Top Web Development Trends to Expect in 2021

Technologies are rapidly evolving and delivering new experiences to the users. With the emergence of new trends, websites are turning into more functional and allow you to meet the modern demands in this digital era. In the present scenario, website development is not confined to coding or interactive UI based design but it is much more than that.

Enterprise-based websites should be powerful and have the ability to engage users as well as satisfy customers. In order to meet the latest demands and business expectations, tech experts introduce several functionalities and due to its unique attribute, it has turned into a trend. In the same way, several processes have become a trend in the website development process also.

In this blog, let’s know about some of the website development trends that are dominating the industry. If you are also planning to hire a web developer for your project, then make sure a programmer should have all the knowledge of the website development tools and fits your project requirements.

Alert- Website Development Trends in 2021

No-code and low-code

With low code, the readymade software can be fully customised with minimal coding. It is faster and can proceed at a low cost rather than developing the solution from scratch. But when it comes to the no-code, it offers an opportunity to tailor the websites as per the business requirements without any coding skills. There are several tools and frameworks that exclude the coding process and programmers can even leverage the benefits of drag and drop functionalities.

Undoubtedly, No and low code strategy offers several benefits to the web development industry such as saves time, turns the complex development process easier as well as faster than ever before.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications are the solutions that support all platforms and are built with website popular technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. According to the sources, It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser, including both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, It is expected that in the future PWA will replace the native application development process.

There are multiple reasons to opt for progressive web applications such as with only one software,  developers are enabled to launch the solution on multiple platforms including standard browsers as well as different operating systems such as Android and iOS. It helps to save the time and cost of the different development processes. Also, it allows entities to reach wider audiences. This development process also provides an opportunity to the users to load websites quickly and supports offline mode. Hence, they recreate the in-app experience within a browser.

Due to its several benefits, now progressive web applications have turned into a trend for the website development industry.

Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications is also known as a SPA. It allows developers to launch the website on one single page. This technology allows developers to develop and deploy the solutions easily and faster, along with this it offers high performance to the users.

Mainly, single-page applications are opted by the small and mid-size enterprises. Instead of launching the website with multiple pages, now companies can launch the solution with one platform. It also helps to improve user experience and turns the information into more effective ways. Furthermore, users don’t have to reload the page multiple times.

UI trends

UI design refers to the interaction between human beings and machines. It helps to bring innovative experiences for the users. According to the web experts, the user interface should be user friendly and have the ability to attract users. In the present time, web designers have to focus on multiple features such as font, color and have to meet with the new concepts that can grab the attention of the users.

Among the several trends, Dark mode has created a high buzz in the industry. It offers a dark interface to the users with highly innovative structures and 3D visual-based animations. Apart from the dark mode, many other features are becoming a trend –

  • Liquid Animation
  • Aesthetic Illustrations
  • Mixing Realism and Illustration
  • Audio User Experiences
  • Color-Changing Gradients


Websites have become an important part of our lives and are key to success for businesses these days. In order to leverage all the benefits of the website development tools and technologies, then partner with a website development company.

In the above blog, we have mentioned some of the trends which are dominating web development  and to launch a successful website, everyone should know about them.

Author bio:

Albert Smith is a digital marketing manager with Hidden Brains, a leading enterprise web & mobile app development company specializing in mobile & web applications, IoT, cloud, and big data services. He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups, and large enterprises build their brand.