How Technology Impacts Leaders

Technology has become a major part of our culture and activities. It successfully created its own space in many areas of our lives, including the area of business lead and communication. If you have any doubt about its impact on millions of lives, then see the three common ways that leaders use technology for business communication.

More Ways for Communication

With the presence of technology, leaders have more resources to communicate with their team members. The option for face-to-face meetings and discussion is always there, but it’s not an obvious choice for all time. It is best to use technology for business communication when both parties are far away. Your best interest should be an investment in quality tech tools for your employees. Make sure your office has all the necessary items for both way communication in the virtual world.

High-performance router, video conferencing devices with conference rooms are some of the vital parts for business communication. Not only it accelerates your teams’ communication speed, but also helps to come up with immediate solutions when needed. Even if your teams work remotely for obvious reasons, make sure they have the right tools at home for flawless business communication with team members and others. Allow them to take office laptops at home so that they can stay as productive at home as in the office. It is also important that your team understands which tool is more efficient for a specific task, as devices and their impact on work drastically vary.

For instance, communicate through email or text messages for direct communication with team members. Email works great for tracking information and communication in detail. In contrast, text message provides a simpler and straightforward solution for urgent communication. Make proper use of technology information for business communication and help yourself by keeping things simple.

Lead Your Team from Distance

It is common for leaders to be far from employees for many reasons. Yet, with technology, you can always lead your team while staying away. Not only it helps to communicate, but also helps you to build virtual guidelines for team members. It includes creating, maintaining, and exchanging documents and other information with team crews.

The great thing about technology is that it reduces the impact of time zone differences on global teams. Holding team meetings with members around the world is easier than ever for business leaders. It should be your utmost priority to communicate through video calls rather than audio or texts for group meetings. While they are okay to use, video calls make the most impact on peoples’ minds, and it sticks more information compared to a traditional audio call. Understand what different values video/audio calls and text messages offer for your work and use them wisely. Look for different solutions and use technology for business communication despite your physical gap with others.

You also need to ensure your employees are working in specific office hours. Adjust global meetings in a way that seems fair for everyone. Also, make sure the work doesn’t impact the personal lives of your employees- they can only work as good as their mind supports. Use a virtual calendar to set their work time. By setting specific work hours and sticking to them, your employees can increase their productivity and develop a healthy work style. It is more important for your business than any other thing.

Track Your Teams’ Work

As a leader, it is your right to know if the employees are working in the right manner and contributing to the team effort. Technology gives you ways to know and understand their work habit. Employee monitoring software, for instance, keeps track of employees’ work hours and takes screenshots as proof of work. The tool comes with a dashboard that shows the overall work time and results of different teams at a glance.

You can help employees in their work by reducing tasks if you find someone in pressure. It is best if you distribute the work evenly with other employees and let them pull up performance for the time being. The tool also allows employees to work in flexible time, so you can keep the team happy by giving them a wider space to breathe. It is a great tool for building trust from both sides, and more organizations need to utilize it for the betterment of employees and their businesses.


Technology came in as a blessing for people, and it is helping us to succeed in different aspects of life. If you’re a leader of an energetic and workaholic team, then help them by the use of technology for business communication. Support them in work with constant feedback through virtual apps, keep tracks of their work with daily task reports, and award them big for boosting productivity effort. All this can be done by sitting in a chair- thanks to technological advancement. So, make proper use of it and keep your teams’ job easier while making an impact on the work.