Home Improvement Tips

Home improvement helps in increasing comfort, value, and save costs in your house. Most of these projects are DIY, but some are a bit complex and require help from a professional. When you decide to make a home improvement, these tips will guide you:  Home design tips  Improving a home’s design is one way of […]

The Potential of Digital Health Intelligence in Managing Covid-19 Pandemic

digital health

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the surface various loopholes and improvement avenues in the traditional healthcare industry. The crippling effects of the pandemic have also successfully demonstrated the potential of futuristic technologies in the healthcare industry. The digital health intelligence is just one of the various technologies recently has come up as a leading […]

Killer Secrets of App Store Optimization for Mobile Apps in the Year 2020

Ask yourself this particular question, how do people discover new apps which are published in the app store? Well… research indicates that more than 51% of people follow recommendations from other people whom they trust such as their friends, family, colleagues, business partners, etc. While the remaining 48% discover new apps by exploring them in […]