Understanding the Role of Presets for Lightroom

If you aren’t using presets in Adobe’s Lightroom, you’re probably wasting time.  Editing your images during your post-production workflow can take a lot of your valuable time. Even a perfectly composed image can require some minor enhancements, such as color correction.  The simplest and fastest way to edit or apply specific enhancements in Lightroom is by using presets. It will save you a lot of time. However, if you haven’t used presets, you might be wondering what they are and, moreover, if you should use them. Today’s blog post will address those questions. 

Adobe Lightroom:

Let’s start with a few basics on Adobe Lightroom. It is one of the most popular editing software available on the market today. It’s used by both professional and serious hobby photographers. There’s a yearly subscription fee (starting at $9.99) to use on your desktop or laptop, but its mobile app is free to use. 

What is a Lightroom Preset?

You can think of a preset as a template with predesigned settings to apply to an image. A preset will help you achieve a particular look or style or apply specific edits. 

You can purchase presets from any number of preset designers, including here at ven BeArt-Presets. You upload the presets into your Lightroom. With a few clicks in the develop module, the preset’s settings will be applied to an image or a batch of images. 

There are countless looks or edits you can achieve through presets. For example, you can apply sepia tones with one click, adjust white balance, shadows, or hues. You can create your own style using presets. You can even purchase presets that are genre-specific. For example, we offer wedding, portrait and landscape presets

Presets allow you to be consistent in your edits or enhancements. They also allow you to save hours of editing with a few easy clicks. Remember that presets can work with a single image or a batch of images. It saves you time from making manual adjustments to your images. However, you can still make further adjustments after applying a preset. 

Five reasons to use Lightroom Presets:

  1. Simplify Workflow & Save Time: The main reason to start using presets is probably to save time by simplifying your workflow. Presets make the editing process simple, easy, and quick. A preset can be the first and only edit you make to an image or images. It also can be the foundation of your editing, allowing you to add further enhancements manually. Either way, you’ve saved a lot of time.
  2. Batch Edits: Working in batches can save you hours of work. This works best when you have many images that are similar in nature, such as similar lighting or style. For example, let’s say you have 50 wedding reception pictures and all have about the same exposure. Rather than editing individual images to adjust exposure, you can use a preset to apply edits to all 50 pictures. You might need or want to make some further adjustments, but you’ve saved a lot of time by applying a preset to a batch. Using presets in this manner allows you to apply or maintain consistency across a group of images.  
  3. Options: Working with presets offers you easy-to-use options. There are presets for any enhancements, style, or ideas you can think of for your photography. There are presets for every photography genre. 
  4. Create Lightroom Presets: You can purchase presets, but you can also make your own by saving edits in Lightroom as a preset. 
  5. Presets are Affordable: Time is money in photography. Presets save you time while being affordable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying presets. They’re easy to upload to your computer so that within minutes you’re able to use them. 

You can browse BeArt’s collections of Lightroom Presets. As photographers and designers, we understand photographers’ needs and have created a broad array of presets across numerous photography genres.