What is online marketing? Effective online marketing channels you should prioritize today.

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We’re living in the digital eras where new technology is increasingly developing. The internet and computer are indispensable things in our life. Along with the development of digital media, the marketing strategy has changed day by day. Online marketing has become a trend in marketing for business today. So what is online marketing? What are effective online marketing channels you should know? Let’s find out in the following article.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is the marketing activities of businesses or brands that are done on the internet. It is the activity of promoting and transmitting images and messages of products and services to customers via digital strategies quickly and effectively.

Email, social media, display advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords, much more are methods and techniques used for online marketing. Today online marketing is the most useful way of increasing sales and saving costs that small businesses or startups should take advantage of.

What are the benefits of online marketing?

  • Online marketing is much cheaper than traditional forms of marketing and advertising.
  • You can easily find markets – target customers and get in touch with them.
  • Easy to use
  • Use it to generate revenue and even run the entire business without having to have a real office.

Effective online marketing channels you should prioritize today

1.Search engine optimization

Without SEO, every attempt of the business will fail. Google values the content and links on your website. Therefore, you have to do SEO. Search engine optimization is a form of website keyword optimization for the search engine to be ranked at the top of the search results of users. This method will increase the traffic to your website. If the amount of traffic to the website increases, the potential of customers will also be higher.

Today search engine optimization is a very valuable form of advertising on the internet. Currently, there are many SEO & digital marketing tools to help you optimize your website for SEO effectively. More importantly, you can minimize your cost when purchasing any SEO tools by getting some discounts on Goodinfohome.com or Couponxoo.com. This is also a saving-cost solution for you when doing online marketing.

2. Social Networking

Advertising on virtual social networks is a hot trend in online marketing.  Some famous communication channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … will be a platform to support businesses to promote the brand. With social networking, the road to reach thousands of potential customers is closer than ever. Today there are too many competitors using Facebook marketing trends to promote their brand, so you need to have the right strategy to reach your targeted customers.

Nothing is impossible, businesses can fully take advantage of social networks to build their own voice. Make the message attractive, specific to touch the hearts of consumers. Show them that you always take action. But the most practical action is to give customers what they need.

3. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

PPC advertising is a way of advertising on search engines like Google and Bing. Every click on the ad, you will have to pay. Currently, there are many channels with this form of advertising such as Facebook, Instagram … Identify target groups of customers and refer to which platform is the best choice for your product and service.

In general, this way will have the potential to give you ROI. According to statics, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy than organic visitors. For example, for every $1 you spend on Google Ads, you may be able to earn $2 in return.

After each campaign on each channel, monitor and set up a rating to see the effectiveness and better measures. By accessing the campaign performance statistics tool, you can see the interaction, time to see ads, conversion rates.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies you shouldn’t miss. This tool is quite effective without investing a lot of ideas and costs. That is why most businesses choose email as a channel to take care of potential customers. Email marketing is the best way to deliver your message to your target audience.

But first, collect customer information. To do this, the best way is to use interesting content on websites or social networks to ask customers to fill in information if they want to download interesting something or read more.

Besides, you also can use attractive discounts to encourage customers to provide personal information through sign up for an email newsletter. Discount strategy in online marketing is the best way to boost success in marketing, revenue when clients eagers to shopping with discounts.

In addition, to apply email marketing effectively, you should take advantage of marketing automation tools. Today, there are many automated marketing tools that help you send emails to thousands of customers quickly and easily. You should send thank you emails after users register, notifications of successful transactions, a reminder of payment of goods in the shopping cart, much more.

5. Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a new form of advertising in an effective online marketing strategy today. Nowadays, the number of mobile phone users is increasing quickly. So this online marketing channel is perfect for mobile users. Besides, mobile has the ability to collect customer data, which you can then use to map out a mobile marketing strategy that produces results.

Mobile Marketing is being considered the future of marketing, but in fact, the era of mobile marketing has begun. As a marketer, if you don’t keep up with mobile marketing trends, you’ll be left behind.

There are many different forms that can be applied such as App-based marketing, In-game mobile marketing, QR codes, Push notification, SMS marketing, much more. Depending on the type of business, industry, target audience and budget, you will have different approaches.


Hopefully, with useful information about what online marketing is and how to implement an effective online marketing strategy, you can do this marketing trend effectively. There are many problems with online marketing, so research and apply slowly, you will definitely become a smart online marketer.

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