The Experts’ Ultimate Guide to Blogger Outreach in 2020

Have you ever tried blogger outreach for increasing your audience? There are many templates on the internet for blogger outreach. Many people do a mistake of downloading those templates and simply sending blogger outreach emails without a proper strategy. They miserably fail and don’t get any reply. Because blogger outreach is not only sending proposals and getting permission for backlinks. You need to adopt a blogger outreach strategy.

In this post, I have compiled a step by step guide for reaching out to bloggers. This guide is a 7 step process where you will get to know how to choose a blogger and outreach successfully. Stick with me till the end to learn and craft the skill of reaching out to bloggers.

  1. Pick a few bloggers for outreach

Don’t fall in the trap of sending email requests to as many bloggers as you can. This does not benefit you in any way; on the contrary, it may negatively affect your outreach campaign. Many people expect good results by sending a large number of outreach emails to a range of bloggers. But it is not productive, this would be a mistake. So, be selective and pick only a few bloggers for outreach.

Adopt a smart way to make your blogger outreach campaign effective and successful. Consider these simple tips on how to pick those bloggers for outreach.  

  • Understand your niche properly
  • Be very specific about your purpose of reaching out
  • Make small research to find blogs related to your niche
  • Select a few blogs that are relevant to your niche, but make sure your niche isn’t directly competitive with those blogs.

Once you select a few bloggers for your outreach campaign, try to start a conversation. 

  • Connect from blog comments and share their content on social media

Another mistake people make is to send outreach emails directly to their inbox without a connection. It’s not a good idea to reach out to a blogger, your email could be ignored. The reason is very simple; bloggers get a huge number of emails every day. So they do not reply to every email, they avoid irrelevant emails. That’s why make sure to build a connection before you send an outreach email. The best way to start your conversation with them is to put comments on the blog or by sharing their content on your social media platforms.

Start reading and commenting a few days before sending your outreach request. Put genuine comments that are relevant and valuable for the post, don’t just say ‘nice post’. You can ask your doubts or add compelling questions on their posts. 

Share their content that you find helpful on your social media platforms. You can write a small social media post on it and share them on your channels. This is an attractive way to start a connection with them. They will feel good and they may connect with you personally.

  • Send highly relevant requests

Before sending an outreach email to any bloggers, make sure that your pitch is extremely relevant. Now how can you decide that your post is relevant? Needless to say that you are not sending a total off-topic from their niche. However, highly relevant conversations are not like sending a guest post on a related topic. You need to put some extra effort to create highly relevant topics.

Observe the blogs for two weeks before you reach out to them. When you read their blogs, you’ll get an idea of what they’re sharing on their blog on a regular basis. And you can figure out what are the topics they might cover in the future. So make a list of those topics and try to write a compelling article on the topic.

  • Send a clear outreach email

When you send your outreach email makes it clear and to the point. Keep the following things in mind before you write your outreach email.

Your subject line should be precise and clear:

Don’t send an outreach email without a subject. Make sure you are sending an email with a subject line that clearly describes your actual proposal. For example, you can write “Guest Post Request: 5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media marketing services”.

Make your email to the point in the beginning:

Write your actual reasons in the initial paragraphs. So the blogger would get a clear idea of what you are talking about. Most bloggers don’t read the whole email, so make it clear from the first paragraph. 

Send short and attractive outreach emails:

If you write long emails like a post, this isn’t going to help you anyway. Quick and attractive blogger outreach e-mail means, welcome the blogger, make a relationship, add value and ask for your proposal. Keep it simple, clear, and to the point.

  • Don’t offer money in your outreach email

Don’t make a mistake of offering money in your outreach email. Because it can put a negative impact on the legitimacy of your proposal. Offering money in a blogger outreach email is a big no. I personally do not reply to those emails who offer money in the outreach email. So, I recommend you not to offer money in the outreach email.

  • Reread and Edit your outreach email

Proofreading and editing is the last but most important thing to do before you send your blogger outreach email. Check for the following things before you send your request

Check for typos: Sending a blogger outreach email is a proposal for partnership; due to the silly mistakes you may miss the chance.

Replace unclear sentences: Modify or replace sentences which are ambiguous.

Eliminate extra information: Your blogger outreach email is a proposal, so eliminate those sentences that are not relevant to the matter.

Check your Personal Details: Check for your personal details before you send your request. Because many people make the mistake of sending incorrect details as they download templates of others and forget to edit.

  • Follow up

In this faster moving digital world, every blogger, editor, publisher is busy. So, they may forget or miss your proposal unknowingly. That’s why make sure to follow up your blogger outreach email after three or four days.


This is a definitive guide for your blogger outreach campaign. Follow the step by step process that I have explained above. As I have mentioned that focus on quality, not on quantity, so select only a few bloggers to reach out. Start a conversation before you approach for your proposal. If you have any queries, feel free to ask them.

Author Bio:

MashumMollahis the Founder at ‘blogstellar’. A passionate blogger by heart and an entrepreneur by profession, the ‘Blogging Engineer’ is on a mission to help people passionate about blogging transform their passion into full-time businesses.