9 Smart Ways to Utilize Influencer Marketing to Develop E-Commerce Business

Social platforms have turned into a money-making medium for brands and businesses due to their whooping user base. People spend a huge part of their leisure time surfing through social applications. The one thing that makes people stay glued to these platforms is the engaging content that fills up these social applications. The people who continuously provide the engaging content in any form, whether in audio, video, or images on these social platforms, later turn into influencers due to the enormous fan following they have garnered over a period of time. Therefore, influencers are the driving force determining the reach of a social platform. Realizing the potential of the influencers, brands and various sorts of businesses are looking to leverage them in the best possible way to build their brand image. Have a glimpse at the measures listed below to excel in influencer marketing and take your business to the next level.

Measure His Credibility

The foremost essential factor you have to consider in choosing an influencer is the level of trust he has garnered among his followers. Because the influencer you collaborate with is about to turn into the face of your brand among his followers. The campaigns and promotions you are about to launch with the influencer will pay you back only if the influencer has an excellent reputation for him. You can measure the credibility of an influencer based on various factors such as:  

  • The likes he has received for his posts by taking into account his followers count
  • By having a look at the comment section, to assess the response he receives from his followers
  • The way his followers count increased over the period of time 

Familiarise Your Brand Through Their Content   

In the present scenario, people are annoyed about becoming exposed to a large number of ads. If they find a post labeled with ‘sponsored’ or ‘ad,’ they neglect it and shift to the next post instantly. With influencers, you can easily etch a product in the minds of people without letting them know they watched a promotional content. For instance, every influencer has its very own style of content creation. So, ideate a concept for your product that fits in with his style of content. Let people know about your product through his usual way of storytelling. This way, there are minimal chances for people spotting that they watch promotional content. Moreover, the tactic will also help you to increase your brand awareness effortlessly. Trollishly is a service that allows influencers to gain real followers at ease.

Launch Campaigns Around Your Brand Personality

The pivotal reason for collaborating with an influencer is to build a good reputation for your brand among his audience. Moreover, the influencers can be capitalized as a medium to help people understand your brand and what you are destined to be. So, frame your campaigns for the influencer in such a way that could reflect your brand personality.

The way Samsung promoted its Galaxy A smartphone in Germany by collaborating with the TikTok influencers Selina Mour and Falco Punch could be regarded as a perfect example. As part of the campaign, the audience is instructed to draw the letter ‘A’ in their hand palm and teleport it to their friend’s palm through the phone’s transition effect. The campaign perfectly portrayed the message of the product ‘communicate with your friends.’ The campaign drew 30 million views for the videos that are posted as part of it. Thus, framing the campaigns relevant to your brand personality will easily enhance your brand awareness. 

Rely On Your Influencers, But Not Completely

The growth of a business relies not only on the new leads generated by it but also on how it sustains its prevailing customers. So, building a long-term relationship with customers is essential than you think. Make moves to develop a personal bonding with the customers you get through the influencers. Influencer marketing is evolving into a more competitive industry since influencers are in huge demand. To be practical, the person you collaborate with may not bend to your demands and end the contract in the middle. He may throw you out if he gets a better-paying client. So, don’t entirely rely on the influencers to get in touch with your prospects. Try to build a personal bonding by asking the influencer to tell his followers to subscribe to your company newsletters. Because newsletters have a wide range of benefits, including engaging with a prospect personally, converting a prospect into a customer, and maintaining a strong bond with a customer. You should let people know your company pages through influencer marketing. Making such moves will help you to connect with your customers in more than one way.   

Collaborate With Influencers In Your Niche    

Joining hands with the influencers in your niche has a multitude of benefits. It helps you to reach out to your target audience easily. For instance, let us consider you are about to launch a new smartphone in the market. There are a huge number of reviewers spread across various social platforms who review newly launched smartphones and gadgets. People mostly make purchase decisions after going through the reviews of any reviewer who gained their trust. Since these reviewers enjoy a considerable follower base, collaborating with them will help you reach a large share of your target audience easily. So, find an influencer in your niche and collaborate with him, who facilitates the process of achieving your sales goals in a short time.

Launch Contests That Could Drive People Easily

Contests are one of the widely followed marketing measures which are in existence from traditional means of marketing. Though the marketing medium keeps changing with the emergence of new technologies, contests are still considered a tactic that could drive people easily. The driving-factor of the contests is the prize you are about to give to the winners. If you announce a huge value prize, many people will show interest in participating in your contest.

  • Launch Quiz Through Stories Section: 

Though quizzes are regarded as old-fashioned, it can be used as a medium to let people know about your achievements. For instance, frame questions like ‘Find the year when we are awarded the best-emerging brand award.’ Subsequently, people will enquire with the neighborhoods and surf through the internet to spot out the answer. Such measures will only let people know about your achievements and build a good reputation. Frame the quiz questions in such a manner that people will know the positive side of your brand. Posting such quizzes on the stories section of your influencer’s account will drive more people towards you. Because the stories section has a good engagement rate across all the platforms. For instance, Instagram stories have 4x more engagement rate than the standard posts.

  • Gain Engagement With Likes, Comments, Shares:

You are about to launch a new washing machine for your brand. Just make a post about it on the influencer’s social media handle. Ask the followers to share the post pointing that one among the people who share the post will be awarded the washing machine free of cost. Follow the same method for likes. Ask people to like the post and pick one.

When it comes to comments, ask your follower to tag at least 3 of their friends in the post’s comment section. Such moves will quickly bring awareness about your newly launched product among people.

Go With The Influencer Who Focuses On Video Content

Millennials and Generation Z are very much used to watching videos. The video consumption across all the social platforms is considerably high when compared to image-based posts and text-based posts. So, choose the influencer who rose to fame through video-content. Moreover, all the leading social platforms have become video-centric. The success of Facebook Watch and IGTV are perfect examples of how people are inclined towards videos. So, collaborate with the influencers who excels in creating video content.

  • Know The Potential Of Ephemeral Content:

Short duration videos that last for a day or a particular time are regarded as Ephemeral Content. The stories section of Facebook and Instagram are perfect examples of this ephemeral content. The shorter duration of these videos has garnered the attention of people. According to a recent study, the Instagram stories drive 4x higher engagement rate than the standard posts. As these videos are temporary, ideating new concepts for your influencers and posting new video stories frequently in his handle will enhance your brand reach. Marketers have expressed that the way brands leverage the ephemeral content will determine its social sales in the forthcoming years.    

Use The Micro-Influencers Wisely    

Promoting your product through micro-influencers is a wise move to take your products to people. Influencers who have followers between 10K – 50K are categorized under micro-followers. Using these influencers is cost-effective since they don’t charge you much. One of these ‘rising stars’ notable characteristics is that they will have a strong follower base in a particular region. For instance, if you think that your product has fewer sales in Florida, collaborating with micro-influencers who have a large share of their followers at FL will benefit you largely. Usually, these micro-influencers will be the people who build their fame by exhibiting their unique skills or delivering content that makes people connect with it easily. Globally renowned brands like Dairy Milk and Adidas have also leveraged these influencers to make their products familiar with people in a particular region.  

If you feel hesitant to invest a massive sum on mega influencers or if you want to test how the influencer marketing works for your product, then trying micro-influencers is my ideal suggestion. 

Explore The Podcasters

Podcasts are gaining momentum as another marketing medium due to a huge rise in its user base for the past few years. According to a recent survey, 75% of people in the USA are now familiar with podcasts. The user base of this ‘edutainment medium’ is increasing consistently. The podcasters are usually regarded as the subject matter experts because they will give in-depth talks about a specific topic. There are famous podcasters ranging across various niches, including lifestyle, psychology, science, health, and technology. If you could find a podcaster in your niche with a consistent number of followers, collaborate with him as it will help you to gain new customers for your products. Podcasts have their very own unique characteristics that make it stand apart from all other entertainment mediums. So, have podcasters as part of your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts 

Surveys suggest that 70% of teens who use social platforms trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. Teens spend much time on social platforms when compared to other age groups. They will enter the job market and will earn on their own within the next six years. So, the influencer marketing industry will only grow further in the coming years. 

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