Copywriting Competition: presidential re-election campaign slogan for Donald Trump 2020

We’ve got a great opportunity for you to get those creative juices flowing. Copywriter Collective re-booted their famous copywriter competition. Each month they invite anyone and everyone to take part in the competition for a chance to win some merchandise.  This month they’re asking participants to come up with the best presidential re-election campaign slogan […]

Ultimate Tips To Increase Your Online Delivery Business Revenue Amid Corona

Corona Virus has affected every individual directly or indirectly. Right now, we are living in a situation that we have never thought would happen. From changing our working patterns to the way we do business, Corona has certainly impacted all differently.   On the other hand, startups and well-established businesses are exploring different ways that help […]

Why Test Case Management Software is Substantial for Small Businesses

With the rapid growth in the domain of software development the importance of optimizing testing processes and improving the speed of business processes is becoming increasingly a necessity for organizations without making any trade-off on the quality of a product. For new business ventures with a limited workforce, skills and expertise, financial budgets, and other […]