Tips to Build an Email List That Will Not Disappoint Your Expectations

Companies spend their time and money in building marketing strategies to grow their business. They adopt different marketing strategies like social media marketing, mouth to mouth marketing, search engine optimization, and other marketing, but forget about email marketing. Email marketing is an impactful, low-cost way of delivering your marketing messages to your customers. The email list is valuable, and it plays a vital role in converting your targeted audience. This list covers people who are interested in receiving information, promotions, sales, and deals from your business. You can send the daily, weekly, and monthly updates and stay connected with them. If your email list is short, full of errors, unsatisfactory data quality, just not on-track with your targeting audience, then your marketing efforts will lead to no results.

Create email sign-up form on your site

One of the best ways to generate emails for your email list is through your website. When your targeted audience visits your website, ensure that you capture those leads. For that, you can create a sign-up bar on your webpage. You can place a sign-up bar in header or footer, as they are common places for email sign-ups. You can also use a new approach like a pop-up email box on particular pages or get to a certain point on the page. This approach might provide you with valuable emails of people that are interested to hear more information from your business.

By Jane Brewer,Business Technology consultant

Enable your targeted customers opt-in

When you create a campaign, the goal is to attract more people to buy your products and services. For that, you need to keep your customers interested in your business. To stay contacted with them, you can encourage your leads to sign up for email notifications when they check out. They have entered their email to receive further information about their purchase. You can use these opportunities to send them more information about your business. Make sure that your customers know that they are permitting you to send them promotional material. You can send follow up emails to know their feedback on your products and recommend them other products that go with their purchase.

By  Angela Beklemysheva, a market researcher at Steelkiwi

Collect appropriate data

By personalizing your email campaign, you can connect your business with targeted audiences. Personalization means first finding out things about your audience, then approaching them. Therefore, the right data is crucial for effective email marketing campaigns. You need to focus on quality not quantity of email in your email list. Your data reveals information about your targeted audience that you can use to convert them as customers. For better communication, you can use these data. To collect appropriate data, you can use onsite forms and surveys, social networks, events, Tracking behavioral advertising. Through these approaches, you can build your email list and improve your email marketing results. They might be interested in sharing some information if you’re offering something of value.

By Piyush Jain, CEO and Founder of Simpalm, web design company in Virginia

Keep your email list healthy

In the working span of every email marketer, they have to deal with the email list decay. You have to make sure that you keep your email list healthy and engaged. For that, you have to remove all inactive email addresses from your email list. These might be those email addresses that bounce, not interested in your business promotion, and marked you as spam. Sooner or later, you have to deal with the email list decay. You also need to keep an eye on engagement metrics such as open, click-to-open, and conversion rates. Recreate a campaign to re-activate readers who are interested in receiving information about your business, promotion deals, and others.

By Christophe Coenraets,

Pitch your email newsletter on social media

If you don’t have a long list of emails, it doesn’t have a network with people. Social media is the best way to connect with large groups of people. If your business has social media accounts with connections, then you can communicate with them via email to build an email list. You can pitch your business email newsletter on your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Through these social media platforms, you can acquire new subscribers. If you have more connections on social media platforms, then it is really beneficial. On the other hand, if you don’t have more following, you can also include a link in your email signature — that link could directly revert to your email newsletter, blog post, or specific landing pages.

By Rachel King, ZDNet.

Engage audience with valuable content

Every email marketer tries to drive sales and revenues to grow their business by sending offer after offer on their email list. As a result, subscribers get tired of your promotional and mark your emails as spam. The savviest marketers know the importance of valuable content such as email newsletters, blogs, etc. They understand that the key to success is to maintain a balance between value-adding content and promotional offers. There are no shortcuts, tricks, or hacks to grow your email list and engage your audience with your business.

By Simon Bisson, Infoworld.


When you are building an email list, avoid everything that seems like a shortcut. Following these tips, you can naturally grow your email list and can take your business to the next level. For an engaging email list, you can Create email sign-up form on your site, Keep your email list healthy, Pitch your email newsletter on social media, valuable content, collect appropriate data, Enable your targeted customers to opt-in. You’ll start gaining more credible leads that gradually you can convert into customers. Make sure that you timely check your email list and remove the inactive subscribers. Once you earn their trust, you will start to get extraordinary results from your email list.