Boost Business Conversion Rates Using Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are the business lifelines that make your customers go gaga over you and your brand. Read the blog post to know more about the web push notifications and its mechanism.

Businesses are employing different channels of communication to engage customers and boost conversion rates. They look for the changing trends and accordingly adapt the medium to amplify the user engagement rates. But web push notifications have remained the first and foremost choice in mediums to boost the conversion and subscription rate. Why so? 

Read this article to know what qualities they have and how you can use push notifications for the best of your use.

Web Push notifications can increase your business’s conversion rates by more than 15 percent compared to the other mediums. Today users do not follow a straight or linear path; they use different devices, browsers, and channels to purchase their favorite products. They may be starting from somewhere and will end up going somewhere else. It has pushed the marketers to use different mediums such as SMS, in-app messages, push notifications, and other mediums to engage users across multiple channels.


The marketers had always used email marketing before web push notifications came into existence. On the contrary, the marketing game turned upside down with the emergence of push notifications. See below what differentiates them from email marketing.

  • Registration: Users do not have to go through a long and lengthy process for opt-in. They have to click on the allow button to subscribe to the web push notifications.
  • Delivery: You can deliver the push notifications to the users even when they are offline. The notifications will be sent to users’ devices, and he will check it when he will be online. 
  • Creation: Nowadays, many marketing automation software helps marketers create push campaigns in minutes without any hassles. Give a title, logo, and add an image to the push notifications. You are good to go!
  •  Visibility: There are no to minimal issues around the visibility of the push notifications. As soon as you create them and schedule them, they are instantly shown, whereas, in email marketing, you have fewer chances of visibility as users have to check the inbox to view the mails.
  •  Spam filters: You do not have to worry about the spam filters. There is no such thing as a fake subscriber in email marketing where you can get caught up in spam filters.


Conversion rates are the key metrics that define the success of your business as well as campaigns. As we considered the reliability of push notifications as a reliable channel, it is time to see how you can get higher conversion rates with push notifications.

1) Customize the opt-ins: The opt-ins are the first and foremost thing to let a user subscribe to your push notifications, and in turn, there are chances to engage them for turning them into users. You can use a two-step opt-in process to know the subscribers’ consent to the web push notifications. 

  • Your users want to know more about you and are interested in receiving web push notifications.
  • You can nudge users to understand the real context of your push notifications, and later you can send them the same for further engagement.

You can show a delayed opt-in to the users to avoid the opt-outs. It means you can send the opt-in after some time of users landing on your website.

2) Use the bell icon as an assistive button: Put a bell icon button to allow users to manage the notification permissions. Clicking that button will help the users know how to opt-in as they get to see the instruction screen. Sometimes users automatically get enrolled for the quieter UI notifications. In such cases, you can send them a reminder template so that they can opt-in again.

3) Optimize the time for web push notifications: Timing plays an essential role in optimizing CTRs for your campaigns. Therefore you need to be aware of when shall you send the push notifications. Make sure you are not sending push notifications at odd hours. Look for the users’ time zone and notice the times when the users are highly active, it will get you more conversions.

4) Audience segmentation: Segmenting your audience is a vital part of knowing whom to serve what. It will let you know what the interests and preferences of the users are. You can segment the audience based on geographical, demographic, and other factors. Similarly, you can divide them based on attributes such as their purchasing history, actions, and browsing devices. Expansive segmentation allows you to have a quick look at the different categories you need to engage with push notifications.

Image Source: NotifyVisitors

5) Localization: Location-based targeting pulls your game up one notch higher in push notifications. It leads you to provide a personalized experience to the users. Create segments based on their geographical location and browsing device. If you send notifications in their native language, nothing can beat you up in attaining higher conversion rates. It can win the heart and loyalty of the customers.

6) Use rich media and emojis: It is not just a saying but the fact that a picture says a thousand words. Therefore, do not skip the step to instill images on your push notifications that say what you are offering to the users and what you want them to do. Images will let them know what they are clicking and what they will get in return.

Also, add emojis to invoke the emotions of the users. If there is a catchy offer, then infuse the emojis of excitement. Make sure your images align with the messages you are giving to the users.

7)  Add personalization: Unnecessary push campaigns will nudge the users to reject or block the notifications. Therefore, add a tinge of personalization to your campaigns with their names in it. It will trigger the users’ psychological stimuli and give them a nudge to click on the notifications.

These were some of the essential features you can add up to your push notifications to attain conversions.

When it comes to your e-commerce business, you need to be more cautious about engaging and retaining existing customers. Being a marketer, you would be aware that it’s tough to engage the new users while keeping the existing ones.

Read to know what strategies you can pull up to improve conversions :


  • Re-engage the cart abandoners: You might have come up with many scenarios where users might add the product and later abandon them. This situation needs you to buck up and re-engage the users with the cart recovery notification, including CTAs, images, and personalized messages. You can put a link on CTAs of the checkout page so that they could feel it simpler to click on the link and act on the cart.
  • Send auto-notifications to the users: If you want to win the customers’ loyalty and want more conversions, make sure you are on the users’ minds. Get to know their details, such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can wish them on special occasions and simultaneously give them special discounts and offers on the products. The special events are the best days where you get an excellent opportunity to attain conversions.
  •  Engage based on actions: Send push notifications based on the behavior of the users. It will instantly nudge the users to act without further ado. You can add up another product in your campaign that could match the users’ product to add advantage. The process is known as cross-selling, where you can recommend similar or complementary products to the users.
  •  Create an engaging push notification copy: There are certain character limits for the push notifications for different browsers. Push notification character limits can make your message more short and crisp. Simultaneously, you can add more value to the user experience. For example-  The title text limit for chrome is 50 and for body text limit is 120. 

             See what you can add in your messages :

  • Remember to add a clear message to your copy, making sure it defines your goal conversion.
  • Create a clear and concise copy of the messages.
  • Create a sense of urgency in your messages so that users could take immediate action. Highlight that the offer is for a limited period and use such CTAs to make the goal more appropriate.

These were some of the beneficial strategies that can increase conversions and allow you to add maximum value in the lives of the customers.

Tanmayi Arora

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