5 Things To Know About 5 Panel Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol testing holds high importance in the highly competitive work environment. Taking the gold standard drug testing offers defensible results. Using a single test, it becomes possible to detect the presence of recreational drugs in the system. Therefore, employers can find the perfect candidates who can satisfy the practices and regulations of the organization. Incidentally, the test also identifies employees with substance use disorders and gets necessary assistance.

#1 Drug Panel Testing Is Integral For Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is essential for optimizing productivity and offering a secure environment for employees to work with ease. Pre-employment drug testing is one such method to keep the workplace safe. Do you know an employer may spend more than $700 billion annually due to employee drug use such as lost productivity, increased healthcare costs, absenteeism, and other problems? So, most of the companies insist on conducting a pre-employment drug test for their potential employees to mitigate complications developing due to substance/drug abuse. Have you received an offer letter? Then, you may have to undergo the mandatory test to eliminate the possibility of substance abuse. Such tests deter drug/substance abusers from applying for the job. It can reduce compensation claims of workers linked to drug/alcohol use.

Facts And Figures Indicating Significance Of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) exposes the consequences of drug use in the workplace. Some of the major findings are:

  • Due to drug use at the workplace, injury claims have increased five-fold.
  • About 50% of the compensation claims submitted by the workers indicate workplace substance abuse as the root cause.
  • Spike in accidents up to 3.5% due to substance abuse at the workplace.
  • Substance abuse tends to increase the likelihood of missed workdays.
  • Using drugs/alcohol lowers the productivity of a worker by 33%.

#2 Each Panel Detects The Presence Of A Specific Drug

A 5 panel drug test is the standard pre-employment drug testing. As the name indicates, the 5 panel checks the presence of five drugs such as-


THC offers a feeling of relaxation. Marijuana contains high levels of THC. Most employees use it at the workplace to get relief from stress. THC can be harmful due to side-effects such as

  • Anxiety
  • Lack of motivation
  • Paranoia
  • Negative cognitive effects


Opium offers pain relief. Employees can gain access to opiates in the form of heroin. It can result in dependency, increase euphoria, and cause harm to life.


Phencyclidine is a legal animal tranquilizer. But, many abuse it as a recreational drug. It is also known as PCP/angel dust. Using the drug can induce hallucinations. People who use it describe an “out of the body” experience. It is dangerous when you consume it in the workplace.


People who need to stay alert for a long time use cocaine as a stimulant. Many workers who work for an overnight shift or have worked all night use the drug. Some use it for rapid weight loss due to its appetite suppressant properties. But, it is a dangerous drug with a strong possibility for abuse.


Amphetamines have properties similar to cocaine. It has appetite suppressant properties and works as a stimulant. \It allows the user to stay focussed, alert, but may adversely affect neurological function.

#3 Employers Insist On 5 Panel Drug Test In Specific Safety-Sensitive Environment

The majority of workplace testing uses a 5-panel drug screen before confirming the employment. The Federal government’s guidelines have specified the significance of using the test. In a safety-sensitive environment like transportation, employers insist on undergoing the test. Incidentally, all employees of DOT (Department of Transportation), especially truck drivers, need to undergo the 5-panel urine drug tests. 

# 4 The Drug Panel Testing Follows A Standard Procedure

If you are undergoing the standard drug test, you need to understand some general steps associated with it such as-

You May Have To Undergo Test In Short/No Notice

Employers can suggest the tests on random employees with short or no notice at all. It is to ensure the employees cannot cheat the test. At times, learning regarding the test beforehand will make guilty employees try methods to flush out the traces of drugs from their system. Random testing guarantees to catch people abusing drugs red-handed.

You Need To Leave Bags Outside/Other Possessions Outside

To avoid employees impairing the urine sample, the officials will ask them to leave all their possessions such as bags, jackets, and other items in the pocket outside.

#5 Drug Panel Testing Brings Accurate Results

It is natural to worry about the accuracy of such tests. But, to ensure your employer receives 100% accurate results, the test uses error-free techniques.

The Use Of Temperature Sticks

For maintaining the accuracy of the samples, urine samples use temperature sticks. After taking the sample, it requires the right temperature for storage. For suspected problems with the sample, you need to provide another urine sample.

High-Standard Testing Procedures Offers

You never have to worry about getting false positives. The tests are advanced enough to detect and eliminate false positives. The test results provided to the employer maintains accuracy.


Never ignore the seriousness of the pre-employment drug testing. Like a credit score check or criminal background check, the drug test can reveal a person’s inclination to use recreational drugs. The results can impact your job prospects. Subsequently, you can earn or lose the dream job. You need to take them seriously and avoid carelessness.