Interesting Ways to Promote Your Small Business Brand

Running a small business is like swimming with sharks. You need to survive amongst all the big companies that are “stealing” your customers away! But how can your small brand be successful in comparison to such gigantic corporations? Believe it or not, a unique promotion of your brand is the key!

Most marketing strategies have become tacky and overused. There is nothing original when it comes to paying for the ads on social media, television and radio. However, if you come up with original ways to promote your small business, you’ll surely have more success! Here are some unique ideas that will help you market your small business brand.

1. Use social media

Even though social media marketing is extremely popular at the moment, paying to reach an audience is not the only way you can promote your business. What are the alternatives? Create your brand’s profile on some of the most popular social media, and indulge in the world of hashtags and challenges!

Hop on the TikTok and follow the latest trends with your employees. Use some of the most popular and relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts to generate more traffic. Don’t forget to indulge in Facebook’s picture or video challenges. You can even come up with your own challenge to generate more views and clicks on your pages. The more creative you get; the more people will notice your business brand!

2. Engage with your audience

Have you ever asked yourself why is your audience following your brand on social media and how to generate more views? The answer is simple: show them that you care by providing them with the value they can’t get anywhere else. What does that mean? Engage with your audience and offer them long-term support both online and offline.

To show your customers and clients you’re different from the other similar brands, always personalise your services. Don’t post generic comments and replies on social media. Try to be as personal as possible because that will create a bond between you and your audience.

3. Join a virtual trade show

Even though many people think that trade shows are the thing of the past, virtual trade shows are showing exponential growth in popularity when it comes to promoting business. Why should they be a prominent part of your marketing strategy?

Instead of hiring a booth on traditional trade shows, you have the chance to virtually interact with your customers and offer them your services and products. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your office for that! It’s convenient for both, you and your clients, as you’ll save money, get your brand out there and generate sales!

4. Host a podcast

Podcasts have gotten increasingly popular in the past year. Many people enjoy listening to the entertaining and useful podcasts about different experiences. So, why wouldn’t you broadcast your experience as well?

Will people be interested in your podcast? It depends on the subject. Try to find a topic you’d like to hear more about if you were a client, and build your base around that. Consider bringing in some of the experts in your field to talk about their experiences and knowledge. Make the podcast informative and interesting to keep your listeners engaged in the content. The world of podcast offers you many possibilities if you’re brave enough to take them!

5. Host a contest

“Attention everyone! This is a competition zone! Enter only if you’d like to win the grand prize!” This is how you can attract clients and customers to join your online photo contest. Come up with your own hashtags and the theme of your contest. Don’t forget to offer prizes, such as discounts, free products or services!

To organise a perfect photo competition, use all your social media platforms. Don’t forget to subtly include your brand in there! For example, if you’re selling notebooks, create a photo contest that revolves around the best picture of your notebook. Set the rules, and make sure the contestants follow your brand and tag it in the photographs!

6. Personalise workspace

Believe it or not, your workspace is the ideal place to promote your business brand! Even though this may sound confusing, branding your office or workspace is the greatest step towards promoting your small business. So, make sure you do it correctly!

Instead of plain white walls, commission a mural on the wall inside and outside the company to draw attention. In addition to that, if you’re organising any events, make sure to personalise them as well. Instead of boring old chairs, get some fun personalised bean bags for comfier sitting and effective promotion of your brand! Who doesn’t like jumping into a bean bag and soaking up the sun!?

7. Write a blog

A catchy title, attention-drawing content and useful knowledge are key components of a well-written blog. Isn’t blog writing passe? Definitely not, if you know how to use this perk correctly! So, gather up your knowledge, come up with a comprehensive guide or top 10 must-haves from your brand. People love reading about trendy things and how-tos in their spare time.

Besides having quality content, you need to structure your blog to get optimal results. Whether you post on your own website or guest post, you need to optimise your content to be recognisable by search engines. That’s how you’ll subtly promote your brand and provide your clients and readers with fun facts and knowledge.


As you can see, traditional marketing is a thing of the past. Who has the time to watch advertisements and listen to your promotions? That’s why you need to use original and interesting means of promotion to get your business out there.

Whether you choose to promote your brand online or offline, don’t forget to build customer relationships. Customers and clients play one of the main roles in the success of your small business brands, so try to create value for them. Promos that provide customers with interesting facts, knowledge or comfort are an ideal way of making your business known!