These Digital Tactics Will Improve Your Team Culture

On a global level, the business world and workplaces are changing fast. Technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives, even a professional one. Thanks to many changes in the industries and its digitalization, managers are making their employees’ needs a top priority. Some employees look for flexibility and benefits. Others want to have a great employee experience and work in a positive and supportive team culture. Take a look at which digital methods you can use to improve team culture and retain employees in the future.

Include Employees in the Decision-Making Process

Generally, the management makes business decisions and passes them down to employees. This means there is little to no input from staff members. Of course, not all decisions concern employees. However, employees should have a say in those that concern them the most. To include them in the decision-making process, you can use various tools for employee engagement. There are various online tools for surveys and polls. All you have to do is ask a question, offer options if possible, and wait for staff members to answer. In this process, don’t forget to reveal the results and make them transparent. Otherwise, it might be counterproductive and create a hostile work environment instead of a trustworthy one.

Give Feedback Anonymously

To improve team culture, you should reexamine the way your company gives and receives feedback. It is the best way to create and promote a culture of trust and honesty. In particular, you can improve internal communications as well. Thanks to online tools, you can effectively streamline processes related to feedback and make room for honesty and transparency. For example, you can include feedback in a familiar and friendly setting, such as the preferred communication channel. Whether it is the email or employee app, it doesn’t matter. They all have the power to encourage employees to give feedback. More importantly, you should inform your employees of the company’s intentions to constantly evolve, and their feedback and suggestion could bring it closer to achieving the goals. Besides, you can even allow anonymous feedback in the beginning until employees get used to the process.

Encourage Teamwork

Nothing beats good old teamwork to unite team members, increase their productivity, and build a healthy work environment. When they collaborate on tasks, that is how some of the greatest and most innovative ideas are born. On the other hand, when there is certain animosity among them, they can’t work together, which leads to low productivity and bad results. Digital technologies connect employees regardless of their location and bring them closer. When they are brought closer, they get to know each other, which helps them overcome any problems they might have. For this reason, you should encourage teamwork to build a collaborative culture.

Create Shared Virtual Workspace

Remote work and flexibility have been the talk of the town for a while now owing to their practicality. Leading experts suggest that employees will have satisfaction, flexibility, and autonomy in the workplace in the future. Team leaders, such as yourself, can easily make this happen. For starters, they can create shared virtual workspaces. The workspaces should give employees the same access to communication channels and relevant resources they would normally have in the office. The whole concept goes well beyond communication through emails. You should adjust it to fit the industry and employees’ roles and positions in the company. For instance, if you are a marketing company, employees need access to web analytics tools, social media platforms, etc.

Motivate Your Staff

Digital tactics offer great opportunities, but not many companies take advantage of them. If you want to innovate and enhance corporate culture, you have to motivate your staff. That is the only way your company will able to stay on top of its game. In the years to come, innovation will gain in importance. That is why you should make your mission to push employees to think big and work hard to achieve their ideas. Many digital tools can help you to encourage your team members not only to calculate risks and take them but also to see the bigger picture. This way you will be creating an inspirational culture that drives employees and the company to succeed.

Take Risks

Without a doubt, most managers are afraid of taking risks. However, in the digital world, risks lead to a better bottom line, higher sales, and a larger customer base. To make the most of digital tools, employees have to be agile. Technology is rapidly advancing, so there is no time to waste. For this reason, you should encourage your employees to think outside the box and step out of their comfort zone. New skills and experiences shouldn’t frighten them. They should be ready to dive into the digital pool and explore everything it has to offer. When your employees start using digital technologies, they learn and acquire skills that help them complete their daily tasks. This will only work out if there is trust between you and employees and corporate culture that embraces innovation.

Increase Transparency

When you start embracing digital technologies, you should know one important thing. Every team member is aware of the effect devices and tools have on productivity, sales, and the bottom line. A few years ago, only professionals had access to specialized tools. Today, technology has become a necessity in every industry. One of its greatest advantages is that it increases transparency in the workplace. Emails, employee apps, forums, and social media are perfect for transparent communication with employees. As their manager, you can inform them of the latest business decisions, give updates, and assign tasks. Having such transparent communication can only empower employees to produce the best work.


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