10 SEO Technique You Should Drop in 2021

SEO is a daunting concept to most people. After all, the average business owner is only interested in getting their clients. SEO goes over the heads of many who try to decipher this tech ritual, which is why you hire the SEO expert.

Some resort to various blogs and a video explaining the next hottest SEO trend that you can do at home. In the last 20 years, there have been some crazy but popular moves made by rogue marketers hoping to score more clients. These are the top ten of those SEO tactics that need to stop cold in 2021.

As business owners were getting dinged by Google for many violations, they became aware of what was happening and terms like Black Hat SEO and Keyword Stuffing came to light.

Let’s Look at the Top Ten most Ridiculous SEO Tactics:

1. Keyword Stuffing

This is the most popular because in content mills everywhere this practice went rampant. It’s simple. Take a load of high-ranking keywords for your business niche and place them at a crazy 2-3% density or more when it’s only supposed to be maximum 1%. What does that look like? 3 of the same keyword within 100 words. Copy like that looks and flows terribly and gives the reader a less than valuable experience.

2. Syndicated Copy for Backlinks

If you want quality backlinks to your site, do it meaningfully. Find a blogger to coattail off of that you’re passionate about. Their content should match yours, and when they feature your content, it should be a form of honest collaboration. Instead, people will publish their same content on multiple sites with a backlink to their site. Web crawlers will recognize this, and you’ll get an SEO penalty for it.

3. Content Spinning

Content spinning is also referring to rewriting. It’s taking your competitor’s original content and paraphrasing it to sound original. There are programs that will spin the content line by line. That’s now too easily detected and people will do it by hand, but web crawlers will discover it as long as it’s a certain percentage identical. Bottom line, if you’re going to take the time to spin an article that may get blocked or earn an SEO penalty you can take as much time or less to craft an original, engaging article, yes?

4. Dedicated Keyword Pages

This is the most ridiculous action; creating a separate page for each keyword. Can you imagine having the same product on three separate pages for each ranking keyword? Even an amateur could tell something was black hat SEO about that.

5. Post Length Stretching

Ever read a post that was so stretched that it lost its meaning in line three? This is too much emphasis on text length and no attention to quality. Coupled with some front and back-loaded keyword phrases and you have an article that the search engines may find but gets fined because it reads as your 10-year-old wrote it. Again… just take the same time to craft a better piece.

6. Comment Spam

This is simple and aggravating to so many people receiving comments with backlinks attached. It happens today across all mediums like YouTube, blogs, social media and more.

7. A Link for a Link

Link exchange is as it sounds. You give a link and get a link. The problem here is that the web page you link to may not make sense. It has to be something that matches what you do in your niche. The webpage you link to has to allow the search engines to index links, and some do not. It’s called a do not follow. Here again, you’ve wasted your time. Just do some quality work and coat tail another blogger or web page by guest posting.

8. Matched Anchor Texts as Opposed to Natural Anchor Text

When you place a hyperlink into an anchor text you have to create on that sounds natural with what you’re writing otherwise it just looks ridiculous and impedes the reading experience. That’s points off by the search engines for inorganic writing.

9. Keyword Domains

Marketers would purchase domain names for each of their high-ranking keywords. This worked for a while but got noticed. Google put domain names on the bottom of the ladder in priority because of this tactic. They said that it tainted the quality of what came up in top search.

10. Not Optimizing for Voice Search

Alexa and other ways to voice search on frictionless apparatus is a mistake. People are still missing the mark and not riding the wave of the future and the now. Voice search will replace text search on a lot of systems. Optimizing for only text should be the first habit to drop cold.

These ten habits have made SEO a complicated process. When you think about it there’s always something that’s changing in SEO techniques. Every time you turn around there’s an article or video featuring the latest SEO technique that will make you all this money, go viral or get you to the top of the search.

Unfortunately, these are mostly black hat SEO techniques that will land you in SEO jail by the search engines. For 20 years Google has spent time on search and destroy missions of these tactics to bring people the best search experience.

You’ll do better to hire an SEO expert and not shortcut the search engine and short change yourself and your business. You can spend the same time crafting a beautiful, engaging and informative article with the natural flow and keyword placement.

Take pride in what people experience coming to your website and form relationships with your patrons. The result is priceless, long-lasting and that won’t end in regret. You put the time into your business honestly and consult the right professionals and you will never have to worry about changing SEO practices.


Delan Cooper is a writer with years of experience in marketing communication. He enjoys meeting new people and reading more books to get inspired by his own book. Connect with him on Twitter.