Best Ways to Improve Your Company’s Culture

Investing in the improvement of your product or service is always vital to help your brand thrive, much like coming up with innovative marketing solutions, and powerful PR campaigns. Your website also needs to be spotless, and your customer service constantly boosting customer experience across the board. 

However, there’s another factor, or a set of factors to be more precise, that can define your brand’s success in the future: your company culture. The workplace you create for your employees, the hiring process, how you train and onboard your staff, and the way you communicate, it will all have a profound impact on your entire business. 

That is why every business leader needs to keep finding new ways to improve company culture for the sake of ensuring the happiness of their employees. Happy employees, in turn, ensure happy customers, higher retention rates, and enable you to focus on brand improvement. Here, we’ll tackle a few strategies to help you grow your company culture and make sure that your employees are happy and engaged.

Provide learning opportunities

Your brand culture and your reputation as an employer greatly depends on the promise you give your staff, not just your customers. If your ads and job descriptions promise growth opportunities, then you should make sure that your employees can truly get the chance to advance in their field, and climb the proverbial ladder over time. 

By adding mentorship programs, letting people learn from one another, organizing seminars and online lectures, paying for further courses and certifications, you invest in the very same employees whose skills will then grow your brand.

Ensure work flexibility

We live in very unique circumstances caused by the pandemic. Employers now have to deal with the aftermath of losing their offices more than ever, they need to adapt their entire departments to collaborate remotely, and the like. That, however, is less of an issue for companies that naturally strive for greater work flexibility

Modern employees want to achieve greater work-life balance, and in order to do so, they need the freedom to work from home, work on the go, change their hours if their job permits for such changes, and the like. Higher levels of flexibility help employees tailor their schedule to put in hours when they are at their most productive – thus ensuring that the company benefits, too.

Revamp your hiring process

Every country has specific legal requirements and regulations in place to guide employers to make the smartest choices when hiring their new workers. For example, in Australia, employment and labor laws provide clear boundaries as to what you as an employer need to do when hiring or terminating anyone from your business. However, to prevent high turnover rates, more Australian employers are taking a strategic approach to hiring in the first place – hiring with cultural fit in mind.

To achieve that, business leaders will often collaborate with Australian employment lawyers to create a culture-driven hiring strategy. Such a strategy is meant to prevent mismatched hires and poor cultural fit, so that you can always hire candidates who share your company’s values and understand your brand voice. 

Establish clear communication channels

Transparency is a prerequisite for modern-day success. However, this trait doesn’t just refer to your customers, but it’s necessary for your employees, too. You can rely on different strategies to boost your employee interactions over time, such as setting up regular meetings, video conferences, and one-on-one sessions for feedback.

Don’t use their annual performance review as a single opportunity to share your views. Be there to guide them and encourage them to share their feedback and opinions regularly, in meetings, via email, and other digital tools you use for communication. This is your chance to hear them out and then implement their suggestions, to improve your workplace even more over time. 

Provide employee recognition 

Some business leaders believe that appreciation is built into everything they do, such as merely keeping someone in their employment. However, in the modern workplace, recognizing your employees for their contribution and growth is essential to make them feel valued and engaged. By recognizing their hard work, when they go out of their way, when they spend extra hours at the office when they provide an insightful comment to change the course of their project – you encourage positivity and support. 

Every time someone achieves something, share that accomplishment with the rest of your company. When someone does great work, do the same. If they’ve been with you for a full year, send them a fruit basket or a similar gift to show them you care. Simple gestures and rewards can go a long way to make someone feel like they belong. 

There are other factors that will shape your company culture in the long run, such as your ability to scale your business effectively, the benefits and perks you offer for your staff, and the team-building activities you organize to keep your teams close. However, the listed are certainly the most promising in terms of helping you to strengthen your brand’s employer identity. Let these permeate your employee communication strategy every step of the way to ensure that your teams have a truly rewarding workplace at their disposal. 

About the Author:

Jolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist – turned blogger. Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Love sharing content that can help and inform people.