How Colour Psychology In Web Design Can Increase Conversions

Color psychology is a sub-branch of Industrial psychology. Colour Psychology deals with the effect of different colors on humans. The way humans react to different colors is a very important aspect of designing. Designers have to choose and calibrate different colors according to the needs of customers. These elicit responses to various colors can be very helpful for a designer to attract more views for their website. Colors can be used to create a bond with the user to create a sense of joy and fulfillment. Moreover, they can be used to keep a user engaged on a website. Colors can be used to increase subscriptions and revenue of a site. Colors can be used to create sales.

Color psychology is an important tool in logo design and web designing. Color psychology is an important tool in web designing. Color psychology is a skilled web designer should know to design more interactive websites. This skill can be used by a web designer to create an attractive website, which increases customers. Every website wants that it has many users, which gives the websites the required subscription and purchases. In Colour psychology every color is closely associated with an emotion, value, and even a psychological reaction. This information can be used to make an engaging website design. The following is the list of most basic colors and their psychological effects on the subconscious of human beings. 


Colour red is associated with a sense of gravity. Colour red draws attention and makes the viewer inclined to complete the interaction. Colour red installs a fear of missing out on the viewer.

This color is very useful for sales. The viewer has an urge to attend to the information given in red. Colour red is used in ads and clearance sales as it draws immediate attention. Colour red is highly stimulating as it has the highest wavelength among all colors. This is why red is used for sales and advertisements as it catches attention readily.

Passionate love is also represented in the color red. The whole of valentine’s day industry based on red roses and hearts. Unfortunately red also represents jealousy, anger, and violence. The bad news is often represented in red.


Colour blue represents a feeling of reliability and trust. Colour blue produces a sense of security to the viewers. This makes blue an ideal color for designers to create a bonding effect with the viewers. This feeling of trust and security is used by businesses to attract a long term consumer. Various social media websites such as Facebook use blue palettes to create a sense of calm and connectivity. Blue is the color of serenity, which creates a feeling of trust and security. The giants of the computer industry Dell, HP, and Intel have blue logos and they have created a dedicated user base.

In many cultures, blue color is not the representation of happiness but sadness. This could be traced back to Greek mythology. Obituaries are written blue in some countries, it is the color of mourning. Some of the variants of blue such as soft blue have a soothing effect on the viewer.


Colour white represents serenity and integrity. Various countries use white in their flags for these values. The health industry uses white color to project its ethos and hygiene. Saints and nuns dawn this color to represent the virtue of purity. White also represents a clean slate, humble start, and the starting of creation. From the pages on which we write using pens to web pages on which we type all are white.

Various news channels and newspapers for their online websites use the white palette to project reliability. To project the feeling of dependability and honor white palettes are used, which in turn increases users.


Colour black is the color of sadness, darkness, and death. The European ritual of wearing black to a funeral is associated with it. Black also represents the unknown, which can be traced in literature. But nowadays black has earned a reputation of glamour, intimidation, and perfection. Black has an ora of power built around it and a feeling of strong attraction. Luxury brands use black palettes for their advertisements.

Black can be used to create a unique sense of style and elegance. It can be used to make a special club of products, which in turn creates a special club of customers. Black can be used with other vivid colors to create a unique blend of sleek and modernity.


Colour yellow is associated with feelings of warmth and optimism. Yellow is the color of hope. According to many people, sunny colors cheer them up. Yellow can be used in palettes for creating a positive and surreal experience. Websites such as travel websites use yellow palettes for this reason. Parenting websites also use yellow palettes to induce a feeling of warmth and hope to the viewers.

To create a friendly and optimistic viewer’s experience yellow should be used. Yellow palettes can be used to create friendly and approachable websites. A darker shade of yellow is not advised to use but can be used if required specifically. As yellow is not as bold as red, it can be used to create formal websites and applications.


Color Green is associated with the life force of this planet. Green represents forests, wilderness, and overall wellness. Environmentalist causes usually have websites with green palettes. Farming tools and product selling websites also have green palettes. Colour green just like blue has a relaxing effect on viewers, which is used by designers to induce the required effect.

Green has a positive effect on the resolve of the viewer. Green can be used to generate an effect of happiness, fulfillment, and content on the viewer. Green as a palette can be used in websites of businesses such as sport’s equipment, medications, and farming.


The color in website design can still be generalized to a great extent. The emotions associated vary according to the demography. Through research to understand the variation associated with the feeling associated with the colors is required. A designer can’t choose a color with just his understanding without considering his audience. This can hurt the reach of the client’s website, which in turn can affect the business.

Color psychology is a very powerful tool, which in turn has to be used wisely. When a designer uses this tool correctly, he can use the viewer’s emotions, likes, impulses to boost conversions.

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