Infographics – An Effective Tool Empowering Your SEO

The digital landscape keeps revolutionizing and marketing tools keep evolving. The latest and the most trending marketing tool these days is infographics. Today, infographics are gaining tremendous popularity in the world of the internet, particularly on several social media pages like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Its tremendous popularity has made it one of the most popular mediums to broaden the business reach.

Infographics deliver information within the blink of an eye to the targeted customers and due to this several organizations and companies are interested in using them. An electrifying and practical infographic can attract a huge amount of traffic to your website.

Here’s a look at how infographics can transform your business outputs!

More About Infographics

Highly informative posts will help you in sharing your business information. Although, such types of posts can be valuable to a certain extent while creating a post you need to consider what would catch the attention of your targeted audiences in a snap. Heavy content, having too many statistics will make customers disinterested in your company.

Go for Infographics, the most effective visual content marketing tool. They are very effective in conveying ideas. They are a type of visual content designed to make your content visually appealing, interesting, and effective thereby keeping its information intact to capture and sustain your audience’s attention. Being a blend of both data and graphics, they are quite unique. Infographics can be in the form of:

  • Timeline Infographics
  • Editorial Infographics
  • Bar Charts
  • Graphs
  • Pie Charts

In Infographics, minimal texts are used with enhanced colours, icons, shapes, and various other attractive visual elements. Depending on your content type, you can choose the style of Infographics. For example, pie charts can be used for contents that have percentage-based data.

Infographics: Optimizing For SEO

Contents written in traditional form can be given more clarity and support with the help of Infographics. By doing so, you make your content incredibly versatile. You can attain higher ranks in search engines if you use Infographics together with some other useful web elements. With the help of Infographics, make your heavy and boring topics enjoyable and let your readers understand them well.  Infographics have the tendency of optimizing your business SEO. Keep scrolling to find out how.

More Sharing

It is not only easy to read Infographics but also easy to understand them. This is the reason they are being shared the most amongst the readers. The more your content is shared the better visibility and engagement you tend to get.

Viral Capabilities

To make your content pleasing and viral, add pictures, icons, and several other gripping visual elements. Infographics can be shared easily on social networks and the content can go viral quicker than on other channels. Once the infographic is posted, there is a possibility that it attains worldwide reach.

Brand Awareness

Readers prefer to scroll through a website that has more visual content in comparison to written content. Through visual means, you can provide loads of information to them concerning your products, services, or brand. With an accurately created infographic aptly embedded with the logo of your brand, you can effectively communicate with the audience and enhance brand awareness amongst them.

Braces SEO strategy

Infographics strengthen the SEO strategy implemented by you. By sharing your compelling Infographics on several social networks and by boosting your brand awareness, you enhance the traffic volume on our website. This ultimately keeps your company at the top ranks in the SERPs. With relevant Infographic keywords, you can optimize SEO for your website.

Captures Attention

Content letters or words can be replaced by new bold messages like different shapes or images that will emphasize your message’s importance. Visually appealing elements embedded in your content make them more attractive. Whenever a viewer comes across your attention-grabbing infographics, he cannot stop himself from halting and going through your content. Ensure that you don’t add too much irrelevant information to overwhelm your audience in one shot. You can also create emphasis by choosing a rather neutral background for your infographics. Something like a solid metallic background or a uniform black or white background. You can try using some free metal textures from inky deals.

Link Building

Considered an effective tool of link building, Infographics efficiently attract backlinks. The links embedded in Infographics have the same value as the links that are attached to the text messages. You can achieve valuable link building using Infographics with lots of promotions like embedding them with codes and emailing them to the bloggers, sharing them with the influencers on several social channels, or using services like Reddit’s or Stumbleupon.

Boosts Traffic

Infographics are forceful by nature. It is the most compelling tool that drives huge traffic towards your landing page, blog, or website when properly linked.

Makes Difficult Concepts Easily Understandable & Memorable

In Infographics, statistics and words are bifurcated into small bits of information so that your readers can easily understand and digest the complex concepts of your page. By adding visual elements like charts, bullet buttons, bright colours, or graphs, you can make your Infographics more memorable. For example, television ads create an idea’s visual presentation that creates a long-lasting impression on the minds of the viewers.

Highlights Your Expertise

Showcase your research innovatively with the help of Infographics and highlight your expertise and impress your readers. By doing so, you not only establish your authority in your field but also succeed in building credibility in the books of Google, ultimately resulting in the top ranks.

Visuals Processes Better Than Text

It is a known fact that the human brain processes visual format information far better than the information provided in text format. As per a study, the visuals are processed by our brains sixty thousand times faster. Hence, a well-made Infographic can boost a reader’s engagement perfectly.

Find more colourful backgrounds for your Infographic.

Why Infographics Are Still Considered Very Effective?

Infographics in simple terms are a combination of words and pictures, helping you to describe your complex messages creatively and easily to your targeted audiences. Let us discover why Infographics are still so effective and used by many industries and companies to optimize the SEO for their business.

  • With Infographics you can represent your texts in a visually pleasing and effective manner. Also, you can uphold your targeted audience’s attention.
  • Infographics when blended with other likable visual elements help in attaining top ranks in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Complex and heavy topics can be made pleasing and understandable via Infographics.
  • Well-crafted and designed Infographics assist in creating a lasting impact on the minds of the readers.
  • Almost all types of information are browsed via smartphones. Use Infographics and let your content be discovered on tablets, smartphones, or other smart devices.

Steps to Optimize Infographics

Infographics hold the potential of converting your dull and complicated content into an interesting and captivating one. You can spread your message all over through these small digestible content bits named Infographics. Do follow the below-mentioned steps for optimizing Infographics and ultimately the SEO:

  • Start with Optimization Keyword – Keywords enable the search engines and users to discover your infographic content.
  • File Name – Google analyzes the file name to know about the type of your Infographic content.
  • ALT text – Helps the search engines and users understand what the image is containing if it fails to load properly.
  • File Size – Files of small size get loaded fast.
  • Context Clues – There should be a supporting text beneath or near the image.
  • Give Unique Twist to Infographics – Make them more creative and attention-grabbing.
  • Don’t overwhelm your target audience with irrelevant information – With unnecessary information you might lose the grip over your target audiences.
  • Keep messages creative and bold – Make use of different shapes and images instead of words in some places.
  • Keep the Text Minimal – Keep infographics simple and try to use minimal texts to maintain your audience’s interest.
  • Add Social Sharing Button – Enable your readers to share your messages on social media and let it reach millions across the world.

Final Thoughts

Infographics communicate complex and boring data in an interesting manner and this is the reason they are one of the best online content marketing tools. With this tool, you can easily connect to your audience and also boost your SEO. However, Infographics can be effective only if they are well-crafted, catchy, relevant, and engaging.  Together with focusing on what you desire to convey to your audiences, consider what your audiences are eager to know.


Ankit Patel is a Sales/Marketing head at XongoLab Technologies LLP & PeppyOcean. During his free time, he loves to write about new & upcoming technologies, web & mobile, and marketing. His write-ups have been published on popular platforms like TechTarget, SmallBizDaily, JaxEnter, Social-Hire, TorqueMag, and many more.