How to Attract Top Employees Online as a Small Business Owner

For a business striving to become successful, the primary goal is to attract as many customers as possible. Fighting for the consumer, each organisation chooses its own strategy: some enter the market with rather aggressive marketing campaigns, others rely on exceptional product quality, and others – on high-quality service. However, the basis of the competitiveness of any company is the people, thanks to whom the steps to success are carried out. It is the employees – their qualifications, knowledge, personal qualities – that guarantee the implementation of any business strategy.

The days when people preferred to work in one place for decades are long gone. Research shows that millennials (born in the late 1980s and early 1990s) spend an average of 4 years and 4 months at a company. They are ready to benefit the employer exactly as long as he in return satisfies their basic needs. Let’s figure out how to properly and effectively attract potential good employees to your team?


The secret of an ideal leader is the right motivation of employees. There are many examples of good specialists quitting prestigious jobs and following an aspiring entrepreneur. How do leaders attract other people? The secret is that they give people the opportunity to feel valuable not as employees, but as individuals.

Here are five reasons why employees’ sense of personal value is so important:

1. It provides an edge over competitors. This is one of the main advantages of a small company over large corporations. The startup has fewer employees, so it’s easier for management to create an individual environment for everyone.

2. It doesn’t require extra costs, experience and charisma. It does not matter the age, degree of charm and the opportunity to offer a large salary – everyone can develop this ability.

3. It increases employee productivity. Not all employees are stimulated by the idea of ​​an annual bonus. However, if a person feels that his efforts are noticed and appreciated, the motivation will be high. Research from the University of Toronto shows that the best way to help people achieve peak performance is to tap into their intrinsic motivation.

4. It only attracts the right specialists. Of course, for some professionals, the size of the salary is crucial when choosing a job. But most likely they won’t fit into your team. You will have only one way to keep such employees in the project – to constantly raise the salary. But there may not be enough resources for this.

5. It helps to build more than just working relationships. This technique can be used in personal life as well. Try to understand what motivates and worries your loved ones. Make them feel valuable. This can improve your relationship.

How to attract a talented employee

Show that the candidate is very important to you. How to do it:

1. Put all devices and phones aside. If acquaintance passes through Zoom, then turn to him: “Give me a second to put everything in order and focus only on you.”

2. Make an appointment outside the office – this means that you are ready to spend more time with the person.

3. Appreciate the candidate’s time – come on time and do not make an appointment in between other cases. Better tell the candidate that you have freed up part of your day especially for him.

4. Take notes as you speak – this shows that you want to remember every detail of the conversation.

5. Ask more about what you can do for the candidate, rather than what he can do for you. An interview is a great time to show interest in a candidate’s personality. You can start with simple questions: “What makes you happy?”, “What are your hobbies outside of work?”, “How can I help you develop?”

6. Provide opportunities for skill development. In corporations, the tasks of each employee are clearly defined. In a small company, you can try different roles. For example, an engineer can help develop a business.

7. Offer benefits that are tailored to the individual candidate. A young mother and an unmarried girl may need different benefits. Find out what matters most to a candidate and offer individual benefits. For example, flexible working hours or longer vacations.

8. Appreciate the uniqueness of the candidate. In corporations, employees often feel like cogs in a huge machine. Use this to your advantage – give the specialist the opportunity to feel that they have chosen him. For example, you might say, “We believe your experience as a freelance writer will help you to write about our product.”

9. Show humility. Modesty is probably the most underestimated quality of a leader. However, it can play a decisive role, pleasantly surprise the candidate and defuse the atmosphere during the interview. You may admit that you are ready to learn a lot from a specialist.

Corporate culture

A person is a social being, therefore the environment in which he or she is located plays an important role in personal and professional growth. Specialists who belong to the category of “valuable employees” are distinguished precisely by the fact that accumulating experience, they gradually delve into the essence of key issues closely related to such a phenomenon as the spirit of the company. First of all, the specialist understands why the organisation exists on the market and what internal tools allow it to develop. Based on this, they can adjust his personal plan of action by analysing what contribution he themself, as well as their colleagues, can make to the common cause. Hence, it is possible to assess the performance of each employee and how loyal the company is to its specialists.

Make sure to represent your corporate culture in the right way. Pictures and videos of the atmosphere and benefits of your small business must be online so that your future employee can easily find them. Social media is a great tool for this. If you have “beer on Fridays” or “pizza on Thursdays”, make sure that there is evidence of it on your Instagram. Show your canteen, and benefits like a playroom and a massage chair. Make potential employees want to be part of your team.

Memo: how to retain a specialist

Keep promises. There is nothing worse for employees than an employer who promises a lot but does nothing. If you have promised a flexible schedule or an extra vacation, provide them.

Always take care of your employees – not just on those days when you’re in a good mood.

Pay attention to the little things. Remember the birthdays of employees, find out the names of their children, ask about the health of loved ones.

Help employees in career and personal growth. These two aspects are interrelated. A technical course will help you become a higher-class specialist, but for teamwork, you need to train communication skills.

Create fun activities for your team. Create your own entertainment specifically for your team. If a member of the staff is playing at a local theatre, go to the show with the whole team. If several employees are family people, you can organise a joint trip with the children to the amusement park.


Work with personnel is a continuous and cyclical process. The best specialists will pay attention to you if the company is of certain interest to them, which, in turn, largely depends on the well-coordinated work of your team.