How Businesses Can Take Benefits of Facebook Data?

Nowadays, social media has completely changed the way businesses are conducted. According to Oberlo, there are over 3.3 Billion social media users worldwide. This means business owners can reach out to more of their potential customers on social media platforms.

Currently, Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 1.52 Billion active daily users and over 2.23 Billion monthly active users. These figures also make Facebook the top social media marketing site.  

Hence, Facebook remains the best social network channel for business owners when it comes to increasing customers, sales, and revenues and achieving business success. Facebook contains lots of data that business owners can use to their advantage. But what exactly are the benefits of this Facebook data for business growth and success? How web scraping services can help to collect such important data in an automated way? Read on!

Note that Facebook data is in the form of social posts, comments, replies, etc.

Enables Faster, Easier Communication with Prospects and Customers

Just as stated above, Facebook is the largest social media platform in terms of users. This gives business owners the opportunity to interact directly with the audience – prospects, fans, and customers – using Facebook data. In like manner, the Facebook data makes it possible for the audience to interact directly with your business brand.

Facebook data has also simplified the customer service process. Prospects and consumers can easily reach out to the brand’s customer service representative via Facebook data and business brands can also receive reviews, and respond to customers’ complaints easily and faster than before via Facebook data.

Facebook data reduces the need for using phone calls to discuss a dispute with a business brand. Hence, no more need to sit on hold (and listen to that awful “elevator” music) to wait for a customer service representative. Customers can immediately write a post or comment about a product or service and receive a response in real-time.

Used for Sentiment Analysis and Treat Customer Feedback

Irrespective of your industry, if you really want to make business success, sales, and profits, you must pay attention to your customers – those you are marketing and selling to.

No matter the products you sell or how good your service delivery is, there will always be happy and unhappy customers who will always drop their “wow” or “pain point” on Facebook comments. How you respond to this customer’s feedback is very important to your business’s longstanding reputation and success.

You can easily access this feedback from Facebook data so that you can respond to it on behalf of your business. You can as well use Facebook data to listen to what your audience is saying and commenting about your business on Facebook. You can use this data for sentiment analysis (positive, neutral, or negative).

By monitoring the data from engagements with your brands, products, and services and analyzing them, you would be able to determine how to respond to your audience, address customers’ issues, give praise when needed, and solve any issues that may arise.

Enables Easy Evaluation of Competition

To succeed in business, you need to keep an eye on your competitors and what they are doing on Facebook. Remember that your competitors are possibly doing the same thing you are doing in terms of marketing strategies (or even better than you’re doing).

Therefore, it’s helpful and necessary to monitor what your competitors are doing as a way to do a better job, develop better strategies, and serve your customers better. Evaluating your competitors will also help you to keep an eye on your competitors so you can clearly differentiate yourself.

For instance, by knowing more about your competitors, you would notice the ways they serve consumers and how you can serve customers differently – why should a potential customer buy from you and not from your competitors.

Facebook Data is Useful for Crisis Management

According to Hubspot’s Kristen Baker, a business crisis is, “an event that has the potential to threaten the success and health of a company by tarnishing its reputation, damaging its business operations, negatively impacting its finances or harming its employees. A business crisis can be caused by something internally or externally.”

However, a business crisis is unavoidable. No matter how much you try, you would always face a business crisis in one form or the other. “Due to the severity of a business crisis, it’s important to be prepared to manage one of these events with a crisis management plan you (and your team) create before one actually occurring.

But you may ask yourself, “What exactly is a crisis management plan?” This is a process or series of actions taken to handle a crisis or an unexpected situation. While the plan should be in place before to a crisis happening, it doesn’t stop the crisis from occurring, instead, it manages the crisis. And one way to develop an active crisis management plan is using Facebook data.

More so, Facebook data is an efficient way to implement the crisis management plan – manage a crisis. Yes! Using Facebook data is a quick and efficient way to apologize to your angry or displeased customers or to clear the air with your customers as regards a recent crisis.

For instance, you can write a sincere note through Facebook posts, comments, or replies to your customers, apologizing for prior issues and letting them know the action your business plans to take to solve the issues and prevent further occurrence.

Hopefully, the four benefits explained above have convinced you that having Facebook data is very important for your business success. Even one can use smart scraping technology that grabs all useful data within a very short span of time by the automated way. No need to waste time on copy and paste the data. Use technology along with smartness that leads to great benefits in your business growth. It’s very easy to use Facebook data for further application only concern is in what manner one can take advantage.