple to their name. For so many people, this is a lucrative type of passive income. That is because they can continue to earn for many years. Others also earn as they go when they write for third parties. For more income, you can choose to write for yourself and someone else.

This type of writing saves you time as you do not need to deal with agents or publishers. Also, if you choose to write your own e-book, there are templates and software to help. When you write for someone else, you would probably get all the required details from the person. E-book writing can be enjoyable when you know the topic well. It is an easy source of passive income.

  • Blog writing

Blogging has become more popular today. Many persons now own a blog to write about anything. Some write about their travels, others focus on DIY tips, while some offer professional advice. Whatever the case, there are so many niches when it comes to blogging. As an individual blogger, you can make money with your hobby.

In the same vein, blog networks hire writers to work for them. Business owners also do the same because they recognize the importance of a blog to a business. It could be a way to educate, as well as promote the business subtly. More and more companies are seeing this need and creating more blogging jobs. Expect more of this in the future.

  • Guest writing

This type of freelance writing can be quite promising if you know your way around. It involves posting articles in other popular blogs. Some websites pay for this service. You can find sites like these online and apply to post articles for them. It can be a way to promote your business or freelancing career. If your articles are engaging, more people will want to read your posts, and this increases your reach.

You can find websites that accept guest posts by checking the ”write for us’ section. Most times, the requirements of the guest post is found in the same section along with the remuneration for it.

  • Research writing

Research writing is essential for businesses all over the world. Most of the time, it involves getting a trend report for the business. Other times, it could be writing an article on a particular demographic’s need. However, if you want to venture into this type of writing, then you need to be qualified to do so. Research is the main work, so it means that you would have to read reports, interview experts, read articles and books, among other things. An ordinary Google search may not be sufficient for this kind of creative writing. To find such jobs, you may have to read newspaper ads.

  • Web content writing

Many sites need web content, and the owners often need writers to prepare professional content. The content may require keywords that help the site to rank well on Google search. As a web content writer, you must know keyword placement to thrive.

 Be sure to read all the terms before taking any job in this field. Some websites pay less than industry standards. You can find web content jobs on websites by simply looking at the “write for us” section. You can also search job boards for content writing opportunities.

  • News reporting

You can make some money by reporting news online. You can report for a newspaper and even magazines. Some writers even report for TV stations, but this may take a lot of effort and is not well remunerated. Or this creative writing job, you are expected to find stories, break the news, and more. You may need to travel for this, and it could be risky and dangerous. However, this depends on the relationship between the parties.

If you have a knack for adventure, this may just be an excellent way to make some money out of it. You can find such jobs by checking newspaper ads or pitching directly to the news channels.

  • Magazine freelancer

Entering into this industry can lead to a very lucrative career. If you succeed in getting a trial and doing it well, then you may be entrusted with more features to write. When you get featured on a magazine as a freelancer, it will open doors to more features from other publications as well. That is the dream of many writers. It is also quite rewarding too. However, it may be difficult to find such opportunities because there are so many other writers vying for the same spots. There are only a few spots for freelancers monthly.

If you want a gig in this industry, you may need to pull some strings or be in good terms with the editors. That shouldn’t discourage the newbies that want to start a career in this field. It is still possible to land a gig without pulling any strings.

  1. Grant writing

Another field of creative writing that can earn you money is grant writing. That mainly involves writing proposals for organizations who want to receive funding from the government. You will need to write applications and discuss the reason for it while also describing the applicant and what it is offering. Most times, the person who writes the grant may be expected to follow up with any responses from the government or funding body.

Some businesses have in-house grant writers, but some still choose to outsource to freelance grant writers since they have more experience. To find this kind of creative writing gig, look out for ads, and send in your details.

  1. Academic writing

Academic writing covers all kinds of papers in the academic setting. It could be an essay, dissertations, and the likes. This kind of writing can also be rewarding, but it may be difficult to find. Some assignment writing companies hire writers for this purpose. So the best bet you have is to enroll with one and earn. However, to qualify to write these jobs, you may need a lot of experience, and a degree is required. Some sites prefer to hire scholars, but experience may be a better determining factor.

Another part of this is an essay writing for magazines. Just like regular magazine writing jobs, this may be difficult to land since lots of writers pitch daily. Also, some of these are not paid jobs. They may come in handy when it comes to exposure for other better-paying jobs.

  1. Business plan writing

Today, the demand for business plans has increased. As new startups spring up daily, you can earn a living as an experienced business plan freelance writer. A good business plan can be instrumental in getting funds for the business. That is why many business owners may prefer to hire writers who have experience in the field.

That is why you need to be skilled in business plan writing before taking a job here. Only experts in this field will be hired to work. You can find such writing gigs in writing job boards, ads in newspapers, and more. You can also send proposals to companies that need business plan writers.

You can make a lot of money from creative freelance writing. These suggestions should help you to choose the one that is best suited to your skills.