10 Best Practices of Customer Loyalty Programs for Ecommerce Websites

Turning customers into brand advocates is not so easy. This definitely needs to be approached with a well-developed and efficient strategy.

As reported by Yotpo research, 29% of customers want rewards to be more interesting. That is the main reason why we’ve made a point of figuring out how to engage customers, hold their attention, and get them to promote your brand. 

#1 Esqido 

The leading Canadian brand of mink and false eyelash works with the points-based program to make their customers purchase more. They provide users with an option to have a free account and start receiving 10 points with every $1 spent. As a result, users can exchange those points and get rewarded. Esqido has placed the information on a separate web page, which is conveyed in simple terms to users.

If you are running such a points program for your ecommerce website, monitor your competitors to make sure that you are providing enough favorable conditions for your long-standing customers to retain them as long as possible. In the future, you could also advance this tool or connect it to the mobile application.

#2 Barnes & Noble

In some businesses and markets, ecommerce merchants could successfully offer special packages with benefits to retain customers. As an example, the US books & magazines store encourages long-term customers to become members and enjoy unique member perks for $25 a year. 

As stated in the Accenture survey, 57% of consumers spend more on brands to which they are loyal, so you may be sure that if you offer something beneficial, it will be obviously appreciated. The paid program will be an excellent opportunity to support the committed consumers who appreciate your brand and build an emotional connection with them.

#3 The Body Shop 

The British cosmetics, skincare, and perfume brand launched a charity program that is fully aligned with their beliefs and values. Customers could exchange their points for donating to charities, such as No more, World Land Trust, Australian Red Cross, Wires.

This kind of program builds an exceptional chance to link with your clients, deepen your relationship, and make them close. When providing unique membership perks, consider including your brand’s values in there. If they’re significant to you, they will also probably strike a chord.

#4 Dainty Jewells

If you’re planning to build a kind of gamification for your users, then the tier program will come in handy. For instance, the US online clothing retailer implemented and improved the tier program with various levels of loyalty depending on the amount spent in a year — bronze, silver, gold. Dainty Jewells rewards its loyal customers with amazing perks, such as previews for upcoming releases, exclusive sales, free returns, shipping, and gifts.

This type performs in the following way — the more scores users have, the greater level they achieve, and the more unique rewards they get. Inspire your customers to advance on the path and spend more on your website.

#5 Nike

The worldwide brand uses its applications to congratulate users with badges depending on their achievements. As a result, the users’ sports success becomes closely related to the brand, as progress is the biggest driver.

We could also benefit from encouraging progress with the program and help customers approach and attain goals. Such a technique is usually used not only by sports brands but also by educational ones.

#6 Bliss

If you want to delve into what your customers really think of your brand or get some valuable consumer insights, then you could follow suit the US skincare brand, which offers a kind of a community program to their clients. There are 2 options for customers to become an ambassador or influencer with special program perks and opportunities. For instance, being a part of such a program allows testing the newest products and participating in brand discussions and events.

Let customers sell for you! Engage with social media micro-influencers passionate about your industry or especially the brand, foster reliable relations with them, and make exclusive offers to maintain their trust.

#7 Made Of

The American organic babycare brand offers several products on a subscription basis, which is also considered as a way of developing customer loyalty and boosting the retention rate. Users could select the schedule according to which they’d like to have a bunch of products delivered, which is easy and convenient for them.

By the way, this article was created in collaboration with the Magecom ecommerce agency, which helps online stores drive sales and outstand in the competitive environment. For example, their team of engineers implemented this functionality for Made Of — if you’re interested in such services, you could reach out to them at any time.

#8 Kiehl’s 

The US skincare brand offers clients several different programs at once, so if you’re in search of inspiration, we highly recommend you to have a look at their rewards & loyalty program webpage. But what really attracts attention is their omnichannel program, which ensures the smooth customer experience both online and offline. Customers can return their Kiehl’s bottles to the offline store and receive rewards. What is more important is the fact that the brand not only promotes their referral program but also takes the opportunity and conveys its brand values.

If you also have a brick-and-mortar store, think about how to bring an omnichannel and pleasant experience and drive better relationships with your customers.

#9 100% Pure

If you want to cover as many people at once and grow your own brand advocates within your community, you could always rely on the “Refer a Friend” program. For instance, the US organic cosmetics brand gives $15 for both users and their friends off the first order. All they need to do is to share a link, send an email, or place a post on Facebook.

The referral program is probably one of the most used tactics to implement a loyalty program to the ecommerce website, as according to the Nielsen research, consumers are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

#10 Sierra Designs

There are loyalty programs aimed not only at customers but also at partners. For example, the US camping gear & apparel store invites websites with similar products to participate in the affiliate program. As a result, partners will earn up to 10% for every sale referred to and a range of other perks. 

If you are interested in partnering with other brands, make sure you match each other according to social responsibility, brand values, and service quality.


To sum up, there is a huge diversity of loyalty programs for ecommerce businesses. Keep in mind that according to the latest Accenture study, more than 90% of companies have some sort of referral program. Therefore, your main task is to bring distinctive features that could help you achieve your business goals.