The Essential First 5 Steps to Startup Success

Having a great idea about your own entrepreneurship is crucial for setting things in motion, but it’s hardly the only thing you’ll need in order to succeed. It might not be fair, but no matter how amazing your idea is, it won’t take off unless you do everything by the book and take all the steps necessary to boost your startup and turn it into a profitable business. So, if you had a eureka moment and pinpointed a great idea for a new business, let’s talk about what you’ll have to do first.

1. Create a Business Plan

Before you can proceed with other steps on your startup journey, it’s crucial that you craft a relatively detailed business plan. Essentially, this business plan has to explain your business expectations and work for the future, approximately in the next 3-5 years. You can hire someone to do the planning for you or make the most out of available online tools for this purpose if you don’t think you can do it well on your own. After all, a well-done business plan won’t only help you along the way but it will also assist you in getting adequate funding.

2. Secure Your Startup Funding

Speaking of funding, this is the next task on your to-do list when trying to make a name out of your startup. The obvious solution that has worked well for many startups so far is to get a loan from banks or private investors. Here’s where the business plan you’ve already made comes into play. No bank or investor will feel comfortable investing in your startup if you don’t have a clear business plan set in place for the next couple of years. You also have the option of crowdfunding, but it’s not recommended to rely solely on that for your further business venture.

3. Build Your Team

Even though you only have a startup business, chances are you won’t be able to grow it, let alone put it on the map on your own. That said, you’ll need help, even if it’s just one extra pair of hands in the beginning. So, your next task would be to build your team and hire employees that will help you get your startup to success. But this is easier said than done. When your startup is still a baby, you’ll have to focus on hiring people who you can trust to be loyal and actually share the same excitement and vision for your business future.

4. Deal with Products/Services Manufacturing

Now that you have the foundation of your startup company all set up, it’s time to start working on your products/services. Obviously, they have to be of the best quality that you yourself would want to pay for if you want your target audience to feel the same. Let’s say that you wish to create a renowned hemp shop; you’d have to ensure top quality hemp oil that would be truly beneficial for the users. Or, if you want to offer graphic design services, your portfolio has to be on-point to engage your potential clients, and so on. It’s possible to outsource certain aspects of manufacturing to save money, such as packaging and maybe even customer service, but you have to be very involved in the product/service quality.

5. Make Sure to Market Your Company

A marketing strategy can make or break your startup business in this day and age. Essentially, marketing is absolutely everything when it comes to separating yourself from the competition, reaching out to your target audience, and establishing a brand and company identity. For starters, make sure to utilize social media channels that fit your business profile the best. Furthermore, it’s crucial that you have a beautiful yet very functional and user-friendly website, with all the necessary information about your company and products/services. Also, a good SEO will get you far, so it would be wise investing in this particular marketing strategy, especially since you’re not limited to an in-house employee.

These are the crucial first steps you have to take if you wish to lead your startup to success. However, your work is not nearly done by this point. You have to keep working on improving your customer support and return policies in order to keep your customers happy and promote trust and loyalty for your brand. As your business and demand grow, so should your staff and business efforts to meet the needs of your consumers quickly, efficiently, and with utmost care and respect. 


Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.