5 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Cannot Ignore

These top five digital marketing trends will help increase your profits and boost lead conversion and customer retention

In the ever-evolving internet-connected era, the efforts that worked for your company in previous years may not work presently. Whether you want to meet expectations or achieve conversions, you will need to heavily rely on the latest marketing trends to attain your goals. Nowadays, no solid business strategy can succeed without incorporating digital marketing trends.

Success in digital marketing requires a forward-thinking company that always keeps up with the latest advancements. To ensure you stay ahead of the curve, it’s crucial to be updated on the new trends in digital marketing. Of course, you will find many answers in the so-called Book of Ra modern marketing. Otherwise, you risk limiting your brand to reach. While you may be unaware of new marketing trends, your competitors and target audience aren’t. That is why we created a top 5 list of digital marketing trends in this post. Let’s get started.

1. Take Advantage of AI

Artificial intelligence is one of the best marketing revelations of the century. Technology has helped globalization make such a significant impact on our lives primarily due to automation. Artificial intelligence is now at the core of all new global business marketing trends, from advertising to streamlining transactions and improving customer relations.

Most marketing trends now, such as employee engagement, rely heavily on technology use. Employees are encouraged to share company pictures or videos on social media platforms. However, with AI, you can directly aim at your brand’s target market and deliver goods and services with ease.

There many ways to use Artificial intelligence as a marketing strategy, depending on the industry your business falls under. For instance, AI is able to analyze search patterns and consumer behavior and utilize the data from social media platforms to enable businesses to know how customers perceive their services and products.

Researchers predict that AI will improve the global GDP by 14 percent in a span of ten years. One of the best ways to use AI as a marketing strategy is by introducing chatbots on your company’s website and social media platforms. Chatbots offer personal assistance, but without the personnel, and sites can tremendously benefit from this technology.

AI can also aid in content creation, email personalization, and product recommendations. In addition, this technological innovation can help cut staffing costs, which can significantly boost your organization’s growth.

2. Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Employees are the driving force behind any organization. As such, they should be heavily involved in your marketing trends and tasks for better service delivery. Efficiency in customer relations means happy clients, which translates to increased profits and the growth of your business.

Recent research indicates that 46 percent of all clients opt against a specific brand due to employee-related issues. Some customers cite staff with a bad attitude and a lack of knowledge as some things that make them abandon a brand. To improve your organization’s customer relations, it’s essential to ensure your personnel understand and abide by your business’s values and mission.

In addition, treat your staff with respect and like valuable colleagues. This has borne fruit for every company that has embraced it. With better morale and love for their job, your employees will not only reflect your company’s values to your clients but help in customer retention and satisfaction. 

Employee engagement was also one of the best marketing trends COVID-19 before the pandemic hit, considering the physical distance and interaction was not as limited as it is now. That said, engagement still plays a pivotal role in any company’s growth if they employ it as one of their marketing trends. Engaging your employees means making your business an attractive workplace. The happiness of your staff will extend to the customers. That genuine effort from your personnel is a highly effective form of marketing.

3. Market Your Brand with Some Attitude Online

Have you noticed how social media is playing a big role in everybody’s life these days? Business savvy organizations are using social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to generate traffic to their website. Companies like Nike, Spotify, and GoPro are among the biggest beneficiaries of second-hand marketing due to an aggressive approach.

So, why are marketing trends important in 2020? Customers are attracted to a particular brand for different reasons. However, almost everybody loves a brand that stands out from the rest while showing some zeal and love for their product. A lackluster campaign or online ad is easy to bypass, considering the wealth of knowledge and customers’ activities. 

Charisma is key to connecting with a larger audience, as shown by most Coca-Cola adverts. The boldness to create thought-provoking campaigns while collaborating with celebrities is a modern marketing trend that can attract many clients. To ensure your organization oozes confidence and appeals to the target audience, improve online communication, and attend to your client’s needs without causing friction.

Remember, online charisma is not created by thinking about what to say but by knowing how to say it in a way that will appeal to your target market.

4. Personalize Your Marketing

Technology has made it possible for people from one end of the globe to mimic ideas in another part of the world and reap tremendous benefits. With so many counterfeit products in the market, personalizing your advertisements is one way to ensure your target audience gets quality products or services. It is also among the best marketing trends for 2020 and a sure way to boost product sales due to its unique approach.

Most customers settle for the brand that wins their hearts over the one with the most money or celebrity endorsements. While the latter is among the most popular marketing trends in modern times, companies know the personalities involved in advertising their products or services have to match their mission and values. They are also required to be appealing to improve the organization’s chances of reaching their target market.

One of the best examples of personalized marketing as an advertising masterpiece is Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign. Many people bought the product mainly due to the thrill of seeing their name on such a massive global product. Recent research also indicates that 90 percent of all consumers find personalized advertising highly appealing.

5. Voice Search is the Future of Browsing

What is a digital marketing trend without voice search engines? The very use of the term digital indicates the use of modern technological innovations in marketing. Almost all marketing trend news is encouraging the use of voice search as an advertising strategy, especially with digital assistants’ inclusion on almost all technological devices.

Voice AI technologies like Alexa, Vani, Robin, and Google Assistant are responsible for giving contemporary marketing trends meaning. As of January 2018, these applications were used to make well over a billion searches across all search engines. Voice searches are especially helpful when carrying other duties such as driving, walking, or even working at the office. 

Smart speaker advertising might not be an option for your organization, but it is advisable to optimize your voice searches content. That way, your customers will be able to view or listen to what your organization has to offer regarding the service or product they need with ease.

A lot of people these days conduct their research on products before making a purchase. Optimizing all the necessary information about your company for voice search makes it easy for search engines such as Google to reach your audience. Voice searches are undeniably one of the vital digital marketing trends key factors for success, seeing as more and more people are embracing technology by the day on a global scale.

The Takeaway

The latest trends in digital marketing have opened new doors. There’s no doubt they are both mechanical and human and focus more on personal relationships with employees and your target audience. When all is said and done, the concept of digital marketing remains the same—making sure people get what they need and want, where and when they want it. Has your organization embraced any of these five trends? Please let us know.

Author’s Bio: 

Ellen Royce is an experienced marketer, copywriter, and entrepreneur. Having started several small businesses online, she knows the importance of effective content marketing in building companies. Ellen loves writing articles on the newest online marketing trends to share on her blog.