5 Ways To Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2021

In this world of unexpected changes what we’ve learned from 2020, any social media strategist will tell you the part of dealing with unforeseen changes and embrace it. 2020 led social media marketers to pivot from their original strategies to tackle pandemic & nationwide protests. 

One month left for the year to end; it’s still not early to start thinking of ways to improve your marketing strategy for 2021. Although marketers can’t forecast what will occur in the new year, we can still use what we’ve learned in the past 9 months to enhance our marketing strategy for 2021. 

From the social data in 2020, you can expect the types of content related to your audience & areas for improvement for social customer service. You can even ascertain what you need to make a more significant business impact on your strategies. As your team looks to the future, here are 5 key stats from the 2020 Sprout Social Index you must keep in mind when marketing in 2021. 

People follow brands to keep updated on the latest products & services.

Some people follow brands for inspiration or humor, while 57% hope to learn about the latest products & services from a brand’s social feed. As per the Index, this was the no. 1 reason users picked the reason for following brands, meaning no launch is too small or big to share on social. 

After an unintentional leak, Xbox shared with its 14 million followers the launch information for the super expected Xbox Series S on Twitter. It only took 24 hours to get 184k likes for such an announcement and added to the increasing excitement from gamers worldwide. 

Besides product launched, consider the types of most worthy updates to your audience while planning your social material. For brands in esports, the audience is possibly looking for social posts with information on server issues & fixes. Because of the pandemic, restaurants have taken to social to share essential upgrades on hours of operation and modifications to in-dining services. While considering the content type you want to share in 2021, make sure to update your audience timely. 

Lousy customer service will push away your followers.

Customer service on social platforms must be your top priority in 2021 if it isn’t already. 49% of customers are saying that they’ll unfollow brands due to lousy customer service. Marketers can’t afford to neglect any questions they receive from social followers.

While considering to enhance your marketing in 2021, take a moment to assess the way client inquiries are tackled and where the team can best support you. Look for opportunities to respond to simple questions directly and use social listening tools to guarantee no messenger is left answered. 

Quickly responding is also equally crucial as 79% of users expect brands to answer in the first 24 hours of reaching out. Apart from a quick response time that helps resolve issues faster, it can also contribute towards client loyalty. A Gartner study found users are more likely to stick with brands long-term when their expectations are met. 

Users look to the suggestions in their feed to find new pages to like & follow.

It is challenging indeed to build your target audience online. You are competing with your closest competitors and battling to draw your audience’s adequate attention, and brainstorming ways to get your content noticed. 

Getting more eyes on your social account starts by knowing how users search for pages to follow online. As per the Index, 45% of users count on suggestions in their feed or discovery tools to find new pages to like. While you think about marketing in 2021, consider targeting users who show an interest in industries tangential to your own. 

E.g., due to the pandemic, fans of traditional sports like football & basketball are increasingly turning to esports for entertainment. Keeping this in mind, esports marketers can adjust their social content to talk directly to sports fans who have a hunger for gaming events but might not know where to begin.

Photos & video are essential for engaging social followers

Besides your content, how you deliver it to your audience on social media equally matters. A study from the Index reveals that 68% of users want to engage with photos, whereas 50% want to engage with video content. While reviewing all the content you’ve created in the previous year, consider flagging text posts that received high engagement and think about how you can turn those topics into video content

Are you considering posting a new video game title release? Consider using a video to share clips from gameplay and add launch information in the end. 

Are you conducting an interview? How about turning it into a video? For instance, the Los Angeles Dodgers turn player interviews into brief, 2-minute clips, which they later share across their social media platforms. 

Time & bandwidth are in short supply.

Making plans is useless if they aren’t implemented in reality. 41% of marketers assert that they lack the bandwidth they need to make the greatest business impact with their strategies; it is now a good time to ask for tools to boost your bandwidth day-to-day. 

Sprout Social can help you automate everyday tasks like content scheduling and ease workflows to ensure the right people accept messages quickly. This allows you to focus on more important work. Like any other big investment, be ready to justify why a social media platform is worth looking into and the opportunities it unlocks for you and your team when you don’t have to stress about tedious tasks.

Consider your past to move ahead.

None of us can really know what will happen next year, but we can implement all that we’ve learned from 2020 for our 2021 strategies. Instead of anticipating your followers’ likes and dislikes, you have to access information on user behavior and preferences to guide their planning. You can personalize your strategies to strengthen your brand’s relationship with clients and commence 2021 off on the right foot.

Author Bio:

Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in New York and India, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading blogging sites.