6 Step Process of Designing a WordPress Site

WordPress is a leading web development platform while working with every client. However, it is not considered that perfect when it comes to considering certain situations. There is a need of adapting to a specific approach to include various web processes. These entire elements make WordPress a better and simpler way to work on. Every developer should understand its working process to create a better WordPress site.

Step 1: Steal the Web Stuff

Step 1 is to steal the web and its stuff. Here the stuff refers to idea and concept that is used in developing the web. The stuff also includes names, brand identity, graphics, and codes. However, it is not good to steal the results of others’ work. Stealing the ideas of others is enough to design a good WordPress site.

In general, nothing is original on the web. Everything on the web should be stolen that inspires imagination. Different things can be stolen to resonate with one’s own. It can make the stolen work as your authentic work, making it valuable for your original website.

Step 2: Lay the Groundwork First

The process of web designing requires undergoing a spectrum of elements. The web design sector needs to be considered with different beautiful things, making it all caring and working. It is all about fulfilling the client’s needs while understanding the whole focused requirements.

Even when it comes to building a WordPress site for you, the same web designing elements and processes apply to developers, similar to the clients’ needs. After understanding what needs to be achieved, there comes a matter of considering other things at a first stance. It includes setting popular goals for the website, improving brand awareness, selling the product, and generating leads.

Step 3: Get the Right Set of Tools

The next step is to get the right set of tools that are needed to develop a perfect WordPress site. These tools are needed similar to other brand websites for efficient performance, such as Photoshop, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. These tools help in delivering big-time efforts while designing a perfect WordPress site easier.

These tools are considered as deep and wide landscape, making the source of the website truly working. The collection of such tools for a WordPress site is as follows:

  • Best WordPress Dev Tools
  • Best Email Marketing Tools
  • Best Website Screenshots Tools
  • Best Local WordPress Development Tools
  • Best Productivity Tools for WordPress
  • Best Time Tracker Tools
  • Best Images Tools

Step 4: To Design or To Modify

A WordPress site is developed using two main ways. The first way is to start working on a ready-made theme, modifying it afterward for onward use. The PSD related files can also be modified here and there. The second way is to start building the actual structure from the scratch.

The process of considering an existing theme provides a lot of functionalities. It is the functionality that is tested by different developers and users, thereby getting it worked properly. There is also provided great support within this area, or else, getting a community forum of some type. It even provides the initial support that is needed to build a WordPress site from the scratch.

Step 5: Get Some Non-Obvious Plugins On It

The afterward step is to get some non-obvious plugins for the WordPress site. It can support developers in quickly working with the website while meeting every need of the client. It then supports in getting a better site with all-inclusive elements on it. The clients are going to love this area because it is full of support and objectives.

This step is very important as it is one of the basic goals of a WordPress site to get better plugins on it. There are different plugins available to support this fact, such as Akismet, Contact Form 7, and WordPress SEO. The focus should be concentrated on all obvious ones while considering the important ones by side.

  • Advanced Custom Fields: The plugin enables developers in customizing the entire UI experience. It offers every client with few extra kinds of content. It is also enriched with different elements that could be used in making some posts. However, it requires thorough working while not being a one-click plugin.
  • Revive Old Posts: Nowadays, no one cares about sharing one’s post on Twitter or Facebook. The process has now become manual every day. This plugin works perfectly for those that need work daily. It also supports working through scratch while making to-dos at one single stop.
  • Better Click To Tweet: It is a great, visible, and nice-loving tweetable block. It is mostly seen everywhere nowadays. It is commonly used on the WordPress blog site, making it workable for all types of users.

Step 6: Help with Content Creation

The final step is to get help with content creation for designing an overall WordPress site. It can be done for one’s site or the client. It is a pretty good step that helps the clients in fulfilling their objectives with their products or services.

When designing a site for the client, it is necessary to note that this step requires offering help with the creation of initial content. It also requires making some content related deals around them. The client should continuously be focused until their website is designed completely.

As a general process, designers leave their clients behind after receiving a payment from them. It causes a great effect on future earning, making it less and decreasing time by time. However, getting the client on the right track is also very important for developers.

The clients often face difficulty in getting their content published or making it visible to the wider public. They should be supported with the creation of their content. An example is Golpik Inc that provides WordPress development services to its diversified clients, thereby increasing their WordPress site development’s appreciation in a great manner. It finally benefits the company’s developers with more projects coming to them and more content creation possibilities arising for them.


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