Inspiring Mobile and Web Wireframe Examples

Are you looking forward to creating the ultimate mobile app and website designs? We will share some of our best wireframing examples from which you can take inspiration for your UX design. The first step in designing wireframes involves lots of creativity, and having inspiration is essential to it.

The first step before wireframing

Before you start the process of wireframing, you need to draw it first. This process is known as sketching in which you first sketch a wireframe before creating it digitally. You can use a sketching kit that comes with all the UI components, which resembles a hand drawing. Most designers prefer to draw the wireframe before they start wireframing. Through a UI kit, you can drag and drop elements to get an idea before committing to the wireframe.

The actual wireframing

Wireframing is the second step after sketching. This step needs planning and the best wireframe tools. You cannot build a home without a proper blueprint; hence it is essential to choose the right wireframing tools. I will suggest reading the best wireframe tools for 2020 to determine which tool is best for you. A right wireframe tool will guide you on how to put all the interface together, how to ensure that every screen will relate to each other, and it will help you create a design that you can show to the stakeholders.

Wireframe Examples for Inspiration

Website wireframe example for real estate

This wireframe is an excellent example of realtors and real estate. Design features emphasize the search filters that will improve the experience of users who are browsing for properties, and it also features a large hero image. What I like is that it takes into account the market data, for example, trends for real estate and statistics. It got designed by Kira.

Wireframes of Fashion and Beauty websites

The industry of fashion is known for aesthetics, glossy, and stunning magazines. Mahmoud Khaled, the UI designer, has developed his eCommerce design, which starts with sketching and up to the final design of the website wireframe. The use of space is what I find appealing in this wireframe layout. There is a grid layout, which allows for an easier scannability and readability. The application of whitespace helps in establishing a hierarchy between the interface. The typography that he chose is a realistic compromise in a grayscale, static wireframe.

E-Commerce Wireframe

Users can perform operations, for example, international and national transfers, receipt tracking due to the innovations in online and mobile eCommerce. The result is that there are many excellent wireframe designs and templates because it is essential to get the right design for websites and mobile apps.

Here I am sharing the example of a wireframe developed by Jacopo Spina. It is an excellent example of a custom eCommerce website. Using white and blue gives the required contrast between visual elements. Content, for example, bottom navigation got used to provide users with a view of how the product will look like in the end.

Example of Shopify Wireframe

Shopify has over 6 lakh, different merchants, by 2017. It is a massive e-commerce platform, and you are going to find some fantastic wireframe examples and UX design from the designers.

I am going to share the example of Janna Hagan, who created this marvelous wireframe, which shows that a better-organized wireframe will be one of the advantages of the platform and shop. These are well developed and have a few visual elements that make it look similar to a complete project.

Travel Blog Wireframe Example

This wireframe got developed by Zahid Hasan Zisan. The wireframe doesn’t have any visual elements and has a simple composition. I appreciate the structuring of the main page due to this wireframe’s simplicity.

The wireframe is an excellent example of how to use the entire screen space to the best. There is a navigation menu at the top of the page, and text boxes get placed in proper positioning. There are lots of whitespace, which shows us around the wireframe and also makes the information on the screen easy to read.

Wireframes of Online travel applications

Siddhartha Pandey has developed an excellent example of a wireframe for a mobile app. His wireframes come with all the trimmings, and once users sign in on social media websites such as Google+, or Facebook, they can select their travel dates and destination through the calendar and drop down respectively.

In comparison to other online travel apps and websites, Siddharth’s wireframe offers optional extras to fill in, for example, the purpose of the trip, inventory size, and the option to buy travel items before the trip.

Wireframe for Groceries application

Digital grocery shopping has been a growing trend in recent years. Thus, grocery delivery app development is on the rise as well. It has eliminated the inconvenience that we all experienced in-store browsing. For online purchases, the website needs to be easy to use and quick to load.

Volodymyr Melnyk’s clickable online grocery delivery and online shopping mobile app wireframe is quite good. It has a helpful feature description on its homepage, a quick login system, smart side-menu, and the latest search options. This wireframe is on par with many of the online grocery stores.

Wireframes for Weather Application

A weather app will show you various statuses of weather, such as pressure, temperature, and humidity.

I will share Matt Sclanrandis’s wireframe mobile app example here. From this wireframe, we can see each element that is going to make it in the final product. History charts, graphics, and helpful stats can get added here. We can also use forecast and interactive maps around the area.

If you are showing your weather app to a stakeholder or a colleague, show them a mid-to-high-fidelity prototype, or a clickable wireframe. It will make it easier for them to understand the functionality, visual structure, and attributes of your weather app.


I will always recommend that you wireframe your design for your website or mobile app before trying to make a prototype out of it. Getting inspiration for wireframe design can be difficult. I hope some of the examples I shared will help you get an idea on how to approach in terms of design for your next project.

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