10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Are you a small eCommerce site or perhaps a startup looking to gain further exposure while developing and growing your business? 

When it comes to successfully running a business, the marketing side of the organization is important and paramount. To fully understand and get your brand and its message out there in front of its target audience, making sure that you correctly conduct your digital marketing is paramount, more so in an overcrowded market that we witness today. 

If digital marketing skills is an area that you lack or a department that you are not yet ready to invest in, there are many benefits of outsourcing digital marketing.

By bringing in an external team and hiring their services and skill set, you can continue to run and focus your attention on the parts that matter. 

Within this blog, we will take a look at the many benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing and why you too should consider outsourcing this vital component to help you fully focus on the running of your business. 

What is digital marketing?

Are you new to the business world, or perhaps you are used to seeing one side of the marketing sphere? When we discuss the many benefits of outsourcing digital marketing, we are not just referring to the importance of social engine optimization or pay per click. Instead, we are referring to the entire category. 

Digital marketing refers to the ability to market either a brand or product online. When completed correctly, companies can create awareness and drive demand amongst their target audience before completing their action of choice. 

This can come in the form of keyword optimization, choosing the correct keyword to rank your page, display advertising, ensuring that your product will be seen in front of the correct audience to the leveraging of social media accounts to help stay relevant. 

When completed correctly, digital marketing is not just about being found and selling an item, no, it is about creating trust, loyalty, while making a beneficial revenue. 

In order to conduct digital marketing to the fullest and to ensure that your business can meet its intended targets, many businesses choose to hire an in the house marketing department, for others, they are aware of the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing. 

When outsourcing digital marketing, a reputable digital marketing agency can help your business to build a professional and recognisable brand identity, whether you are consolidating and developing your current branding or tapping into new possibilities. Keep reading to discover the top benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing. 

Top benefits of outsourcing digital marketing? 

1- Team are pre-trained

One of the benefits of choosing to work with an external digital marketing agency and is the time saved in the hiring process, as well as, training. With the team that you choose to work with coming pre-trained, you can be confident that they will help to support your business goals while setting up your business for discovery online. This key fact can be seen with your new external team being able to hit the ground running, with results being able to be witnessed shortly after.

2- Help put you in the same field as your competitors

Whether you are a pre-existing company migrating online or a new startup, chances are there are competitors within the market that offer a similar service or product. By working with an external team to outsource your digital marketing, you can put yourself on the same level as that of your competitors. Already invested in their digital marketing, by hiring experts and an SEO management agency who can analyze the strategy, and can help propel your efforts forward and ensure that you can catch up or stay in line with that of your competitors.

3- More for your money

When running a company, making sure that you stick to budgets is paramount and when working with an external marketing agency, you can remain confident that you get more for your money. Included within your costs are a team of pre-trained experts who consists of copywriters, strategists and campaign managers who are able to ensure that all work completed is to a high standard and can help to move your business forward. Along with an abundance of knowledge included in your monthly fees, by outsourcing your digital marketing you can get more for your money through the need to hire and train staff that has now been eliminated. 

4- Insider knowledge

When working within digital marketing, you may be aware of the consistently changing goalposts and industry updates that can shake and rock the marketing industry. By hiring a trained team of professionals who are continually on the lookout for the latest trends, you can ensure that no matter the next Google algorithm update, your site will continue to sit high within the SERPs and be found. By hiring an outsider team, they can also review issues and ongoing targets from a different perspective and be able to raise queries that can develop your business. This added insight can help generate new and exciting ideas, getting your brand and its message out there in front of the general public.

5- Access to the latest equipment

One thing that you can be confident about when hiring the services of an external digital marketing agency and is the latest equipment that the team will have access to. With the use of the latest software and access to required systems needed to run and complete each task to the highest standard, many marketing firms dedicate time aside to help improve their skills for the benefit of the clients.  For example, any business can use referral marketing software to set up and manage their own referral programs to take their business to the next level.

6- More time to focus on the bigger picture

A key benefit for hiring an external digital marketing team particular within small, start-up businesses and that is the added time that it creates. By hiring and delegating marketing tasks to the external team, you can assign the time it would have taken to complete that task to focus on more important activities. From looking at the bigger pitcher to transforming the processes within the organization, hiring an external digital marketing team gives you the opportunity to focus on the bigger things while entrusting the help of an experienced external company. 

7- Less risk

Another benefit and one that plays a huge part in the hiring of an external digital marketing agency and that is the reduced risk that comes with using an outside team.  Through the inclusion of outsourced logistics optimization, the risk that you make as a company is smaller. This can be seen in the reduction of no longer needing to hiring a new member of staff, their training costs. Along with eliminating the need to recruit, this reduced risk can also be seen in the worst-case scenario, if the company itself is unable to meet its required targets.  

8- No turnover worry

When it comes to running a small company, the turnover and the amount of staff that you hire and need to replace can be a huge worry. Along with the time and money that it takes to hire and advertise for the role, the time it takes to train the staff needs also to be considered. When working with an external organization, there is no worry about the turnover and the need to recruit. 

9- Reliable reporting

Many small businesses are aware of the worry of unreliable reporting. Often found in small organizations, there is a worry that the reports are not always fully reliable. With the need within small teams to achieve more within their time frame, there is always the worry with an internal marketing department creating biased or factually incorrect reports. While this is not common and only seen in unprecedented times, there is always the worry of receiving incorrect reports that do not fully detail and show the true effects of their work. 

10- Added honesty

A key point previously highlighted, but one that also needs to be mentioned on its own and that is the added honesty received when outsourcing your digital marketing. By using an external company, you can be sure that only honest, factual, and reliable points will be raised. Unlike an internal employee wanting to achieve good results and look good to their superiors, an external team member will not have themselves in mind, but that of the company that they are working for. This putting the client first can be seen in higher working standards but also added honesty for the benefit of the company. 


There you have it, the many benefits and top reasons why small businesses and startups are moving away from internal marketing departments and instead of hiring the services of an external digital marketing agency.

By taking away the precise time that they can now spend focusing on the bigger picture to minimize any risks that come with the hiring and development of an internal marketing department. With multiple benefits, you can see why the rise of an external digital marketing company and potentially even areas that your business could focus on and work to make it more beneficial.

We would love to hear from you and discover your personal experience of using an external digital marketing company and the benefits that you have witnessed from outsourcing your digital marketing. Comment below and share your thoughts with us today.