5 eCommerce SEO Tips to Boost Your Traffic and Sales

The pandemic has left a big impact on our life. From the business world to school life, everything has uncertainty. However, the eCommerce industry has started thriving in this situation due to the increasing online shopping trend. But, it never guarantees that you will start receiving traffic after setting up the platform. To compete with your competitors and gain more traffic, you need to start SEO. Thus, it is important to focus on eCommerce Search Engine Optimization for sale and higher revenues.

Lots of eCommerce store owners and marketers feel confused when they cannot find the desired result from their campaigns. Find a list of 5 SEO tips that will be valuable for your eCommerce business.

Create high-quality, SEO-friendly content

Quality content is a must for your eCommerce store, and it must match the user intent. In some eCommerce sites, you can find a lack of content in category pages and product pages.

Your potential customers may have some questions about your product and your eCommerce business. Learn about those questions, find the relevant answers, and incorporate them to your content.

A perfect content strategy is important for your eCommerce SEO. Not every visitor in your e-store has the buying intent. You may find some visitors getting access to the resourceful and informational page.

For instance, when your store sells masks, you have to write about different types of masks and their effectiveness for viral protection. Without clear information, you may not turn the visitor into a customer. Moreover, informative blogs also help you to get traffic to your website.

Furthermore, it is important to audit the eCommerce website content. Update the content and merge some old content with the new ones.

Invest in Google Shopping Ads

The search engine marketing solution, Google Shopping Ads, is significant for every eCommerce business. Google will display your ads to users searching for relevant products. It checks the search query and your product list to identify the right ads.

Google Shopping Ads will enable you to attract quality traffic to your site. You can list your deals with product details, and thus, buyers can easily make an informed decision. You will get quality leads that have a high purchase intent.

With product feed and Merchant Center Data, you may check your potential customers’ behaviour. You have to organize your data clearly, as Google gives high value to the structured data. Moreover, Google Shopping Ads has some distinctive features to make the optimization process easier.

By creating ads, you may connect them to your Merchant Center Data. Those ads are reusable for other campaigns. Thus, you do not need to copy your ads.

Update and audit the structured data

Structured data is about the implementation of some webpage markups. It adds some information about the webpage’s contents. It enables Google to identify the content using some signals. You have to deal with carousels, rich snippets, and knowledge boxes for the structured data.

For instance, when it is a product schema, it must show relevant details, like size, color, and dimension. It is also important to deal with the price schema, as the pricing details help in making the purchase decision. With the price schema markup, you can put your information on the front page of SERPs.

Update your business listings

You know that local SEO is important for every eCommerce business. One of the major steps for a local SEO campaign is business listing with Google My Business.

When you have a physical store with a digital platform, you must mention your business hours. For any unpredictable reason, you may need to change your business hours. Thus, you must update your business listings and let customers visit your store at the right time. This step is vital to get local traffic in your store.

Moreover, the Google My Business profile also enables your customers to write reviews about your eCommerce business. As potential customers can read those reviews, they can decide on visiting your store to buy products.

Technical SEO audit professionals also deal with the slow page load times and improper URL structure.

You can now start taking steps for eCommerce SEO to get traffic and increase sales. However, make sure that your website receives quality traffic. The increasing number of target visitors will take your sales rate to a higher level.