6 Best Recreational Activities for Entrepreneurs to Stay Inspired and Creative

No matter how much we need it, inspiration and creativity are not always there. There are days when we feel too tired, and we don’t want to do anything.

Sometimes we sit on our desks throughout the day, and no ideas come in. That said, we have listed down six recreational activities you can try out to relax your mind and help inspiration come flowing back in again.


Running has always been known to be good for our physical health. It helps build strong bones and muscles, improve heart health, and maintain our weight.

However, running does more than just improving our body; it can be beneficial to our minds.

As we all know, exercise can increase the production of hormones in our brain. One of these hormones is dopamine or the feel-good hormone. It’s also the hormone that is most associated with creativity.

This is why when we run, we can often think of the most creative things.

It also helps that your mind is not focused on a specific task when running. This means that your brain is relaxed and exercised, opening your subconscious better to think of creative things.


Yoga offers tons of benefits for the body and mind. It’s a physical activity that combines breathing, physical activity, and meditation.

It’s an activity that allows you to focus on your breathing and body poses. Therefore, your brain is not being hooked up on an unfinished task or the mistakes you made. This helps your mind stay relaxed and calm.

Yoga also allows us to build a connection with ourselves better. It helps show our natural creative side that you might have suppressed deep within.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of gentle martial arts. Like yoga, it also involves breathing and meditation. What makes it different is that you get to do dance-like flows instead of maintaining a pose for several minutes.

This activity helps relax your mind and free it from anything that’s bothering you. It somehow enables you to slow down to open your mind and let all the ideas come in. This is because when your mind is relaxed, your ability to let ideas flow in naturally enhances.


Hiking also means getting a chance to be with nature. And as we are constantly told since we were young, being with nature benefits our mental health. If you’re stressed, a little walk in a trail with trees all around you can declutter your mind and let creative ideas flow in.

Have you ever been so stuck on something and you decided to go out of your house, listen to the birds tweeting, and suddenly an idea struck?

That’s precisely what hiking can give you and so much more. Just make sure to bring along a pen and notebook with you to jot down some notes when ideas come in. And if it’s your first time to try this activity out, prepare the essentials like proper footwear, a water bottle, a medicine kit, trekking poles, and more.


When you go fishing, there are several things you need to prepare. You see, fishing is not just about buying a rod, a bait, and then dipping the line in the water to catch a fish.

You need to consider the following:

  • Type of fishing rod you’ll need
  • The lure you’re going to use
  • What kind of fish you’re going to catch
  • Where and when you’re going to fish

All of these contribute to the success of fishing and if you’re going to catch something. But most importantly, fishing takes patience.

Putting the line under the water doesn’t guarantee that you’ll catch a fish immediately. It will take minutes, sometimes hours.

While you wait, enjoy the experience. Listen to the water or the birds passing by. Focus your eyes on the waves, and soon, you’ll probably have a new idea swimming in your mind.


Swimming, just like any form of exercise, boosts certain hormones in the brain involved in our creative process. But other than that, swimming allows you to be immersed in a whole different world.

When you’re swimming, your body focuses on how you stay above the water. But it also opens up a chance to daydream and let ideas come in. On top of that, there’s always something about the water that makes the mind more relaxed.

The activities listed above are known to help relieve stress and calm your mind. If you haven’t tried them all out, we suggest you do so. That way, you can experience first-hand the change they can bring to your thinking process.