Ultimate Tips To Increase Your Online Delivery Business Revenue Amid Corona

Corona Virus has affected every individual directly or indirectly. Right now, we are living in a situation that we have never thought would happen. From changing our working patterns to the way we do business, Corona has certainly impacted all differently.  

On the other hand, startups and well-established businesses are exploring different ways that help them to generate revenue during this difficult time. Entrepreneurs are automating their business using “digital solutions.” 

From the last few years, the inclination towards doorstep delivery has been increasing, whether it is food, groceries, or other essential products, people prefer doorstep delivery as it is convenient and keeps us safe from virus spread. There are lots of apps available in the market that enable people to order products without leaving their home. 

Few businesses are shutting down due to huge losses, but here we have listed some of the tips that might help you increase your online delivery business revenue during a pandemic. Let’s get started:

# Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Don’t panic. Excellent customer service is one of the effective ways that help you survive during this time. Along with social media, try to connect and engage with customers in a more personalized way. This might be the main key to receive online delivery requests. Listen to your customers and try to analyze their needs and preferences. 

As we all are aware of the fact that people are now spending more on essential rather than luxury products. Once you collect the basic information of customers, form a list of emails and send it to them at the right time. 

In this way, you can stay connected with your customers and their response towards your service helps you craft marketing strategy. Online reviews also play an important role as it gives you a concise idea of what your customers think about your services. 

Hence, brand owners now embrace various tools such as in-app chat, AI-powered chatbots, etc. that allows them to stay connected with the customers. 

# Research Your Options

Right now, it is important to think about other areas that generate revenue with limited sources. If you are running an online store food delivery business by deploying delivery app like ubereats, try to offer customers other delivery services such as groceries, couriers, and medicine,etc.It increases sales and generates additional revenue for your delivery business. 

The most important thing to consider is meeting a crisis-related to customer’s demand. It means supplies of essential goods, medical services, and other technology-related services that include remote working are the best options you can deal with.  

In short, all you need to research on options that give you revenue and meet customer’s needs at the same time. You can also collaborate with well-known brands that establish a strong image in the market and increase the chance to generate revenue quickly. 

Once you are done with the research, you can get started with the best possible option that offers you profitability as well as customer loyalty. 

# Strengthen Digital Selling Platforms

It would not be wrong to say that the success of the on-demand economy majorly depends on the dynamic app solution. People find it convenient to install an app, order products, and get it delivered at their preferred locations in a couple of minutes. Using digital platforms such as apps and social media are great ways to increase sales in retail. 

You can potentially do many things without paying a single penny, like-

  1. Establish a strong relationship with your customers
  2. Stay in touch with your potential customers
  3. You can attract new customers 
  4. The powerful on-demand delivery application helps you get more exposure on social media

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From the above image, we can say that Facebook and WhatsApp are dominating the social media industry. It is inevitable to make a strong presence on these platforms, it will boost sales as well as increase the traffic of your online delivery app. 

Along with this, there are many other ways that increase sales of your online delivery business; all you need to make a strong presence on digital platforms.  

# Using The Personalized Call-To-Action

This is the most effective marketing technique that many business owners are using in order to attract customers. Measuring conversion rate is essential to increase revenue, but it is also important to optimize how that conversion occurs. The simple answer is your call-to-action. 

Call-to-action is referred to as a small button on a website or application that tells a customer to take the next step regarding their buying. It could be a button labeled with “Add to cart,” “order now,” etc. Personalized CTAs are important that drive sales of your online delivery business and increase the customer base. 


The above chart represents that CTA is the most powerful technique that captures the user’s mind when they are engaging with your content. It increases sales and boosts conversion ratio. 

Moreover, you can also add buttons such as “Like” or “Share,” which will boost your social media profile and increase the number of followers. For personalized CTAs, you need to understand customer behavior and preferences; it feels valued when browsing your app or website. 

# Prove Customer Satisfaction 

Excellent customer satisfaction is the key to success in your online delivery business. To encourage more sales for your business, you need to prove that your brand has an ample customer satisfaction ratio. Your proof can be in the form of positive reviews, awards, client’s testimonials, case studies, etc. 

This is a very important tip, especially when you are new to the online delivery business and want to establish yourself as a trusted brand in the business world.  According to HubSpot, it is found that 85% of customers trust online reviews before making a final decision. 

The more positive reviews, the better for your conversion rates. In the online delivery business, it is found that having more than 55% positive reviews can increase sales by 4-5% accordingly. 

Wrapping Up

The world is going through a very challenging time because of the pandemic, and right now, we don’t have any concrete solution to deal with this. Adopting the tips mentioned above is the only way to carry on with your online delivery business. The lockdown may end, but fear of the virus won’t. 

Make sure you are following safety guidelines issued by the government, such as contactless delivery, wearing a mask, cashless transaction, etc. Exercising innovative marketing ideas and smart sales strategies open the doors of opportunities behind the dark clouds cast by COVID-19.

Author Bio:
Deep is a serial entrepreneur and blogger famous for his knowledgeable blog. He chooses to write on transportation sector about the latest trends, business models, and fun facts to guide businesses