7 Reasons of Including Play Area in Office Space Planning

play ground

Working with a joyful mind is always expected for both staff and employers. When you are planning for an office setup, make sure you have included a play area in the design. It would help to boost employees’ energy and productivity. Also, it would ensure job satisfaction as well as reduce stress and frustration. You can add simple playground equipment, one or two cross-training push-up bars, indoor or outdoor sports equipment, depending on your space and facilities.

Here’s a common proverb goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It’s true in all circumstances. Constant working without any work off, a person becomes bored and dull. Avoiding this, from the startup with a low investment to larger companies are introducing game zone or play area that projects a sense of passion for their work.

Facts Behind This

One thing’s for certain: the way we are working is changing, which means the concept of offices is changing along with it. A report across the Nordic countries provides an indicator manual for the measurement of work environments and well-being. An ‘Overall model for company practice, workplace wellbeing, and productivity’ is proposed that can improve productivity. According to that, 3 factors show the accountability regarding the issue. They are-

  1. The physical working environment covers the overall health and safety of the employee including the workplace, illness, and causes of accidents.
  2. The psychosocial working environment includes a set of job factors associated with the interaction between people, their work, and the organization.
  3. The wellbeing of the employees is conceptualized here as the consequences of the working environment, that is, work-related injuries, illness, or sickness, etc.

Figure: Overall model for company practice, workplace wellbeing, and productivity. Source: DAMVAD and expert group, 2011

Why should you include a play area in your office design?

Considering the above described three parameters please think of the following questions-

  • How does a good working environment accelerate company profit?
  • How does the play area ensure a healthy and productive work environment?
  • Does it need proper planning before setting up a play area?

Now, we will try to find the answers from the rest of the article. Here 7 reasons are pulled together why your office space planning should include a play area.

1. Increase Productivity

Productivity is the primary concern of employer and now companies are doing lots of things to increase productivity. Different companies allocate a different amount of budget according to their affordability for this purpose. Despite cultural notions that playing games at work hampers productivity, but it’s actually quite the opposite. In fact, games can create a better working environment. Traditional ideas do not work well here.

Several studies related to the relationship between the office environment and productivity show that surroundings have a significant effect on productivity. A suitable office environment accelerate the productivity of staffs

Perhaps the most remarkable benefit is introducing a play area for workers’ fun to ensure mental refreshment during work, which increases staff morale. And a long term higher morale staff definitely adds an extra value to the growth of production.


2. Ensure Job Satisfaction

The office environment is one of the most crucial factors which influence the level of satisfaction. People leave a job if they find the environment is not suitable. But few recent studies say that workers prefer offices with a play area. Indeed, companies as diverse and successful as Google, Facebook, and YouTube have included play areas as part of their office interior designs. This ensures job satisfaction and reduces the unwanted employee changing rate.


3. Team Building

A team works well when the members are mentally well connected. Proper understanding among the team members is a prerequisite of success. Only office work couldn’t make the proper bridge with others. In the play area coworkers get the opportunity of bonding together over non-work related activities. This fosters a sense of community and helps team building


4. Increase Efficiency

A play area in office would be an excellent way of ensuring that your office is as efficient as it can possibly be, since this also ensures your staffs have stronger relationships with one another. Introduce a play area in your office and you’ll find the improvements in the workplace in invaluable ways.


5. Generate Creative Plans

Traditional ideas or plans may carry your business on. But, that is not enough for amplifying your business and also to satisfy your customers properly. To pass this stage creative thinking and ideas are needed. Creative plans mostly generate in informal ways other than formal meetings. A play area can give you this benefit of generating new ideas and working plans. Undoubtedly, this will help you flourish your business.


6. Minimize Absenteeism

People miss work for a variety of reasons like illness or injury. You have few responsibilities in this case. No one wants to come into an office environment where conflict of mind is rife. The play area in the office reduces the ride and that minimize absenteeism.

A research of the National Institute of Mental Health shows depression is the leading cause of absenteeism in the United States. This can be caused by many reasons but the play area in the office also helps to overcome this situation. Playing with team members give mental pleasure and that also grow interest in attending office regularly.

7. Reduce Stress and Frustration

Stress and frustration are two serious issues that affect productivity and success. A stressed and frustrated employee will not able to contribute his/her full afford to the company. Taking care of employees’ mental health while s/he is in the workplace can be considered as the responsibility of the owner. Stress and frustration can be caused by many reasons like workload, restless work, lack of a suitable environment, and others. Though this is not the same for everyone but, in this circumstance, the play area in the office can arise as an influential measure to reduce stress and frustration.

So, what are you thinking?

Are you thinking of a play area at your office? That sounds great! But, just installing a pool table, cross-training push-up bar, a chessboard, or any outdoor sports equipment anywhere does not make any sense, rather it may appear as an unorganized place. You need proper design, a plan, and preparation for it.


Plan and Preparation

An unplanned execution of anything may cause counter results. Before including a play area in your office space design, consider your office place, budget, number of staff, and functionalities of your company. You can pick the right equipment from the world of playgrounds and install them according to your design.

Last Note

Play area is a newer concept in the office environment. As described above, it gives an opportunity to the employee to unwind in their own way. Consult with the designer to make the proper use of your space, take suggestion from your employee in choosing games, and start setting up your office with a play area.

Author: KM Muttakee, a creative writer and content strategis. Loves to introduce himself as a wordsmith.