Top 5 Self Employed Jobs in 2020

Are you looking for a self-employed job? If you have the right skills and expertise, the opportunities are endless. Hundreds of options are available online and offline. However, before you choose this as a career option, you need to be prepared for the challenges along your path.

Self-employed people face many challenges, such as no guaranteed income, you need to be a multi-tasker, you need to learn a lot of things on your own, you may face many financial crises. It is therefore wise to be prepared and to have a strong mind to overcome these challenges in order to be successful. In this post, I will share some of the best self-employed jobs that will really give you a decent income in 2020.

Self-Employed Jobs in 2020

Many people want to be self-employed because they want to be their own boss. At the beginning of this article, I have discussed the challenges you face when you choose to be your own boss. However, here are some of the best options for you in 2020.

Social Media Consultant

This is one of the lucrative self-employed jobs in 2020. Because today every business has a social media presence and they want to promote their businesses online. And nowadays social media marketing is the best way to promote and market any business. Many reputed companies are hiring social media consultants to handle their social media pages and groups. The good news is the opportunities are endless if you can explore and able to provide the service at the right time. There are many reasons that businesses are adopting social media marketing.

With the disruption of social media almost every business is shifting towards social media marketing. The most important reason is that people are getting addicted to social media. And many brands are using this opportunity to study audience behavior and provide useful content to keep the audience engaged in the content. When there is more engagement there is more chance of a conversion. Another main advantage of social media marketing is that it is cost-effective, easily manageable.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is not new, it has been the most popular self-employed profession for a very long time. As a freelance writer, I would say that the competition is very high today because more and more people choose this profession. With the increasing demand for content marketing, there are also vast opportunities for freelance writers. So, if you want to be a freelance writer, make sure you have the right skill sets.

The skills required for freelance writers are good writing skills, editing skills, communication skills, and business management skills. Apart from that, basic accounting and strong networking skills can provide you with a good source of income from freelance writing. If you don’t have these skills, then try to learn these skills, and you also need to be an expert on a particular subject like anything of your interest. Your area of expertise may be business, law, medicine, marketing, etc.


Trading has become simple and easier than before. If you have some extra money apart from all your basic financial needs, trading can give you huge financial rewards. But it comes with a word of caution that you can lose your money as well. I think you know about the stock market where public companies are indexing their shares to invite the public to invest in their shares.. That’s why a lot of financial companies have made this a trading platform where you can invest your money for the short term, as short as a day or even for hours and minutes. The stock market has attracted a lot of people to trade and this has become a good source of income for many individuals. However, learning and practicing fundamentals such as money management and risk-reward ratios are the key to become a successful trader.

Virtual Assistant

This has been one of the most popular freelancer jobs for a long time. This gives you a wide range of opportunities, from drop-in to affiliate marketing, and many other jobs. You can also take projects from a number of companies and deliver their work in time to make a good income. Data entry, website management, product image sorting, and item listing, on web portals, are a number of virtual assistant opportunities that you can work for.

Online Mentorship

Due to the rising demand for online education, there are hundreds of companies that offer online courses.  Many companies are hiring online mentors who can guide the students and solve their queries. If you have good subject knowledge and an inclination towards education then this is a good opportunity to showcase your potential and have a good income.


Self-employed jobs are not as easy as people anticipate. It takes a lot of hard work, self-discipline, persistence, and a lot of other skills to make money. But if you can overcome challenges, you can live life on your own terms. The self-employed opportunities I have enlisted above can make your dream possible. It is therefore essential to evaluate your own knowledge, skills, and level of expertise before you choose a self-employed career.

Author Bio: Evanka Smith is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of tourandtravelblog. She contributes to many authority blogs such as Content Rally, dreamandtravel and many more.