5 Tips to Make Your Digital Brand More Recognizable

We live in digital times, and that means there has never been more competition in anything you do. Getting your brand to stand out is a difficult task, considering how many companies are trying to do the same thing at the same time. There are a lot of different mistakes you can make while trying to build a brand. From having a logo that’s not memorable enough or doesn’t fit your business, to having a misconception about who your customers are. If you are looking for advice on how to avoid those and some other mistakes, then you are in the right place. This blog is going to help you find ways to make your brand more distinct and noticeable.

Be Careful If You’re Going Simple

Minimalistic design or your logo design is appealing to a lot of start-up businesses, but that doesn’t seem to bring results if the company isn’t already influential and well known. There was a time when going minimalistic was a trend, and everyone was doing it, but it didn’t really work for brands with smaller reach and fewer clients. After a brand is well recognized and known to a larger scale of people, trying a minimalistic approach is a valid option, as a lot of internationally distinguished companies are doing right now. When it comes to businesses that are trying to establish their place on the market, having a strong visual identity is one of the best attributes they can possess. It’s also important not to overwhelm the consumer with logos and other branding elements, and find the right content that can promote your brand accordingly.

You Should Know Your Consumers 

One of the first things you should decide when developing a brand is who your target group is. Who are the people that are going to consume your content, buy your products, or use your app? You have probably noticed that the logos for baby clothes and designer products are quite different. Customers decide on a brand because it mirrors what they want to represent at the time. Nobody buys luxury items because they are a “good bang for the buck” but for what they symbolize. A Rolex is a status symbol a lot of people wish to be able to afford, and once they can, they want people to know that. So their target group is wealthy people, and they advertise as a luxury item that not a lot of folks can own. 

Finding a Platform Is Valuable

After you realize who your customers are, you need to know how to reach them. There are a lot of options when it comes to advertising, and they vary in pricing quite a bit. A start-up company likely won’t be able to afford to advertise on prime time tv. Luckily there are websites out there dedicated to bringing independent brands to one place and representing their designs internationally. One of them is Moda Design District, a spot for independent fashion designers that combines the need for an online platform, a gallery, and a marketplace, for a reasonable fee. Websites like MDD can assist starting firms in creating a fan base and help them spread faster to a larger group of customers. Another way to grow your business is by using the most traditional form of marketing, e-mails. Having an authentic email list is still a very reliable form of marketing, and can definitely spread the word about your brand.

Find the Thing That Makes Your Brand Special

Creating an entirely different product from everything else on the market is not the only way to stand out, even though it might be the best. There are other techniques to being recognizable, like exceptional materials and unique ads. Extraordinary design is implemented in most of the products today, so thinking outside the box is the only way to seize people’s attention. Focusing on the experience, not just the product, is a different way of approaching things, and can help you create loyal customers.

Don’t Overlook Functionality

A lot of failed businesses forgot about this one. Companies focus on design and advertising and forget the functionality of their product. No matter how beautiful your app looks, if it isn’t practical, people aren’t going to use it. Make sure that your design only amplifies the magnificent user experience that your app has to offer. That’s what will keep your consumers coming back every time.

There are a huge number of service providers that can help you with their services in branding and designing. You can have many options and choose the best of the options.


Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.