How to Create the Budget-Friendly Home Office of Your Dreams

Description: If the beautiful interior design images on the likes of Pinterest and Instagram are anything to go by, a home office is an essential component of any dream home. But how do you create one on a limited budget? Let’s take a look…

So You Want To Make Your Own Home Office On A Budget?

Okay great! So our approach is perhaps a little counter-intuitive. See, we’ve read many articles on home office design and creation, and most of them seem to suggest that you first work out your budget and then build around it. That doesn’t sound like a plan at all. It’s a recipe for buying a load of junk you don’t need and then running out of money before your home office is complete. 

No – what we encourage you to do is keep dreaming of that space, like the cozy home maker that you are. Working out what the essential components are is the thing that will make up YOUR ideal home office and then put these pieces together. From there, you can budget your home office accordingly for each component. So, let’s now start taking action on our home office design, by working out exactly what we want…

The Importance of A Productive Space For Your Home Office

The location of your home office is of paramount importance. Position it next to the front door of your home, by the kitchen, or in the TV room. You’re likely to be always disturbed by foot traffic and noises. You need a secluded and calm space, like an upstairs spare bedroom, loft conversion, or annex. This home office space will also need to be large enough that you don’t feel confined and have the option for proper ventilation and natural light. 

Home Office Furniture Considerations

Right, now you know what space you need to fill, it’s time to start thinking about home office furniture, like a home office desk and chair, for instance. You have a budget to stick to we know, but you are building the home office of your dreams here – so the design of these items needs to fit in with the beautiful images you’ve envisioned in your head. Think of the style and color that you want to incorporate into your office. Just as importantly, though, remember that you could be spending a lot of hours using this furniture. So the desk needs to be the ideal height, and the chair needs to be comfortable and good for your spine. 

Don’t Forget To Consider the Flooring

When you’re thinking about decorating a home office on a budget, you’re probably not considering the flooring too much. Maybe you already have the room carpeted or have bare wooden-block flooring, but just remember to find the utility and comfort of your home office flooring. It’s probably going to have a high work-rate, especially in the area around your desk. So a carpet might not be the best idea as it will wear out fast. A chair on wheels or rails will both bite into the carpet over time and leave unsightly marks. On the flip side, wooden flooring or lino can be uncomfortable and cold during the winter months. So our recommendation? Consider adding layers to your flooring in the form of rugs. These can add color and style to your home office, as well as serving a function. 

Storage Space

If you’re chosen home office space is a little on the small side, then you’re going to want to utilize some modern storage innovations. Go to any home office furniture provider these days, and you’ll see an array of small home office ideas when it comes to storage options. You can buy yourself some neat little plastic boxes that can fold away when not in use, for instance, or lock together in various arrangements to fit the space they’ll be placed in. A more standardized option would, of course, be shelves and wall-mounted cupboards. Again, you’ll want to be considering design style/color scheme, as well as utility and budget when making your choice. 

Tidy Tech Innovations

When you’re picturing your new home office design, it’s quite easy to forget that a trail of unsightly wires can be leading everywhere and messing up what would otherwise be a very sleek and smart looking home office. 

You can deal with these issues by purchasing innovative home office furniture pieces that have built-in power docks/wireless charging pads. Loopholes to hide wiring is another common feature. Of course, many modern technology pieces are wireless – like printers and scanners. These can sit neatly on your desk or hidden away inside of a cupboard. With a little careful planning, all ugly wiring can easily be assigned to places that are away from public viewing. 

Budgeting Comes Last…Because You’re Building Your DREAM Home Office here!

So, as said previously, we advise that you think about what you want for your home office IDEALLY first and then ‘’cut the fat’’ if those dreams are too ambitious. It’s much easier to scale downwards before you start spending money than to go out and start buying items only to find out that you’re running out of your home office ideas budget half-way through the build. 

A beautiful and productive space can be built for very little money. It comes down to creating the right feng shui for you and then investing in a couple of core items of home office furniture – like a desk, chair, and rugs. 

But what do you think? What are the essential elements of a good home office design for you? Everyone has different tastes, but it will be interesting to see where our ideas merge. Let us know!

Author Bio: 

Kevin is a content writer for about 3 years. He studied Design and Arts at College in Pennsylvania. A fan of home interior design and, he has taken it upon himself to spread his love for decorating homes by informing people on some of his ideas through his articles.