5 Effective Ways to Build Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

Establishing a connection with your customers is one of the most effective ways to bring sales into your company. So what does that look like in today’s cluttered marketplace?

According to a study by Wunderman, 79% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand that proves it cares about earning their business. The study goes on to explain that, “traditionally marketers have primarily focused on developing consumer loyalty to their brands but the data shows that brands now need to demonstrate their commitment to serving the consumer and exceeding their expectations every day.” With so many businesses to choose from, it makes sense that consumers have grown way more discerning in the way they make purchasing decisions. Businesses have to actively and continuously show customers that they are listening to their specific wants and needs. Plain and simple, if a customer isn’t getting what he or she wants from your business, he or she will go and find it elsewhere (most likely your competition).

Establishing a lasting relationship with your customers takes thoughtfulness, time, patience, and a lot of research. Here are five ways you can win customers over by building and maintaining relationships with consumers:

1.    Listen to Their Needs

You can’t build a relationship with your customers if you don’t listen to them. What are their needs? Do they value quality? Convenience? A company’s mission? All three? Did they encounter a problem with your product or service? How can you fix it and assure their experience with your company will be better moving forward?  

Particularly from a marketing standpoint, listening to your customers provides insight into the trends currently booming in your industry. Technology can now equip businesses with a variety of social listening tools that lets them track and understand what their target audience is talking about online. Companies can use this information to create informative content that resonates with their customers to show their audience they are being heard and valued.

2.    Go Above and Beyond Your Customer Service

Consumers are the best judges when it comes to your customer services. When they decide to purchase your product or services, you can bet that they’ll have a close eye on every part of the process. If you have a brick and mortar store, how were they treated in the store? Were the employees helpful? Were they able to find everything with ease? If it’s an e-commerce operation, how seamless was the ordering process? Was the site easy to navigate? Did their items arrive on-time? Each step presents an opportunity for your business to rise to the occasion and exceed their expectations.

When a customer has a good experience with your business, it’s memorable. Not only will they want to repeat that experience, but there’s a chance they’ll tell others about it. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool there is and people enjoy being able to make informed recommendations to friends and family.

You should place a high value on making sure every interaction with your customer leaves them with a smile on their face. When you constantly deliver the needs of your customers and spare no expense in going above their expectations, it really does make your customer service stand out from the crowd.

3.    Personalize Customer Communication

Communicating with your customers is vital in maintaining customer relationships and building brand awareness in a meaningful way. Impersonal, automated email blasts and newsletters are not going to do the job anymore. Instead of bombarding them with a generalized product offering, make use of customer analytic tools to personalize your emails and messages.

When communicating (i.e., sending an email, responding to their chats or comments on social media), use their first names, if possible, because this makes the experience more personal. Remember that incoming messages are just as, if not more important, than outgoing ones. If you’re using bots for initial fielding, follow it up with human correspondence as soon as possible. Especially if a customer has reached out with a problem they’ve encountered; you want to show that their business matters to you and that you prioritize their individual experience.

4.    Show Your Appreciation Through Rewards

Too often companies put their focus on gaining new customers as opposed to focusing on the ones they already have. Did you know it costs five times more to attract new customers than to retain old ones? Of course, customer acquisition is important, but the better you are at keeping current customers, the more you can avoid acquisition costs. Bottom line, it’s important to market to your existing customers.

An effective way to do this is through loyalty and rewards programs. Not only do these strengthen customer retention and incentivize spending, which can lead to additional revenue, but they aid in creating a more personalized experience that shows existing customers you appreciate them. Bringing us back to the importance of listening, make sure the rewards you offer are in tune with what your most loyal customers need.   

5.    Accept and Appreciate Negative Feedback

Every company – no matter how attentive you are to your customers’ wants and needs – faces customer dissatisfaction in some shape or form. When you find yourself in this situation, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Respond. Show the customer that he or she has been heard.  Accept the negative feedback and thank them for bringing it to your attention, thus giving you the opportunity to right the wrong. Today’s consumers are placing a higher value on this kind of transparency.

There’s something in it for you, too. Any business owner knows there is a lot of trial and error that goes into running a company. Sometimes negative feedback shines a light on areas where improvements can and should be made. You should encourage your customers to express their opinions as to how the company can be better. When they see you making those changes, it creates that relationship of trust.

Use Small Fast Loans to Invest in Building Customer Relationship

Building strong relationships with your customers is essential in running any type of business. The strategies mentioned above are a good sampling of the many ways this can be achieved. Some of these efforts may require you to fork out a bit of cash.

Investing in customer relationships pays off in the end. When you communicate effectively with your clients, you’ll have a better chance of winning them over and turning them into loyal customers.

Author Bio – Rumzz Bajwa is a content marketer and digital strategist. She enjoys spending time with her family. She loves to go out and experience new moments whenever they came to light. Rumzz discovers satisfaction in investigating new subjects that help to extend her points of view. You can frequently locate her immersed in a good book or out searching for a new experience. Connect with him on Twitter.