SEO Tips For Startups: 10 Steps For Growth On a Budget

Understanding SEO and implementing it can be the best way to increase organic traffic to your website. Since the advent of search engines like Google and Yahoo and the explosion of internet websites, website owners have been looking to bola the traffic to increase their reach and a better revenue through organic ads.

They want their websites to rank best in the search results so that more people visit their page and their reach increases. Hence learning SEO and implementing it successfully in your website content is very important for any startup. An SEO friendly website is a huge plus for a company.

Start With an SEO Strategy

It’s quite important to follow a proper approach at the beginning of the project as a marketing strategy plays a vital role. Most of the time, this simple tip is often overlooked, and people start doing SEO tasks without having a strategy behind them, which results catastrophically in the long run.

As a startup, one needs to know where one is now and where one wants to be, and then one can create a strategy on how to get there with tasks that can and will be executed. This is a very crucial and essential part of the journey, so one shouldn’t skip it.

Define Your SEO Goals

One needs to set simple, achievable, and gullible goals for an SEO startup. It is necessary otherwise, there will be many unaccounted problems that can hinder the whole process.

First set a goal for yourself, if you want to optimize, average time spent on one’s website, bounce rate, brand awareness, number of purchases, or what? Make sure that the SEO goals align with the business goals. If one is not wary of this, achieving the business goals with the SEO strategy would be no less than a miracle.”

Allocation of Budget for SEO

Many startups forget to allocate the budget for their SEO needs, an integral and valuable part of the SEO startup. If someone wants to maximize their SEO strategy results, The average and bulk of the respondents say that it comes in between the margin of $500 to $5000 according to their customization and needs.

If you’re an SEO for a startup with a limited budget, it isn’t easy. It can be very frustrating as an SEO not to address every opportunity, but startups are particularly vulnerable. So you have make deep research and make SEO with limited budget in such a way that it will be impactful for your business.

Start with a Strong Foundation

SEO should be considered before one finishes their website. Because if a website is designed without an optimized SEO, it can bring the whole website down by presentation and user interface. Many times, the startups are running on a website created by an inexperienced company founder.

Their website is not optimized for search, they have very poor e-commerce capabilities, or there are just tons of technical issues in the background. SEO techniques should be chosen wisely and appropriately. Think of this as the foundation of the business. If one can not get this right, then they can’t move forward with anything else. 

Focus on Minimizing Load Speeds

Audience retention for your website will be more if the loading speed of your website is better. Although your site is designed in a better Way with ample information or contents it can not perform well unless the page loading speed is better.

So it would be better for your business if you choose a light theme and plugin with a good loading speed. Many such plugins are available in the market at a budget-friendly price. So you can choose as per your budget, which would be helpful; to find potential customers.

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

These days the majority of the population prefer using their smartphone for various options. They often use mobile phones for searching anything on Google or any other website. But some of the startups design their website without focusing on whether the site is mobile-friendly or not.

So it would be a very beneficial strategy for your business if you make your website mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly versions also load much faster. In short, the potential customer will be on your site for only a few seconds, and you have to grab their attention in that short period.

Spend Time Doing Competitive Research

You must have heard about the proverb. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This famous proverb is painstakingly accurate. Doing your industry/competitor research is crucial. This is very important to stay in this industry or better to become better in this industry.

Doing competitive analysis is a great way to capitalize on what the competitors are neglecting. If one is optimizing their startup website, they should focus on the grievances and overlooks that their competitors had to get ahead of them. 

Any good SEO startup will not skip this to know what their potential customers demand or need. Their competitors are neglecting to modify accordingly and get ahead and become successful in bringing new potential customers.

Make Proper Keyword Research

Doing proper keyword research and using those targeted keywords in your content will quickly boost the traffic to your website. Websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo focus on particular keywords apart from the quality content.

Targeted keywords will help make the rank of the website in the search engine higher—several free and paid keyword research tools available on the internet. You can use them at your convenience.

Niche Keywords Target

First, decide your business or marketing strategy. Then select the niche in which your business or content belongs. Every niche has some special or targeted keywords that can boost your audience retention quickly. So work on this strategy and do deep research. Use the keywords in your main content as well as in tags. It will help your website grow faster.

Use free SEO tools

Writing good content and using its website will not help you get more traffic. You have to use some strategies which are very much useful these days. Utilizing an SEO tool will give you an overall idea about the social media contents, the keywords you should focus on, your competitors, and many other things. This is an important part of your website as well as business.


Employing these SEO strategies properly will help your website grow faster. So, choose these strategies wisely according to your business and boost it up more quickly.

Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.